Children of the King of Kings

See the Scholars and Pastors Who Support the White Israel Hypothesis

Here is my contribution.

You'd need to be a very ingenious plow-maker to make a one-horsepower plow.
Beloved farmers, all you herders, shepherds and ranchers, the workers and loving parents of children who love Jesus, our promised Messiah.

To those who've accepted his sacrifices for us, who trusted Him to guide and protect us when he was raised up from the earth and laid down His life to protect his sheep, the believers who know the voice of the good shepherd, and reject the temptations of the evil one.

To you, my strong, beautiful people, who live in harmony with nature, who are a blessing to the world.

My people...

Many years ago, God gave a great land to a small group people. Not because of their own righteousness in His eyes, but because of the unrighteousness of the people in that land. Because these people had become weakened by sin, sacrificing their children to false idols and serving other gods.

We, who love God, are sent to nurture and to protect one another, to bless the world, to protect and defend righteousness, to love the truth and create great things. 

We're sent to conquer the heathen lands and destroy the wicked, to enslave the repentant. This is our purpose. And has been since the beginning. Our history is one of creation. And creative destruction.

For a man of understanding and wisdom, catching the unbelievers worshiping other gods is no small matter. The song a man sings to a false god is the siren song that summons his own destroyer.

God sent soldiers into the world. That soldier is a judge, and a minister of God, the Father's vengeance on the wicked. If you dress like a savage, and learn the ways of the savage, you'll be treated like one.

(Pictured: Samson, sent by the Almighty to do the will of our Father. Which, based on the best and most credible available evidence, really happened.)

In a time of powerful deception, the only way to know the truth is to trust the word more than you trust any priest.

If the devil ruled the world and all the major institutions of man through wealth and trickery, buying everyone who could be bought, filling unbelievers' minds with lies, if few there be that find salvation and believe Jesus instead of Satan, then you can't expect the common man to know Jesus. Especially in the end times.

In all probability, near the end, they'll believe in a completely false Messiah. The absolute antithesis of Jesus Christ.

Which, as near as I can tell, will require round-the-clock participation in Mad Max Gaymeristan's homosexual murder orgies, with grown men forced obedience to commie-brainwashed children instead of children obeying their fathers, our enslavement to savages, lesbians, transexual "women", or anyone else who's proven to be weak, cruel, disgusting, evil and/or incompetent, drawn from a pool of the most incapable, ugly people on earth.

In other words, pretty much the way it looks today.

In Hell World, there's nothing but billions of people on the planet who hate good and love evil. And none who know the will of our Lord.

In such a world, the truth will, at first, seem like a lie. You won't be able to wrap your head around it, because you've been blinded.

A single exposure to the truth won't be enough. it will take months of constant, round-the-clock education to awaken you to the full scope of how bad things really are.

You're not woke until you almost vomit when you see a "career woman" wearing (((Levi's))) jeans. 

This, as much as any other sinful, cross-dressing atrocity, is the abomination of desolation for the old guard.

But we still haven't hit bottom until you can buy a $10 bucket of fried infants at Kentucky Fried Infants. You may laugh now, but Commander Rockwell's predictions came true. One by one, William Luther Pierce's predictions are coming true. And George Orwell's. 

And even the "proven" fraudulent Protocols of the Elders of Zion, though it may be fiction, is nevertheless a startling work of prophecy.

Toward the end times of a country or civilization, the prophets start being scary accurate because they've seen exactly how the nation-crusher works. Almost as if they're seeing it play out on the big screen in 3D, but interactive.

The Black Lives Matter posse rampaging through towns, looting, burning, and raping women for about three weeks until the mayor changes over to communist policies. That's not what we were told about Fergusun, but there's a way to know whether or not that's what happened.

The true prophets are men who knew the (((enemy))). And knew him well.

You laugh while watching Billy Crystal host the Oscars once again. The prophets hear him mocking Jesus with every breath.

You laugh while Jeremy Piven plays a shady car dealer in a movie. The prophets mourn the genocidal effects of this defamatory film. 

The devil can't touch a man with basic abilities in salesmanship. And car dealers are where these men so often get their start.

