The Rich Don't Work for Money

That's right. The rich don't work for money.
Business owners, solopreneurs, service business owners, employees, contractors and even high-income professionals all work for money. A brain surgeon works for money.

Donald Trump Jr on cell phone

But the rich... and I mean REALLY rich, don't work for money.

And I don't just mean rich on paper, but with lavish lifestyles, driving their dream car almost as soon as they start.  And they don't have to wait to retire. Why?

Because the rich know how to leverage Other Peoples' Money.

For example, they know how to operate 
with extraordinary tax efficiency. At their astronomical spending level, you'd think their tax bill would be huge. But not so. Rich people are smart.

You've heard people say, "Work smarter, not harder", right? Well, they work smart, pay less taxes than employees, and many corporate tycoons.

They don't have a "job." People who work for them do. 

They don't earn a "wage." Their employees do.

They don't "run" a business. Their executives and managers do all that stuff.

Instead, they maximize their passive spending power by engaging in DIFFERENT set of BEHAVIORS than the average person.



They don't have the same FEELINGS about the decisions they make because they're better informed about the game they're playing.

That's right. The game. Business and investing is a game to them.

They don't buy anything directly. They let their assets buy things for them. Or their customers, renters, or investors. 

And investors are competing to give them money. Vendors are competing to extend them credit and terms, hoping they'll be selected. Applying for the privilege, in some cases. Submitting documentation, proof, and filing fees for the priviliege of giving them money that they don't have to pay back and money the investors expect they'll probably lose.

They don't earn income. They build spending power. 

They know how money works. They understand the "mind" of money and what attracts it, which is a lot of the same things that attract a sexy woman. 

A nice suit works for both. Confidence, certainty fire off the hot buttons in someone's mind. They begin to see you as an authority. Then an expert. Maybe even a celebrity. 

They assume you know things. You have secret knowledge or connections. Why?

Because it's true. You do have those things. 

I say spending power, not income, because there are at least three kinds of income, and a language spoken only by the obscenely wealthy, filthy, stinking rich.

Besides, they don't pay for anything. Someone else does.

They build a wall, and Mexico pays for it.  

That's how the rich think. And it works.

They have a strategy and a reliable, dependable system to consistently find and methodically capture opprotunities. Since it's a system of simple behaviors repeated over time, they can automate it if they want and make their passive-riches generation system into a passive wealth-building machine.

By the way, you can't buy a turn-key, passive wealth-building machine on the shelf at Wal-Mart. Not yet. It still takes work to set it up.
Retire in one year.

For example, let's suppose you look at your circumstances and opportunities. You learn about oil, real estate, stocks & bonds, and settle on renting out 3 bedroom, 2 bath, single-level houses in fairly good neighborhoods. Why the hell would you do all that?

Because if your renter is paying about a thousand a week, he's paying down a mortgage for you and you're building up to $1,000 of equity each month. Not quite, because there are other factors. 

Question 1: As that equity builds up in a home, is it possible, if you wanted to, to borrow against that equity? Of course. 

Question 2: When you borrow money, for any reason, is it usually, normally, customarily considered taxable income?

Well, that's a question for tax accountants and tax attorneys, isn't it? But let's ask another question...

Question 3: As long as you pay it back, how is it taxable income? 

Do you know why rich people don't pay taxes? Because they're smart. Hillary Clinton attacked Trump on this question. It was supposed to be a killer. She depended on this attack because it worked on Romney. Trump shut it down before it started by saying, "Because I'm smart."

But here's what Hillary said about Trump. That we KNOW Trump doesn't pay taxes because it came up in court. Those became public record. We know it for a fact.

That's right. We know for a FACT that the rich don't pay taxes. Hillary knows it. Trump and Romney know it. If you raise taxes on the rich, they'll just leave, Trump said in an interview.

And if they leave, they won't create any jobs. 

The rich, who pay no taxes, are job creators. And as such, they have a special status in society, including the privilege of paying no personal income taxes, under certain circumstances.

If they're smart.

But more importantly, even if they're not smart, but do smart THINGS. If they engage in smart BEHAVIORS.

