Rothschild Fed Freakout Analysis

I glanced at a chart of how quickly the Fed is increasing rates under Trump, compared to Obama.

I won't link to it here. It's out there. Go find it if you haven't seen it.

Reminds me of Biddle saying "I care not who governs..." yadda yadda. The bank is all that matters. It has all the power.

True. And our Almighty Father told you so, through Moses. Told you how to lend. Gave you the rules. Your ENEMY obeyed the rules instead of you.

So because of your unrighteousness (which you're constantly berated about in scriptures that show how indifferent Abba is about rewarding whoever obeys Him)

It seems you have a fundamental understanding of how this sh*t works around here. And that's entirely due to trusting in your own understsanding, and having none of the curiosity required to seek out His.

There's some good news for dissidents. When people are starving and thrown into chaos, crime, and people are being killed around them constantly, they start looking for solutions.

That's when they find things like Revolution University (a 60-hour meta-course on modern conquest by Fair Use) has had some of the answers all along.

Counter-cyclical strategies need motivated people to work with. You really want to have a recession to build on. And one is just around the corner, as borrowing (easy money) dries up.

All the "order takers" will be out of work, and skilled salesmen will be valued.

The banker will once again be in competition against and under threat of overthrow from the people and our alternative currencies, our barter systems,  and other counter-cyclical strategies.

Counter-insurgency will be less effective while the government starves its own people, and political opportunities will open up for fresh, socialist ideas and clever statesmen willing to force their way into the on the back of the outrage of the masses.

Once established, the fresh, new populist companies, leaders, and institutions will remain a thorn in the side of the established power structures for a century.

But the down side is that tragedy is the price of these benefits. And most Americans, and people around the world are in no position to capitalize on this great time of opportunity.

A time when cash will be king. Those who made their money in the easy times will have bargains to buy with them. And will use them to buy up control and ownership of weak companies and cheap real estate.

Foreign influence will take greater hold against the artificially weakened economy. Chinese billionaires will move in with their money and seize control where they can, and start making the rules. But these are limited in their power, and even in America, live under real threat of the Chinese communist state.

The people will doubt the wisdom of trusting these international bankers who've been a burden to us.

These aren't just predictions. Not prophecy. But a record of every economic recession.

This one was built up to be worse than the others. We've floated on hand-outs for so long that those who've already broken their backs for decades have worn through their joints, and aren't in a good position today.

Strong, hard-working men didn't take it easy in the times of plenty, and instead used brute force to supply women and feed their endless appetites.

Women will be resented. And justly, having broken a generation of hard-working men with their vanity and selfishness. The world will be ruthless to them in the time of famine. And unforgiving.

This is the payment for their sins.

Those who've waited on the Father for vengeance will see it. And when you see it, you'll fear Him. (If you believe. But, of course, that's implied.)

Welcome to the kind of times when men like us take power.

The great tyranny comes. And if only one among you has been wise enough to sacrifice for it. To position himself for it, then he will rule over you, whether he wants to or not.

The wrath of heaven rains down on the earth.

The Rothschilds are freaking out. Panicking.

Even if Trump is their puppet, the things he has to say to control the masses is frightening. Their power is depends on things they can't control.

Wars will come, in an attempt to eat up the next generation of men. Brave, brilliant, competent leaders will be sent on suicide missions.

Jesus warned the fools. But a fool despises wisdom.


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