Children of the King of Kings

Farmers, herders, workers, loving parents and children who love the promised Messiah, who we've accepted and trusted to guide and protect us, who laid down His life to protect our flock, those sheep who know His voice,

To you, my people, who live in harmony with nature, and are a blessing to the world.

We are sent to nurture and to protect. The soldier is a judge, a minister of Father's vengeance on the wicked.

(Pictured: Samson, sent by the Almighty to do the will of our Father. Which, based on evidence, really happened.)

There are lots of little-known facts about our world. Such as the identity of the devil. How ripped Jesus was. What 90% of His "carpentry" work consisted of. What length and color his hair was.

I say these are little-known. But let the fool doubt and the wise believe these truths can be known to someone who uses logic, just as our Father taught us to do.

Even before all the evidence is available, it's cowardice to lack intellectual courage to know from what's infinitely probable, rather than what's proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.

What two men can agree on the exact number of the 7.77 million Messiah-denying so-called Jews who God hated enough to send to the ovens for their sins?

These were Messiah denialists, let's not forget. Perhaps that's a clue. Illegal in hundreds of countries and punishable by death in a lake of burning sulfur on Judgment Day. Do not mourn like the heathen do.

[If they'd rather die than accept Christ, then let them get on with it and decrease the surplus population.]

For someone who thinks like the Almighty teaches you to think, don't you think you know plenty? Even from facts which seem completely disconnected, truth can be known.

Who owns the white-hating media?

You don't need to find the smoking gun to strongly suspect that Moses brought us the alphabet he used in the first five books, and that a 22-letter alphabet never existed before that moment.

That he distilled it down from a much larger array of characters, and simplified it. But this work of genius has the mark of genius that extends beyond normal human achievement.

A beautiful work of genius that comes from the divine. An inspired work that comes from the Father.

This would be obvious if we didn't trust in modern academia, the defender of the fudge packing industry who hates the truth and fights to conceal understanding.

If instead, we looked for the truth itself, we'd know. It's obvious that Moses is a blonde-haired, blue-eyed Aryan of a people who brought everything but the swastika to Egypt.

72% of the "Hebrew" alphabet has roots in a much larger base of ancient European symbols dating back 15,000 years. Here's one to find from this chart. Oh. The chart is backwards.

I see the children of the devil changed this ancient alphabet because it offended them. It let people know too much of the truth too quickly. 

Note the prophetic cross on the bottom that seems to predict the crucifiction of Christ in the Old Testament.

Can't allow a CROSS in the Hebrew alphabet. How often is this mentioned? Almost never. It's the Tav. And can't be explained away.

Jesus died on the cross because Jesus is the Aleph and Tav, as he said. The beginning and the end, the Old and the Renewed covenant, the Almighty God of Heaven and who died on the Cross.

The aleph means strength, like a Father is the strength of the house. God, the Father is therefore the strength the house of our people, and we are his temple, and his spirit dwells within us when we believe. 

The strength of the house of Isreal is God, the Father of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The Son of God is the good shepherd, the teacher and the Son of Man who died on a cross for us. He's in every way the fulfillment of the law... and the Torah means law. (And more.)

The word Hebrew isn't enough for us to understand who we are. Hebrew was a dismissive racial slur we were given by the Egyptians, just as we're were called Christians, and just as today we're called Nazis, and in the future, anyone who's not a Nazi will be regarded with extreme suspicion. 

That's because we, who love our brothers in our heart, and fight for them, are equally envied in all times. Equally abused and mistreated. Exploited, enslaved, taken for granted. A beautiful, inventive, ingenious and wise people. 

One of us was sent to prison for 3 years for rejecting the advances of the Pharoah's woman. This is Joseph, the greatest son of Jacob who ruled over Egypt and his brothers, just exactly as he'd predicted.

But he was set free by his ability to interpret dreams. His ability to understand the will of the Father.

Instead of taking a woman for a night, Joseph was given Egypt to rule for a lifetime. Because he has in him the blood of nobility.

He is of the Father. Of the master race.

Our naivite leads people to try to control us, enslave us with promises and lies.

Because of this, the true Israelites, as prophecied, have forgotten who we are.

But as you can see, there is a significant overlap between the ancient symbols and the most ancient European symbols and the Hebrew alphabet. This is no accident. The god of destiny moves His Almighty hand to destroy our enemies.

God smashes Heather Heyer whe she kindled His wrath. There is no mystery. When you play in traffic, sometimes you lose.

In Egypt, King Tut was found to be crushed, probably hit by a chariot. 

Those who love their children tell them not to play in the street. Just as our Father sent us laws through Moses to tell us not to endanger ourselves. Moses loves us, and gave us our Father's laws, or else we'd be destroyed.

"Don't play in traffic? All these restrictive rules!", says the fool. 

Out of love and forgiveness, the Aryan genius Moses gave us, his Aryan brothers, using the invention of the world's first alphabet, the world's most perfect set of helpful, life-saving guidelines to save us from all the world's hidden dangers like chariots and chargers and demonic commies who behave like vipers.