There are lots of little-known facts about our world. Such as the identity of the devil. Do you know his name? I do.

Some scholars know. If you learn how to read, and I give you the Bible, you'll know.

If you learn how to read, watch TV for twenty years, and I give you the Bible, 

- You won't read it. 
- You won't know who the devil is. 
- You won't know what the Bible is. 
- You won't know what it's for. 
- You'll wonder why God created evil.
- You'll wonder why Moses was "so immoral."

But let the fool doubt and the wise believe these truths can be known.

You can learn to use logic. You can learn to love truth. You can treasure the priceless value of the wisdom of our ancestors.

For the past 100 generations, your white ancestors trusted Jesus. And that's what helped them survive when others didn't.

Intellectual cowardice is rampant in these times. 

Grown men crave popularity, toys, shiny objects, material wealth, creature comforts, but lack the faith and wisdom to do whatever it takes to gain all these things and more.

At every hour of the day, millions of men are at war against Jesus, and they're pushing society as hard as they can, using the most ruthless possible means.

Buckminster Fuller identified a "trimtab" as the one place you could stand to turn a great ship. Since learning about this method, I've sought to bring the super-weapon of forgiveness to the wisest, most intelligent white nationalists, to help them build phenomenal personal power and greater credibility in all their endeavors.

If you're a white nationalist, it's likely your heart's in the right place. But not your head.

Without forgiveness, anger shows up as despair. With wisdom, despair becomes joy. With a joyful heart, you can see a world of possibilities, and little trimtabs everywhere. Tiny levers that move massive rudders and turn the ship of civilization away from its collision course with the rocks.

Our enemy knows that brilliant, but blind young men create a perfect recipe for disaster.

Everyone knows the story of the 6 million. But no one knows God well enough to ask why he hated millions of Jesus-deniers enough to send them to the ovens. 

The answer is that God sends them to the eternal fire who fail the John 3:16 test. If you don't believe, you're going to burn.

Some say the Germans were athiests. Some say Pagans. The masses believe firebombs fell on unbelievers. Good. Because what they need to know... what they need to believe is that unbelievers will burn.

So what do I say to the masses? Do I say that the Holocaust didn't happen? Do I say to the Nazis that these German Christians were set on fire? No.

When I aim to persuade someone, I don't disagree with the conclusions of most Americans, nor the conclusions of most Nazis. I'll let you have whatever facts you want, and whatever facts you happen to believe, it will show God still burns the unbelievers here on the earth. 

Heather Heyer is one example. A godless Communist, there is no doubt. If you believe white nationalists killed her, that's fine. But why did God turn Heather Heyer over to be killed?

Do you believe James Fields is a godless white nationalist? Fine. Then God turned him over to be punished. 

Do you believe Kate Steinle died childless? I guess it's too late for her parents to be grandparents, now. So much for being multiplied as numerous as the stars in the sky. That promise was given to those who obey God's commands because they are the real children of God and therefore love Jesus.

The dead and destroyed were Messiah denialists, let's not forget. Or, at the very least, the majority seems to think so. They might be right.

But some people think the Germans were the good guys in World War II, and it bothers them that Communist America destroyed Christian Germany, wiping out two fifths of the German population. 

And you can have your facts there, too. Germany wanted peace. God wants conquest.

Germany wanted to forgive Britain for attacking. God wants Britain enslaved or destroyed for attacking. 

Germany wanted to barter their way out of trouble. God wanted Germany to lend its way out of trouble, collecting interest from heathen nations.

Germany wanted to be merciful to the European countries. God wants you to slaughter everything that breathes in the heathen nations, so that your reputation does your fighting for you, so you can easily conquer the world and no one will be foolish enough to resist you. Because it would obviously be suicide to try.

When you enslave or destroy all your attackers easily and efficiently, you can conquer the world. And you should. The world is much better off under wise leadership.

Remember. Our God punishable unbelievers with death in a lake of burning sulfur on Judgment Day. Casts them into the eternal fire. 

So do not mourn like the heathen do.

[If they'd rather die than accept Christ, then let them get on with it and decrease the surplus population.]

