Welcome To The Best Economy Ever

Hi, working white man.

Are you starving, struggling, unemployed because you've exercised your right to "free speech"? Then I've got news for you...

Thanks to the Trump Administration, you're living in the BEST. ECONOMY. EVER.

If you can't make it here, you can't make it anywhere, you complete failure! Momma raised a loser. Here's the point I'm making.

They're rubbing your nose in it. Because for white guys, this is NOT the best economy ever.

The only promotions I've ever gotten have been in a blue collar trade that had a set-in-stone path to promotion.

Nobody had the power to keep me out or make a decision or evaluate my resume. If you showed up to wait in line for a job, the guy with the qualifications was going to cycle into that job.

For me, THAT was the best economy ever.

Being self-employed doesn't work out unless you're driven. Or a driver. And as it turns out, I'm not naturally driven to get up and do something unless I feel like people or animals may  die or suffer unless I hop out of bed and get to work.

And even then... ?

If you're having trouble finding the job, the girl, and watching others succeed easily where you've failed miserable, then it's not necessarily a reflection on you. Not completely.

When given every advantage, with the help of a thousand billion dollars worth of wall-to-wall propaganda for a century, some people are able to get some of the white man's jobs.

Act like a white man, don't smoke weed, get into the trades, and the money's pretty good. If you'll do what they tell you, the promotion is guaranteed.

Over the road trucking is an example Jim from the Fatherland made, recently.

There's always a down-side. You start out doing long-haul, and have to earn the right to work closer to home. 

One thing that's really close to home is sprouting wheat grass for $60,000 a year, (if you've got a quality product for an established customer base) you can take your pick.

It's not impossible to make a full-time living from food produced on your homestead, but even big farms struggle when they get it wrong. Happens to the best of us. Struggling for decades before you get it right.

Yes, in all things, watch out for the scams, which are out there. But you'll find the scams if you look before you leap. Use a search engine. Don't just rely on intuition.

Intuition alone has caused people to fail to investigate. They give up on an opportunity without giving it a chance.

And from every successful businessman I've learned from, I can tell you from their failures... to quit before you start that costs you more than being burned 10 times. More than being burned 100 times.

But intuition has also caused people to fail to investigate, leading them to jump into jobs that exploit them, break their bodies, trash their reputations and can, in some cases, get you killed, disabled, or permanently traumatized.

Although I believe we do far worse to ourselves, in most cases.

I worked in a dangerous industry around guys who smoked cigarettes and I said "You guys are crazy to smoke cigarrettes." It's like Russian roulette.

Here I was in a profession almost as dangerous as being on a modern cheerleading squad, because I didn't know anyone in my line of work who hadn't been injured.

What do we do with fertile young white women? Throw them way up into the air. Not smart. We put them in the infantry. About the only thing we don't do is feed them directly to sharks.

I already had one foot out the door, but it was only after I was injured myself that I finally left the profession.

But I was a young guy. It was worth the risk. Running a homestead has risk. You can get kicked. Even kicked in the head, and lose who you are forever.

Guys, pimpin' ain't easy. There's risk in everything. The trick is to accept the truth, manage the risk intelligently, and make sure the potential rewards are worth the costs.

A ship is safe in a harbor. But that's not what ships are for.

When you can sow some seeds, when you can plant a fruit tree (or ten), and have decades of food abundance, that's worth a whole lot.

So why don't people keep doing what's working? Because we let society tell us how to think, and forget to turn to the wisdom of the word.


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