These perfect statutes expose the throat of our enemies, and Jesus personally struck at the throat of the devil who sprays us with the blood of lies with his dangerous death throes, catching us with its fangs, so that  many tens of millions of us killed by the dangerous flailing of that wicked serpent.

Others rush to save the devil, thinking it the innocent victim of some evil, imagining Jesus to be a tyrant instead of a liberator.

Because Jesus is a terror to the wicked and the fool.

In some ways, the greatest achievement of all mankind is the extermination of our ancient and powerful adversary. And with the law, Moses achieved it. 

True, this enemy has not laid down and died just yet, but Jesus Himself dealt the devil its mortal wound, thanks to the Aryan efforts of an Aryan people in a land almost immediately handed over to them to rule because of their vastly superior competence.

There are those who see the law of massacre, which Moses blessed us with, and object to it. If so, then they object to Jesus, and his several parables of extermination, taking all the promises from the wicked and giving them to another, more righteous people, those who won't ignore the orders of the Almighty to decimate their attackers, and leave no remnant.

This is the rescue of His children promised to us by the Father. A one-sided war without any hope for our enemy. One-sided justice. Our Father has given us His just judgment. Don't rely on your own understanding. Take refuge in the dwelling place of His word.

This judgment was given to you almost 4,000 years ago, and almost 2,000 years ago, and I give it to you now.

What evidence do you claim to need? These are just excuses. You've been given all the evidence, and you have ignored all of it.

You were given all the rules, and chose to suffer instead of obey them. These rules were not chains, but instructions on how to be freed from your chains.

An Israelite is one who is one inwardly. One who believes in the Messiah, the Son, is heir to the promise. (Galatians 3) But who is a liar but he who denies Jesus is the Messiah?

The reason it's wrong to murder, from the beginning, was because the devil has done it to you by hating you, those given the Kingdom by your belief in the Son of Man. The promised Messiah. The word made flesh.

The law wasn't made to protect the devil, but to protect the children who love animals, who love one another, who love their children by caring for them, protecting them from harm and sexual perversion.

The law is not made to protect the sexually depraved and immoral who want to abuse children, commit adultery, and worship a goddess.

This is why the wages of sin is death. Death for the unbeliever, the goddess-worshipper, the hater of our Father in heaven. For he who rejects Jesus as the Messiah. (Revelation 2:9 and 3:9, John 8:44)

The devil's hatred of you is murder. Your hatred of him is justice, if he has been no neighbor to you.

The wages of sin is death. What is a murderer owed? Pay every man what you owe him. If you love me, Jesus said, keep [defend and do] my commandments.

This meaning was clear enough to Mohammed, whose people still fight your war for you against the devil. Isn't it clear to you?

The enemy attacks you with hatred, and you don't repay him with fire. Do you understand nothing in the word of our Father?

He has hated you. And in hating you, he has attacked and murdered us.

He has been a hypocrite, using everything as it suits him, including the idea of principles, democracy, religion, money. Everything exists for his pleasure.

And you repay hatred with obedience? This is not our Father's way.

Show yourselves more shrewd than that. Shrewd as snakes and innocent as doves. I send you out as sheep among wolves, our brother said.

And you let people say Jesus is a cuck, when he brings not peace but a sword, comes to throw fire on the earth, comes to punish the wicked, to give authority to collect money, resources, and recruits to those who enact God's vengeance on the wicked. None dare call themselves government who don't, because they show themselves as the wicked God comes to destroy. (Romans 13)

The Mexican gangster who lynches a child molester has greater moral authority to govern, in God's eyes, to collect taxes, in the eyes of Christ, than the entirety of the US  government and all its battleships and air superiority. The devil has authority over the air, but even the wind and waves obey Jesus.

And if they obeyed Jesus, they will obey you.
[Pictured: They Will Obey You]

Because for the sake of the righteous, the Lord on his throne of heaven flicks helicopters out of the sky like a mosquito.

For the sake of the righteous, he burns the same city twice in a row, when they didn't get the message the first time.

For the sake of those who love Abba, our Father on his throne of heaven, and for the sake of those who keep his commandments in our hearts, for the sake of those who love Him and trust His word, He sends gunmen and cars to attack the synagogue of Satan, sends armed gunman to gun down the baby-killers.

For the sake of those who love justice, the Father shuts down the flood of pornography on Tumblr.

He sends tax audits to the thots for you. God is merciful and loving and powerful, and does all these things so that you will believe.

So that you will forgive your enemies, and thereby heap coals upon their head by giving them water to drink when they're thirsty, and food to eat when they're hungry, so that you'll give to the tax man, to the thief, to the least of the children of Jesus, who are heirs to the promise.

These are Father's children. This is the true Israel, heirs to a new heaven and new earth.

From the first to the last, from the aleph to the tav, Jesus is our brother.