That's the key. They make choices you and I don't make, and don't pay taxes, and don't work for money, and money is attracted to them, and people want to work for them.

This is the result of the quality of their communication.

Do you think they dig ditches or unplug toilets? No. They communicate differently, and seek out to connect with the right people, show up on time, and make commitments.

Commitment is another word for promise. They'll promise you the world. Sometimes you might even get it.

They promise a wall. Maybe we'll get one. Millions of people gave him votes before they had a wall. He got all those votes BEFORE a single brick was laid. 

The rich consult with their tax attorneys, accountants and advisers to minimize or eliminate their tax burden LEGALLY.

They don't just make promises. They listen. Most people don't listen, but rich people do.

When's the last time you listened to your boss and did things his way instead of yours? Do most people do what they're told? Do they follow instructions? Do they show up on time? Do they show up prepared? Do they make commitments? Does anyone...

ANYONE expect them to keep them?

The fact of the matter is your employer pays you a tiny salary, less than 100,000 per year, less than a million dollars a year for the following simple reasons...

- You're not willing to listen.
- You don't follow instructions.
- You can't be expected to show up on time.
- Even if you do, you won't be prepared.
- If he wants you to know something, he has to personally train you.
- You don't want to make commitments or make promises.
- You don't want to keep them.

It's virtually impossible to have bad credit (maybe NO credit, but not BAD credit) unless you've been late on payments, and consistently late on payments. 

Which isn't possible unless you're spending more than you earn. 

Which isn't possible unless you're very undisciplined about how you spend money.

Which isn't possible unless you're profoundly ignorant about money.

Which isn't possible unless there isn't a library in your town, and no internet.

It's more likely that you're poor and don't seek opportunities because you don't think you can get rich, that anyone would take you seriously because you are willfully ignorant and don't want to learn, even if they'll pay you to learn, don't want to show up, make excuses, have bad credit because you don't pay your bills, and struggle with bills because you're spending more than you earn, earning less than you could because you blow off work by 3PM every Friday, and when the layoffs come around, you don't have any useful skills, don't do anything essential, and like 60% or more of the "workers", you're so lazy they can't figure out what the hell you even do for the company.

But maybe you were injured in a car accident and missed some work. So don't drive like a maniac. Pay attention. There's a lot of psychos out there. The average American gets in a minor accident every 5 years or so. 

I guess I've just been lucky the past 15 years, right? Or maybe I'm more cautious these days.

Maybe you missed work because you were laid off. Did they lay off everyone else? Did you see the hardest workers standing in line to collect unemployment?

Even if you were laid off, did you store up 90 days of savings to pay your bills including your credit cards? No? Went to spend $15 at Starbucks every day instead, then complained the price of gas to get you to work is too high?

The rich don't have these problems because they study like mad to learn how to be valuable to the marketplace. They don't just skim. Don't just read. They make a STUDY of the skills and knowledge they need to show up prepared.

They make big promises, and it's credible because everyone knows they can keep them. That their money is far safer in Trump's hands than their own.

If you got it, you're just gonna spend it. But if you invest it with the rich, they're going to take care of it.

If you drop a nickel on the ground, it's the rich guy who'll pick it up and give it to charity. Not the middle class, who are "too good" to pick up a filthy nickel. 

Sam Walton wrote about this exact experiment in his own life. He and his brothers would picked up the nickel (worth about as much as a quarter these days), but nobody else did. 

You tell me. If you work for a living, is your income taxable? 

Um... that's a real big YEAH, from most people. Not the rich. Except for sales tax, the money they spend isn't even taxable. And they might even be able to write off the sales tax. 

They don't have to know that. They can hire a team of people whose job is to know those things. 

Why can they afford a team? Because the can get investment money to pay their salaries. Why can they get this investment? Because investors like their team. 

This takes three things: 

1) The willingness to start with a great team and pay them.

2) The willingness to ask for investment based on the strength and experience of your team of advisors.

3) Standards. The investors have to like your team. So you need a great team with a solid track record of success so the investors know their money is invested incredibly safely.