The Almighty is the king of kings. Not, apparently, the king of Chancellors. Once you've been tricked into making every mistake in the book, victory isn't one of the possible outcomes.

I don't mind leading the Army of the Apocalypse if I must, but I must demand at least as much obedience from my enemies as from my own soldiers. And this doesn't happen on its own. It happens through absolute ruthlessness. And it happens in its own time.

The disease, famine and war will come when it wants to come. When I'm old and grey, maybe. If so, evem when I'm too weak to crawl out of bed, my policies won't budge an inch. 

If I haven't changed in 6,000 years. Why would I change now?

Your thinking is the thinking of mortals. The thoughts of flesh. You behave like an animal. Sometimes lower than the animals and insects. How could you make the mistake of believing your desires, hopes, thoughts are the same as your Fathers?

You must conform yourself to the will of all creation. Creation has no such obligation to conform itself to your preferences.

Can you learn to do God's will? If you couldn't, there wouldn't be much point in preserving the word. 

People seem to forget. To wage war against an army, you first must recruit an army.

I like my army where it is. Its command is decentralized. My army obeys Jesus instead of me. Top quality talent doesn't need me.

Which provides me with a better lifestyle and all the indestructibility of a nuke-proof movement operating in cells. Each man putting his own unique spin on things. 

One man in the "white nationalist" Army of the Apocalypse may be a Korean who owns a dry cleaning business providing for his 2 kids who's realized he needs to re-locate and contribute more to a very specific kind of church. Maybe one that's listed on the SPLC hate map.

Another is an author, or podcaster who takes my chicken-scratch first draft blog posts and meditates on them to turn them into something greater, just as an actor brings life to the words in a script. 

Another is a lapsed Christian, or a doubter, someone who's fallen away because the devil locked away the scripture from him by falsely claiming to be Jewish, Protestant, or Catholic, and my job is to unlock the scriptures, point him to his ancestors, the heroes of the Psalms who conquered by might and cunning, bringing the full might of the forces of nature under his command to defeat corruption. 

Another holds one hand on the helm of a fledgling company poised on the brink of greatness, and marvels at the limitless genius of old. He, too, is waging war against evil in the Army of the Apocalypse.

Once genius is cut free from his bonds, he can form a more complete picture from seemingly disconnected facts, and then the truth can be known.

Who owns the white-hating media?

Anti-communist rocket inventor Elon Musk seems to know. You'd expect such a man to be descended from very inventive people. Maybe the most inventive people of the ancient world. 

What was the most important invention of the ancient world? Maybe the alphabet.

You don't need to find a smoking gun to strongly suspect that Moses brought us the world's first alphabet he used in the first five books, and that a 22-letter alphabet never existed before that moment.

The modern world gives credit to the Phoenicians, but scholars knew better. This first "aleph-bet" was given to them by the Hebrews.

Moses and/or his racial group distilled down the characters of the aleph-bet from a much larger array of characters. He instinctively used the Pareto Principle in the process, throwing out most of the symbols in use at the time and using the KISS principle: Keep it Short and Simple. 

In setting down the creation story of Genesis, the aleph-bet was such a striking leap of genius that it borders on the supernatural. Then again, the book of Enoch was written before Moses was born. And it takes some guesswork to figure out when and where this story fits in to things.

Complicating this is the fact that poetry can be broken down into sections and memorized and preserved for hundreds of years, even in conditions of abject slavery. 

But you can tattoo it into sheep hide and have the most authoritative works of the past preserved with tremendous accuracy. With the introduction of the aleph-bet, the word becomes a digital code. If you've got something really important to preserve for thousands of years, you can encode it into the famiy tree: The baby names.

Forgiveness was an idea so important, it was encoded this way by... OUR ancestors. And their names are a part of YOUR familiy tree. A family tree of whip-smart inventors who survived by their cunning, and passed on that information in a way that couldn't be destroyed so that thousands of years later, when a man like me is born, and when the prophets are born, understanding flourishes and spreads like wildfire when it's needed most.

