6 Sure-Fire Ways to Guarantee You Kill It Every Day

Even though I've never been in special forces, I've had the rare privilege of training and working with the best Marines on the face of the earth for a brief moment in time. Enough to know to put two in the chest and one in the head, keep a stable firing platform, and always remember to know your weapon and check the safety before firing.

I've also taken some of the close quarters training given to Special Forces. So that's our theme. We're going to learn from some of the best in the world, and our Special Forces are the best of the best.

Therefore this blog post on the ultimate advangage WILL change your life forever, which I'm writing for you in the "morning" with a hangover-intensity headache, combining the top 6 ancient morning rituals of top performers from all fields across the ages in order to set you up for success all day, every day, for sure, 100% guaranteed.

But if you don't do it, your country and people will die because you're a lousy scumbag shirker who wipes his ass with the American flag like a sissy little bundle of sticks and the fall of our nation will be your fault. Why?

Because the wall of muscle God sent to inspire hundreds and thousands of others thought it wasn't his DAILY duty to live up to his full potential to the best of his ability.

Some people will pussy out because they're "not a morning people." F--- morning people.

When you're rolling over every morning and busting a nut in the finest and most gorgeous creature on earth because you lived up to your full potential, you can thank me.

Most "morning people" do 1 or 2 of these a day. We're going to kick their asses by doing all six! (Thanks, Hal.)

Ritual number one: Impregnate a fine piece of ass. Preferably the one you're married to. Then you can do the other stuff.

If that item isn't in your morning ritual yet, then do this other stuff until it is.

Because you simply can't save the country, our people, or even yourself without being an ultra-successful person in every respect. Financially, physically, sexually, spiritually, and everything else.

Since the dawn of time, the "morning person" has dominated in every profession. Why? Because of rampant incompetence. Don't compare yourselves to those filthy sheep. Stand out and rule over them with a rod of iron.

But being a "morning person" isn't something you're born with, anyway. It's a simple series of habits repeated every day.

Morning routine is something you do for yourself to guarantee you're systematically putting yourself in a highly energized flow state EVERY DAY by slightly changing the circumstances to guarantee your whole day success.

If you can brush your teeth every morning, or bust out some pushups every morning, shower every morning or even get up to take a piss every morning, that's a daily habit you can build on.

So you brush your teeth every day. What else?

Do you wake up an hour early? Successful people start their day an hour or two before they have to be anywhere, before the chores, before the work begins. They clear their mind and put themselves in a peak state. Maybe even a flow state.

Instead of dragging ass into the office 5 minutes late EVERY DAY, you can become the guy who's cheerful and energized and ready to meet any challenge every day.

Like the guy who eats morning people for breakfast.

But don't leave it to willpower. Willpower is weak, like women. Use man-power. Because men make their own circumstances. They don't settle for what the world gives them. They create what they want to experience.

If it's got to be, it's up to me.

Willpower will fail. Habits will triumph. Be a manufacturer of daily success habits, and build them, stack them, and ease into them until you're doing all 6 every day without fail and conquering and destroying and chewing up the competition and sh*tting them out.

AGAIN and AGAIN... Let the habit do the work because I promise you...

Willpower WILL fail you.

For man, it's impossible. But you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Mountains will jump into the ocean at your command. If they obeyed me, they'll obey you. Even the wind and waves did. Meditate on the scriptures every day. Everything he does shall prosper. Roots and trees and stuff.

It's conditioning that makes champions.

The following techniques are optional. You choose where you start and end.

They're not just pulled out of my ass. In fact, these BIG SIX RITUALS are from the actual notes jotted down in pen in my journal this morning during my own morning success ritual. More on that in a minute.

And I feel like a hung-over failure like the stink of 7 days without a shower. We're talking about a guy with a weekly "success ritual" of saying, "Oh, F--- it's Sunday already? Time to slap together another installment of Terms of Fair Use."

Some people seem to think I'm a highly disciplined beast until they read some of my Tweets.

The first draft of the book I wrote last year  is merely the product of me hitting the deadline like a marathon runner hits the wall and saying, "I'd better start rambling on about ten minutes of something before I miss my chance."

The point is this: It doesn't take a perfect person to architect a perfect series of wins. By the time I've done 6 hours of writing each week, I'm still not ready and pumped up. But by the time I jam through a recording, I'm ready to circle back to the beginning and record and enthusiastic intro.