The team will also tell you what else you need, help you create a strategy, a plan of action, especially if you do one thing.

If you've studied their books and you're the best student of their work they've ever seen, and can follow their simple instructions.

As an advisor to winners, I can tell you that behavior stands out. That's what a winner looks like. You want that one to succeed. 

How much investment capital does it cost to do study the books of great business and investing advisors? 

Audible costs less than $15 a month. Kindle Unlimited is cheap. A library card is free. 

What can you do for them? Well, you have to build the money machine.

Almost everyone with a job pays income tax every year, filing a return to beg for some of their money back. This is like going to work and waiting a year (or more) to finally get paid the rest of your money.

The government needs your money as soon as you earn it, but they'll promise to hit you back real soon. Promise, brah! Like a drunken Uncle crashing on your couch, they only give you a little bit back, and it takes them a friggin' year to get around to it!

"Nigga, you still owe me like five hundid dollahs!"

"Bro. I got you, bro. I got money coming. Don't worry about it. You got like eighty bucks real quick? I got money coming in, man. I promise."
And then it's ANOTHER year. And he spends the whole year borrowing more from you at every single paycheck.

But he gunned down a black burglar a few years back, so you cut him some slack.

And one time he ended up in Iraq for absolutely no discernable reason, ranting something about mass destruction. Dude's f-ing crazy. Sold uranium to some Russians. And I'm pretty sure he's growing opium somewhere.

That's the government for you.

And he'd be rich as hell if he didn't spend it all before he made it, but he's out of control. But here's the difference between you and drunk "Uncle Sam."

He gets paid in advance, and makes piles of money. Like everyone else, you probably get paid AFTER you've done your work, AFTER you file for benefits, AFTER you apply for a grant, AFTER you go to college to prove you're smart enough to get a slave job, AFTER you pay for advertising to get customers, AFTER you buy a suit to apply for a job.

That's the recipe for being poor. Hell, it's a good recipe for getting broke and staying broke. Time is money. It takes everyone a long damn time to get you your damn money!

The rich get paid NOW. TODAY. They don't pay no damn taxes like some chump.

In some cases, they start pulling in money first, then figure out what to do with it later.

How the hell can any of this be legal? Because they've figured out the magic words to say, and the minimum amount of work they have to do to stay out of prison, tax court, and civil court after saying those magic words.

They don't try to prove they can make anyone else rich. Their job is to make themselves rich. In fact, the magic words often include a frank disclosure that you're probably going to lose your money on this one.

Not even kidding.

How would you like to ask a dude, "Hey. Give me this much money. You're probably never going to see it again." And the guy GLADLY forks over the money.

Sound impossible?

It's not just possible. It's done EVERY. FRIGGIN. DAY.

And Trump is absolutely one of those guys.
Every time he starts a business, he has to convince people to work for him BEFORE he's paid them a dime, convinces buyers to PAY him before he's given them A DAMN THING. And people have to pay guys like him a DEPOSIT for the privilege of paying him rent, fees.

And what's more amazing is a guy like Trump gets a guy to give him the money to be able to hire a guy who hires the guy who trains the guy that asks prospective customers to pay him in advance before they get anything.

Kinda hard to lose with a "scam" like that, right? But the biggest scam is that you weren't taught how to do this in elementary schoo. not taught how to do it in college, not taught how to do it on TV, radio, magazines, etc.

Think about it...

What if you had to pay at membership fee at the front door of a restaurant to be considered for the right to order off the menu, and they're going to do a background check to make sure you're a customer in good standing before they seat you. And if you don't check out, you're not allowed to buy the entree.

Sounds crazy, right? But that's exactly what happens when you buy something besides the lobster.

In fact, they used to have a lot of restuarants like that. And certain Jesus-haters were forbidden from eating there. So I guess it's worth the extra hassle.

When you buy a car, rent an apartment, of go to college, you're filling out an application, submitting a fee, and hoping to be accepted.

When you offer to give people weeks of your life and work without pay, you're exchanging hours for dollars and being paid the least amount of money for that time.

If you're getting paid 2, 4, or 8 times the minimum wage, you definitely ain't rich.