How is this possible? Because I don't even have to know the ancient Hebrew language to read the code. Understanding is absolutely  bursting forth through the scripture, encoded in hundreds of different ways. Metaphor, allegory, poetry, symbolism, simple arithmetic, teaching by example how to teach by example, the tamper-evident structure of verses and error-correction mechanisms throughout, such as explanations and dog whistles, beauty and tragedy, awesome glory, despair and hope.

A beautiful work of genius that comes from the divine. The gods among men. And gods of this earth simply know when they're in the presence of the divine and inspired word of God, while lawyers try to find loopholes so they can commit rape, theft, and murder at will.

The true children of God have no such lust. To be bound by the great and infinite meaning of the law is to be liberated from blindness, foolishness and sin that enslaved us. 

We see the spirit of truth in an inspired work that comes from the Father and fall in love with it. As surely as we hear the story of David and want him to succeed.

That's why the devil names so many of his children David and calls them Jews and puts them in "Israel". To manipulate and deceive us so they can steal from us, destroy us, and tempt us into sin, destroy the purity of our tribe and thereby enslave us forever, being worshipped as if he's God.

And, by the way, the prophecy said he'd succeed, and be worshipped as God and the anti-Christ would be accepted as if he were Jesus Christ himself.

That's happening. Spoiler alert: Jesus wins in the end, returning with all his saints, throwing the devil, the children of the devil, and their servants into a lake of burning sulfur. And there will be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.

My, my. What big teeth they have.These wolves in sheep's clothing. The den of thieves. The pit of vipers.

If you're not a farmer, you might not know the nature of serpents very well. They're sneaky thieves. Sometimes slightering into the crib and taking an infant child.

If you're not a shepherd, you might not know the nature of sheep very well. They behave like lemmints. It's rare, but it happens. About a third of the sheep die when they jump off a cliff. They'd rather leap to their death than be alone, or fail to follow the crowd.

About a third of humans leap to their death, too. Lately, this has been called Communism, but it's simply a variation on a theme. The ancestors of Marx have been hunting us the same way for thousands of years. 55,000 years, if the fossile record is to be believed.

This would be perfectly obvious if we didn't trust in modern academia above the word of our ancestors.

The LGBT defenders of the fudge-packing industry hates the truth and fights to conceal understanding.

God is not the author of confusion.

If instead, we looked for the truth itself, or started by doubting the beliefs of fools, we'd know the truth. 

Then it would be obvious that Moses is a tall, strong, white, blonde-haired, blue-eyed Aryan of a people who brought every symbol but the swastika to ancient Egypt.

They brougth a love of history, a profound and detailed knowledge of history to every corner of the inhabited world. Even South America.

The people who spread these symbols, such as the swastika around the world 12,000 to 15,000 years ago spread Christianity in the same pattern to the same places about 1,000 years ago. 

The European/Heberew/Aryan man really likes to start spreading things outward from the Mediterranean coast, apparently. Civilization included.

72% of the "Hebrew" alphabet has roots in a much larger base of ancient European symbols dating back 15,000 years. Here's one to find from this chart. Oh. The chart is backwards.

I see the children of the devil changed this ancient alphabet because it offended them. Why? To obscure meaning, as usual. 

Very Orwellian of them. Almost as if they've been doing Orwellian things for thousands of years. As if it's an immutable, eternal, intrinsic part of their blood, not just their culture or religion to sow confusion and blind us to reality. 

Not something recently bred in the past 500 years of persecution, even if you believe this persecution actually happened.

A clear, pictogram-based aleph-bet revealed too much of the truth too quickly. It had to be twisted until it was unrecognizable. 

Note the prophetic cross on the bottom that seems to predict the crucifiction of Christ in the Old Testament.

Even if you have a secular interpretation of scripture, this means people in the time of Jesus knew the aleph-bet had been changed, who had changed it, and why. 

But once these pictograms were re-discovered, Jesus was once again revealed to be a fulfillment of Old Testament scripture. And scholars keep discovering more and more secret prophecies that all point to Jesus, until denying that Jesus is the Messiah, denying that he's the word made flesh becomes the most ridiculous, untenable, and unforgivable blasphemy against the holy spirit that has ever existed, most especially for the living descendants of the pharisees, saducees, and scribes, who, more than anyone, have had their noses in that scripture for thousands of years.