(A little insight for ya.)

Because success is a series of simple disciplines repeated every day. What's failure?

Simple. Failure is a set of mistakes, repeated every day. Make it automatic, certain, and inevitable that you'll work harder on yourself than you do on your job each and every day, and success will be something you attract to you because of who you have become.

If you spend an hour a day reading for improvement, you've done 365 hours of reading by the end of the year. Leaders are readers. Big houses have big libraries. Ten minutes of the Bible and ten minutes of everything else.

Me, I spend about 700 minutes a day lately of "reading", (not counting Kindle Unlimited and everything else) according to my audiobook stats panel.

But I doze off for some of those minutes like a slacker, as you might imagine. I gotta cram those books because the world is counting on me to be the best I can be as soon as I possibly can.

Someone's got to turn into a pro at funding the operations that create tens of thousands of mass-media propaganda jobs for hardcore Nahtzees.

And therefore be able to save the white race from the bankers and yadda yadda.

Make one choice and your success ritual is automatic.

Join the armed forces, and you WILL have a daily success ritual enforced.

Farmers and homesteaders already have one of these rituals because the sheep, goats, chickens aren't going to feed themselves every morning. All farmers have success as an automatic by-product of their lifestyle choice.

Get on the right team and success will be automatic. Surround yourself with champions.

That's what I mean by "make it automatic. Make it inevitable." Need another example?

If you decide to start your day with a glass of water instead of a sugar-loaded coffee crash, then put a glass of water by your bed before you go to sleep.

Want a green smoothie each morning to get your greens and to punch the common cold in the gut? Blend it the night before and have it waiting in the fridge for after your morning run.

If you have to put your alarm clock on the other side of the room and another one down the hall and another one at the front door where your tennis shoes are waiting for you to put them on each day, then you're halfway to your morning jog by the time you've turned off your 3 alarm clocks.

(Say, baby. Want 12 kids and 3 alarm clocks going off every day? Oh, yeahhh. The pick-up line from hell.)

If you want to out-compete the ultra-successful morning people and their multi-millionaire lifestyles, you've got to give yourself this unfair advantage, turn it into a habit by setting yourself up for success.

Want me to go first? I'll go first.

Some people start with jumping jacks. Others start with pushups. But you've got to elevate your heart rate, with a doctor's ok, of course.

I start by doing one sit-up. Remember the small commitments I wrote about awhile back? Easier to make a tiny commitment.

When it's time to get serious and maximize your morning ritual by cramming all the morning rituals of champions rolled into one...

Here's an acronym that can help you...

S.A.V.E.R.S. - The 60-minute ritual

Not to be confused with SAARS, the Navy SEAL method of cutting a man's throat in two seconds before he can alert the guards about your presence. (The name of a hand-to-hand combat system.)

S is for Silence:

Imagine ten minute of silence each day. Like that lying mouth you just silenced, you don't want to make a peep during your moment of silence each day.

Because nothing restores the soul like taking a brief quiet moment for yourself.

Maybe you like to spend some time cleaning the blood off your knife in mindful meditation for 10 minutes a day as the hydrogen peroxide bubbles do all the scrubbing for you.

And with a few deep breaths, you can clear and focus your thoughts.

You can enjoy a silent prayer for his damnable soul roasting in hell for eternity as you complete the other 9 minutes of this key success ritual of champions.

So the first S is for silence, so that you can shut up and don't tell anyone else about your first silent daily morning ritual, right?

E is for exercise. Nothing like the rapid egress after an op to get your heart rate elevated as you slip back into the cover of the treeline and make your way a couple clicks to the inflatable raft to slip down the river undetected. Your enemies will never know what hit them when you approach them in your flow state.

These moments in the morning are a good time to reflect on your gratitude, too. And to put it in writing. Who has been an inspiration to you? Putting it on paper makes it real. Who and what things are you most grateful for today?

V is for Vision. Not just picturing yourself completing a mission during your deployment, either. Anybody can visualize themselves winning, and often do. But do they visualize themselves doing whatever it takes to make victory inevitable?

Are they willing to do the hard, daily, systematic work to make massacre a part of their mindset? Not many.

But whatever you're willing to do to make it happen, whatever you'll commit to... and why is a set of images you can commit to your imagination.