This is why the rich don't work for money. They're way too smart to work for money.

But if you do work for money, work harder than everyone else. Dress better than you have to, meaning looking more professional and prepared and serious and successful than you have to, to the best of your ability.

Whether you learn this from Roscoe Jones or Neil Patel, there's a high ROI if you're wearing the right clothes, dressed just a little better than your audience. Maybe a lot better. This gives you the authority.

And the mind of money is simple. It's attracted to visual signals of authority, credibility, and success. Money chases after celebrity, specialists, and authority figures who have high standards.

A lot more money goes to the person who doesn't look like he needs it than the person who's begging on a street corner.

Schools teach people every skill an employee might need. But they never teach the getting, the attracting, and the seduction of money or women. 

But think it through...

If you know how to make money want to come to you, then then you don't really need a second competence. You've got great people for little details like that.

The one "job skill" you'll ever need is to know how to make money want to come to you. 

Here are the instructions for winners:

Make your first investment and document it. Here it is:

Get a library card, Kindle Unlimited, and/or Audible and start studying the advisor you like best. I like Robert Kiyosake's Rich Dad, Poor Dad for starters. He predicted the financial crisis in detail. Right down to Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs and the bailout, which came after the initial crash. And another one is due to happen right now.

Also, he compared the hyperinflation of Weimar to the "Quantitative Easing" in America. The graphs are virtually identical. QE is nothing but hyperinflation. And it's happening RIGHT NOW.

If you position yourself correctly, you'll survive. Even prosper. If not, you'll be wiped out. 

With hyperinflation of Weimar, the pensions weren't enough to keep the heat on, and the elderly died under their blankets. The young survived by working for a day's pay, and spending it as fast as they got it, before prices inflated.

In hyperinflation, savers are losers. Inflation comes from the government printing money to pay for its liabilities. Like the trillions of dollars of unfunded liabilities.

Americans are about to get very angry and desperate and start selling their bodies for sex. For food. And international tourists will come to America just to buy all the cheap sex they want.

And they'll get it.

Step Two: Once you're desperate, you'll look desperate, and nobody will want to give you money. This is a fundamental psychological fact.

Get yourself some nice-looking conservative clothes. Work hard or learn as hard as if it was your job to learn enough to get a better job. A sales job, for example. Even if it's multi-level. Don't be too good for the work that's available, or you and your family won't survive the famine.

Don't judge the rich. Join them. Being an employee with a college degree, getting a career and looking forward to retirement was always a bad plan. Go and get the best plan you can get and put it into action.

R. Buckminster Fuller saw this coming. Trump saw it coming. Kiyosake saw it coming. And Jesus, too. These are the consequences of sin, and America is going to pay for the "freedom" to sin, and for arrogantly presuming they knew better than God.

They're going to learn the hard way. But you don't have to. 

Many of the leaders of our movement are sinners. You've heard all about the adultery and other things, many of them pushing out-dated libertarian values instead of pushing for strong authority, consequences for crimes, for strict discipline and sacrifice. 

It's time to shape up. You'll be glad you did. You've probably paid $100 million dollars out of your pocket because you've done things your own way instead of God's. Now, when you could have been rich, you may starve.

How do I know this? Because I was taught all the same things as you. But I learned the error of my ways AND BEGAN TO CHANGE THEM. 

I have a lot more work to do. But the man who doesn't thing he needs to improve his habits will feel soon the rod of the almighty on his backside. 

To you who have ignored the will of the Lord, who would have given you abundance beyond belief, (myself included) it's time to wake up from your self-delusion and get to work for a change. To work on yourself and see how much opportunity you've squandered.

1) Read
2) Implement
3) Build the best habits of winners.

Follow these directions. Start with Robert Kiyosake, who essentially teaches you to do what Trump did to prosper. You can do it on a small scale or a large one. Learn what strategy works in the bad economy that's coming.

Gold will go up in price. But it might also be confiscated without payment.

As for the barrel of gold teeth you saw in photos of World War 2... You don't really think those were pulled from the mouths of "Jews", do you?


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