The kingdom will be taken from them, it says, and given to someone else. Galatians 3 reveals who. But you've probably never heard a sermon on Galatians 3 in your lifetime, because it clearly and unambiguously reveals that Christians are the heirs to the promise God gave to Abraham, and thereby reveals 99% of clergy to be Satanic frauds who work to conceal the meaning of the Bible so that you will worship the devil instead of Jesus, our Lord and savior. 

There may be some preachers who want you to know the truth, but they explain away the scripture because they fear the cross. This is not the behavior of an immortal Christian. 

 want to keep you confused, so you will not join Jesus in his army to destroy the wicked.

Can't allow a CROSS in the Hebrew alphabet. How often is this mentioned? Almost never. It's the Tav. And can't be explained away.

Jesus died on the cross because Jesus is the Aleph and Tav, as he said. The beginning and the end, the Old and the Renewed covenant, the Almighty God of Heaven and who died on the Cross.

The aleph means strength, like a Father is the strength of the house. God, the Father is therefore the strength the house of our people, and we are his temple, and his spirit dwells within us when we believe. 

The strength of the house of Isreal is God, the Father of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The Son of God is the good shepherd, the teacher and the Son of Man who died on a cross for us. He's in every way the fulfillment of the law... and the Torah means law. (And more.)

The word Hebrew isn't enough for us to understand who we are. Hebrew was a dismissive racial slur we were given by the Egyptians, just as we're were called Christians, and just as today we're called Nazis, and in the future, anyone who's not a Nazi will be regarded with extreme suspicion. 

That's because we, who love our brothers in our heart, and fight for them, are equally envied in all times. Equally abused and mistreated. Exploited, enslaved, taken for granted. A beautiful, inventive, ingenious and wise people. 

One of us was sent to prison for 3 years for rejecting the advances of the Pharoah's woman. This is Joseph, the greatest son of Jacob who ruled over Egypt and his brothers, just exactly as he'd predicted.

But he was set free by his ability to interpret dreams. His ability to understand the will of the Father.

Instead of taking a woman for a night, Joseph was given Egypt to rule for a lifetime. Because he has in him the blood of nobility.

He is of the Father. Of the master race.

Our naivite leads people to try to control us, enslave us with promises and lies.

Because of this, the true Israelites, as prophecied, have forgotten who we are.

But as you can see, there is a significant overlap between the ancient symbols and the most ancient European symbols and the Hebrew alphabet. This is no accident. The god of destiny moves His Almighty hand to destroy our enemies.

God smashes Heather Heyer whe she kindled His wrath. There is no mystery. When you play in traffic, sometimes you lose.

In Egypt, King Tut was found to be crushed, probably hit by a chariot. 

Those who love their children tell them not to play in the street. Just as our Father sent us laws through Moses to tell us not to endanger ourselves. Moses loves us, and gave us our Father's laws, or else we'd be destroyed.

"Don't play in traffic? All these restrictive rules!", says the fool. 

Out of love and forgiveness, the Aryan genius Moses gave us, his Aryan brothers, using the invention of the world's first alphabet, the world's most perfect set of helpful, life-saving guidelines to save us from all the world's hidden dangers like chariots and chargers and demonic commies who behave like vipers.

One preacher put it this way. That Jesus has dealt a death blow to the ancient evil serpent. That this serpent is in its death throes. That its tail is still whipping around, and still dangerous.

Many tens of millions in the 20th century have been caught by the writhing, panicking, mortally wounded serpent. 

Some rush to save and defend the devil, thinking it the innocent victim of some evil, imagining Jesus to be a tyrant instead of a liberator. 

But God is not unjust. He is good. He sends  centuries of curses to ensnare the wicked in their own traps. 

And our Lord Jesus is a terror to the wicked.

In some ways, the greatest achievement of all mankind is the extermination of our ancient and powerful adversary. 

And with the law, Moses taught men the will of God. Not all wanted to obey it. Some were lawyers who wanted to learn and invent and teach each other loopholes in the law. They wanted to interpret away the scripture, just as they today interpret away the Constitution.

