The Old Testament Really Happened

The same kinds of academics who hate whites AND the Bible (NOT a coincidence) like to use fancy words like "historicity." Which just means whether or not something happened.

Any claim that the Bible isn't an accurate documentation of historical facts is making an extraordinary claim, and must bear the burden of proof when EVERY SINGLE TIME it turns out to be right.

Which it always does.

The globohomo intellectual conspiracy theorists and anti-white Bible deniers who are currently destroying our civilization and our children's safety and our sacred and Holy ethnicity will never presuppose the scripture is accurate. They always presuppose it's not, unless proven otherwise.

Which shouldn't surprise anyone. Denying reality is the whole reason the butt pirates go to college.

Proof 1: Every little clay seal archaeologists have found that matches a person described in the Bible.

Proof 2: House of David. Yes. Archeological evidence of King David and the kingdom of Israel outside of the Bible.

The Bible would be plenty. It's proven to be credible on thousands of other counts. Here are 40 known artifacts that authenticate the word.

Those who conveniently distort and bias history to suit their own ends are false accusers who are projecting. Which, in itself, is verification of the authenticity of the message.

Let's see them try to produce this much hard evidence of the Holocaust, which they claim happened less than a century ago.

There is even writing that appears to indicate Moses and Joseph, in a video I saw the other day, but haven't come across it yet this morning.

It's not as if there's any shortage of evidence. For example:

I believe that one has evidence of Sodom being destroyed by brimstone. (Burning sulfur.) And some of King Solomon's places.

The anti-white, pro-chimo Bible deniers will have to invent something besides "Moses not real" to excuse their degeneracy and anti-white conspiracy theories.


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