Visualize success... but if that's all you visualize, you'll trick your subconscious into thinking you've neutralized a target that still poses a threat to Christendom. So visualize the work, the preparation, the commitment, the decision, the daily actions. The SAVERS acronym may help you remember what kinds of actions to visualize.

Pretty soon, you'll have it memorized and can rattle off each one in sequence, and picture yourself doing each one each day. Your subconscious mind will make it automatic.

And then there won't necessarily be any homosexuals, witches, or false prophets or false apostles anymore.

R is for reading. Dailing briefings about which high-value targets need dispatching, can sometimes get you down if you haven't filled your head with all the positive reminders of the good it does the world when they're no longer breathing ever again.

People tell the story of how they got into a life-changing car accident and they came back from being dead for 6 minutes. Our Lord and Savior came back from being dead on the 3rd day. And he'll resurrect us all, so death is nothing to fear, mourn, or complain about, like the pagans do. Not yours or anyone else's. The righteous will rise with Christ to cleanse the world with fire.

So remind yourself to get in some inspiration and insight from people you look up to, who've been successful in some areas. They'll make you more successful, and your success will inspire them, and then you've created an upward spiral together with the high-bandwidth communication. Iron sharpens iron.

I don't agree with all his politics, but I prefer to catch Arnold on YouTube, or Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson talking about doing whatever it takes, working hard, setting clear, specific, precise goals you want to achieve. Then success becomes a by-product of preparation.

That reminds me... A tip from this morning's listen to Arnold... Ignore the nay-sayers. The night of the long knives isn't everyone's bowl of chili. But if your bloody hands are clean in God's eyes, that's all that matters.

S is for scribing. We've got Silence and Scribing.

Successful people write down their goals at night and in the morning. They also write down their commitments and achievements. And maybe what they're grateful for. This puts you in a good mood. Maybe you're grateful for Gunnery Sargeant Hartman from Full Metal Jacket.

Your gratitude journal will tally your confirmed kills, of course. And record-keeping is part of most ops, and documentation of any professional-level activity you want to improve.

But gratitude isn't the only thing to document.

It's also a good idea to keep clear about what you did well each day, and what has room for improvement. This tells you what skills you need to practice and drill consistently. Everyone says the top performers are masters of the basics... rehearsing the fundamentals until they've mastered them.

Are you hitting the jugular and getting a clean cut every time like a farmer harvesting his chickens? If not, making a note of it will help you flip back through the previous weeks and months' documentation to quickly spot any trends and make the proper adjustments and refocus your daily training and hit your quotas with style, grace and consistency. You'll need it, the way this world is heading.

Top performance is not an accident. Look in Ezekiel to see what I mean. If you had a sign of mourning on your forehead, you're spared. But everyone else absolutely, positively has to go. A hundred and ten and never again.

Another tip from Hal Elrod, who I learned about this morning from the latest Robert Kiyosake book on Audible (click the link to get it for free) I had playing last night to automatically maximize my reading, (and you can do the same method with the word of the Lord our God, if you prefer) is to decide each night how you want to feel the next morning.

Are you going to wake up excited, refreshed, anticipating the day like Christmas morning? The choice is yours. We can all decide what tomorrow morning can be so we awaken in a peak state.

Or we can say, "Tomorrow morning is going to be drag."

Not that I'd lie to myself about what I expect will happen, but if I set up today and every day correctly, there's not as much rushing around and correcting mistakes. I'm going to be in flow state and getting the maximum amount accomplished, meeting quotas because I've committed to doing whatever it takes.

In that situation, you bet your ass tomorrow will be a killer morning.

It also helps to be in a community to give yourself the social re-inforcement with people who support your goals. There's no "I" in S.E.A.L. TEAM. As long as we're all Americans, we're all in this together. But some people get what we're trying to accomplish, and some don't. Surround yourself with the people who get you, and it will reflect in your performance.

Living up to your full potential is every man's responsibility.

There's no excuses anymore. Greatness is guaranteed. It's a matter of putting your running shoes by the front door every day, turning on your alarm clocks as soon as you turn them off in the morning, and pouring a glass of water before bed, with your confirmed kill journal laid out where you just can't miss it.

So make it happen.

And all the people said "Amen."

Hail Jesus.