Same guys, by the way. Lawyers. Thousands of years of Satanic lawyers, priests reversing the intended effect of every law since Babylon. 

True, this enemy has not laid down and died just yet, but Jesus Himself dealt the devil its mortal wound.

An Aryan people administer those laws today, in the lands given to them by God. Not because of their righteousness, but because of the unrighteousness of the savages. 

However, the remainder of God's laws will be written on their hearts when Jesus returns to destroy the unbelievers. How can this be?

Because the nature and character of a man is written in his blood, in a code passed down from his ancestors. 

One day, there will be no room for men who aren't disgusted by harlotry, but able to forgive the repentant. 

Which means one day, people like me will no longer inhabit the world. Half of my progeny, if I had one, that of my brothers, sisters, and cousins would be killed off in wars because of their sins. 

The destruction of the wicked leaves plenty of ocean-front property available. There won't be an overpopulation problem when the wicked are fed into the hungry lake of burning sulfur. 

This will leave plenty of room on the earth for those who are disgusted by harlotry, and those meek, forgiving souls who will have their inheritance.

In the short term, fortune favors the bold and the weak should fear the strong. In the long term, the meek inherit the earth. 

Because if you live by the sword, you die by the sword. A man who tries to fights injustice with a sword or gun is like the man who fights a rising tide with a sewing needle, or tries to extinguish a wildfire by dousing it with a can of gasoline or lamp oil. 

A fool is ineffective at best. A king attains a throne by righteousness. But even more so, he rules because of the unrighteousness of others.

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

God has given you the world's most powerful weapon, and has told you what that weapon is. A weapon that conquers all.

And there's no one alive who hasn't had the opportunity to receive the instructions. Some will obey and live. The obedient and wise will rule. Others will disobey and die.

If you throw gasoline on a fire, you know what will happen. But an experiment was done to see what would happen if you dropped a lit match into a gasoline can. The match was extinguished. (Don't try this at home.)

A camp fire, left unattended, might burn down your house. So before going to bed, a man scatters the coals. These scattered coals, which, if gathered together, could ignite a house and the whole forest, will cool when scattered.

This is the nature of coals. They're hotter when gathered together. (Everyone who doesn't gather with me scatters.)

Some come to Jesus, and see a law that forbids murder but condones massacre, and have no understanding of it. This is like the man who has no understanding of fire, no understanding of tides, no understanding of the will of God.

Thou shalt not murder. The wages of sin is death. The wicked will be turned over to their enemies to be destroyed.

To me, this is clear. 

To a farmer or shepherd, the government might seem to be an enemy, a savage monstrous beast who robs him. Therefore love your enemy, and the tax man, and the soldier, and forgive those who persecute you.

Whether the gangsters and savage mobs are at war with each other, or in league with each other, whether they kill each other or prowl around looking for someone to kill, they're doing what God sent them to do. In most cases, the evil in the world destroys millions of weak, sinful, horrible people. 

But when the righteous man loses 3 children, one to famine, one to disease, one to war, he continues to trust God, and continues to raise his 7 other children.

When the unrighteous man loses 2 children, he wails and mourns, because he only had 2 children. Because he is unrighteous.

When the righteous man's city is burned, it is good. Because he moved his family away from that sinful city long ago.

When the unrighteous man's city is burned, it is good, because we don't need cities full of unrighteous men. And the wages of sin is death.

Some object to this law, which Moses blessed us with. They hate the tax man, the soldier, the government. They hate the alligators and sharks. 

This is like the man who loves the beach, but hates the sand getting in his shoes and car. He loves the sun, but hates the sunburn. He loves the hospital, but hates the doctor's bill. He wants to be rich, but doesn't want to earn riches. He wants the paycheck, but hates working.

This is the mentality of a thief. And he is a thief. Stealing a day at the beach, but complaining about the price. The sand and sunburn and doctor's bill and taxes.

He wants a world full of good people, but doesn't want to pay the cost. 

What is the cost? You must let the packs of wolves rip apart the millions of fools. This is the price of having a population that doesn't play foolish games with packs of wild wolves. 

If a man puts his baby crib in a snake pit, he is wrong to do so. But the outcome will not be evil. The baby will be eaten by snakes, thank God.

The Bloods and Cryps will murder each other. Thank God.

Los Angeles will burn. Thank God.

I thank God the freeways are still dangerous enough to kill idiots, or else fools would have to find an even more foolish way to get themselves killed.

If you object to the law, then you object to Jesus and his several parables of mass extermination, taking all the promises from the wicked and giving them to another, more righteous people, those who won't ignore the orders of the Almighty to decimate their attackers, and leave no remnant.

Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all. Even when Jesus died, he was resurrected.

The law says "Thou shalt not murder."

Just because you shouldn't murder doesn't mean there are no murderers in the world. God will send murderers to murder one another. This is why, if you want to life, you shouldn't be a murderer, or have membership in Murder, Inc.

This judgment was given to you almost 4,000 years ago, and almost 2,000 years ago, and once again I give it to you now.

What evidence do you want? 

Men who beg for proof are full of excuses. If you want the evidence, go find it. Seek the Father and find him. If you ask for evidence, then I know you've never sought to find Him.

You've been given all the evidence, and even a free library card, and you have still willfully ignored all of it. This can only be because a man doesn't worship God. And in a world ruled by Satan, if you don't worship God, you instead worship Satan, who has blinded you.

You were given all the rules, and chose to suffer an enslavement to sin instead of obey them. 

These rules were not chains, but instructions on how to be freed from your chains. 

From inside a lifetime of wall-to-wall brainwashing, not easy or obvious how to escape from the traps the devil has set. Which is why your loving ancestors carefully preserved the instructions on how to unlock the chains, open the cell, and escape the mind prison designed to destroy you.

Who Are The Real Israelites?

An Israelite is one who is one inwardly. One who believes in the Messiah, the Son, is heir to the promise. (Galatians 3) But who is a liar but he who denies Jesus is the Messiah?

The reason why it's wrong to murder, from the beginning, was because murder is a sin. And the devil, who tempts us, wants us to sin. Murder doesn't make you strong. It makes you weak. It doesn't give you more freedom and choices. It takes those choices away. 

Solving problems with murder makes your mind so weak and feeble that you're very easily conquered. If you're a murderer, who will you murder? 

Very likely, your strong, capable, intelligent, wise rivals who, in the face of a common enemy, would have protected you if you hadn't murdered them. But if you forgive a rival instead of murdering him, your army will be strong.

This is why if someone is a rebellious, disobedient young man, or a witch who plays with poisons, they cannot be allowed to live. If they don't obey their parents, it's because they hate authority, rules, and restrictions. They're fools. And fools become monstrously dangerous, traitors, and in time, giant mobs of black bloc anti-fa.

These people will poison and murder the authorities, betray their families, and if one tolerates them, the tribe will eventually die from the festering, gangrenous infection of rampant LGBTQ.

The man who swats the mosquito before it bites doesn't get sick. The man who tolerates the mosquito, protects and shelters it and throws pride parades for mosquitoes will die.

Therefore all rebellious sons and witches must die. Swatted like diseased mosquitoes. 

And in the end, no king will continue to rule who doesn't systematically put them all to death, lest the kingdom be overtaken by deadly diseases.

There will be a gravestone of a man who once was king displaced by a man hailed as the people's champion who has no other virtue on earth but to swat mosquitoes.

The devil murders you by praising mosquitoes, preaching pacifism toward mosquitoes, and even teaching you that Moses and Jesus were the best mosquito-lovers that ever existed.

The Son of Man, the promised Messiah, the word made flesh can speak for himself, and is not fond of those who try to twist a verse of scripture to suit their own purposes, as they always have.

The law wasn't made to protect the devil, nor the children of the devil, but to protect the children of God.

We're a people who love animals, who give them valuable jobs to do.

We're a people who love one another, who love our children, instead of turning them over to Christless rabbis to be used as sex objects.

The law is not made to protect the sexually depraved and immoral who want to abuse children, commit adultery, and worship a goddess.

This is why the wages of sin is death. Death for the unbeliever, the idolotrous goddess-worshipper, the hater of our Father in heaven.

The blasphemous synagogue of Satan who rejects Jesus as the Messiah. (Revelation 2:9 and 3:9, John 8:44)

The devil's hatred of you and love of "mosquitoes" is how he commits murder. Throwing LGBT pride parades is murder.

You have loved someone who has been a neighbor to you, who has loved  you by loving God's laws, such as the laws about swatting disease-spreading mosquitoes, a neighbor who has cured your disease, not inflicted it, who has strengthened, not weakened you, who has helped you, not hurt you, who has helped you to the throne if you are righteous, not barred your way because of your righteousness.

Love your neighbor. The righteous. The lover of righteousness. The man who loves Christ and obeys him. The one who loves the law, and obeys it. Who fulfills it. The one who swats those sick mosquitoes.

Pay every man what you owe him. Pay every man his wages at the end of each day.

The wages of sin is death. What is a murderer owed? What are his wages? What wages will you pay him? When will you pay him these wages?

Repay your debts. A sin is like a debt. If you have sinned, you owe a debt. If your debt has not been paid by Jesus, you owe. If you believe in Jesus, your debts are paid.

If you believe in Jesus, the sign will be that you love your brother. Jesus is the Son of God. God is our Father. Jesus is your brother. If you love Jesus, you love your brother. If you love Jesus, keep his commandments. 

What are his commandments? The ten commandments begins, "You shall have no other gods before me."

You must "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself. All of the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments."

If you love me, Jesus said, keep [defend and do] my commandments. 

Leading you away from temptation delivers you from evil because sin indebts and therefore enslaves you to evil. The robber must first bind the strong man. He does so by tempting him to sin, by tempting his wife to sin. 

Once she learns how, a woman steals his strength the same way Delilah stole Samson's strength. She's tempted to sin, and enters into league with thieves to rob him.

A man's enemies will be the members of his own household.

The strong, productive worker has a house full of things the robber wants to steal. 

This meaning was clear enough to Mohammed, whose people still fight your war for you against the devil. Isn't it clear to you?

The enemy attacks you with hatred, and you don't repay him with fire. Do you understand nothing in the word of our Father?

He has hated you. And in hating you, he has attacked and murdered us.

He has been a hypocrite, using everything as it suits him, including the idea of principles, democracy, religion, money. Everything exists for his pleasure.

And you repay hatred with obedience? This is not our Father's way.

Show yourselves more shrewd than that. Shrewd as snakes and innocent as doves. I send you out as sheep among wolves, our brother said.

And you let people say Jesus is a cuck, when he brings not peace but a sword, comes to throw fire on the earth, comes to punish the wicked, to give authority to collect money, resources, and recruits to those who enact God's vengeance on the wicked. None dare call themselves government who don't, because they show themselves as the wicked God comes to destroy. (Romans 13)

The Mexican gangster who lynches a child molester has greater moral authority to govern, in God's eyes, to collect taxes, in the eyes of Christ, than the entirety of the US  government and all its battleships and air superiority. The devil has authority over the air, but even the wind and waves obey Jesus.

And if they obeyed Jesus, they will obey you.
[Pictured: They Will Obey You]

Because for the sake of the righteous, the Lord on his throne of heaven flicks helicopters out of the sky like a mosquito.

For the sake of the righteous, he burns the same city twice in a row, when they didn't get the message the first time.

For the sake of those who love Abba, our Father on his throne of heaven, and for the sake of those who keep his commandments in our hearts, for the sake of those who love Him and trust His word, He sends gunmen and cars to attack the synagogue of Satan, sends armed gunman to gun down the baby-killers.

For the sake of those who love justice, the Father shuts down the flood of pornography on Tumblr.

He sends tax audits to the thots for you. God is merciful and loving and powerful, and does all these things so that you will believe.

So that you will forgive your enemies, and thereby heap coals upon their head by giving them water to drink when they're thirsty, and food to eat when they're hungry, so that you'll give to the tax man, to the thief, to the least of the children of Jesus, who are heirs to the promise.

These are Father's children. This is the true Israel, heirs to a new heaven and new earth.

From the first to the last, from the aleph to the tav, Jesus is our brother.



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