Leftist Proof Income - 3 Steps Toward Victory

Leftist Proof Income

The #1 Thing My Subscribers Said They Want is Leftist-Proof Income

Because we can't do much without it.

What Kind Of Nationalist Are You?

Will you see it through to the end, or do you want a quick, easy answer that accomplishes nothing?

Here are are the steps to victory!
Those are OUR first steps. But what's YOUR first step?

Financial strength.

#1 - Get a unsecured credit card. You should have at least 5, eventually. Keep your oldest accounts open. Average age affects your credit score.

Repair your credit, if necessary. It's PROBABLY necessary. This might require credit repair secrets from Scott Hilton.
Hilton teaches you to go on the attack against creditors and credit bureaus to bend them to your will. This is good practice.

This will teach you to be on the attack. Proactive. And you should be able to fight and win a defamation lawsuit against Corporate America, or else you won't earn your financial black belt.

We cannot win by playing nothing but defense against serial defamation.
If necessary, get a secured credit card or line of credit and store credit, if necessary, like Hilton tells you.

Just do it.


Leaders are readers. There's room at the top, but you have to de-program all that wage slave programming.

#2 - Forget college. If you're in medical school, stop screwing around and get a Kindle Unlimited membership where you can do some good.

This is the time to be buying up hospitals, not begging them for a job. Team up with people smarter than you and make it happen.

(Note: This is obviously not for everyone. Use at your own risk. Most medical students are too mentally retarded to buy hospitals. That's why we put lab coats on them: To identify dangerously over-educated idiots.)

If you prefer audiobooks, this is the cheapest way to get Amazon audible add-ons.

If you're like me, an Audible subscription is worth it. What you'll read depends on what you want. But free YouTube videos and podcasts won't take you all the way.
In the old days, I'd tell you to get a libary card. But the library is still too damned slow. Wealth is magnetically attracted to speed of execution.

It's ok to put a Kindle Unlimited and Audible membership on a credit card because financial education is the most potent, valuable business investment, and you won't get it at any college in America at any price.

(And don't be a degenerate. Be sure to keep making your credit card payments on time, like Jesus told you to.

Pay your debts! This one tip could be worth a fortune to you in the very near future.)

#3 - Learn About Salesmanship/Influence

Why? Because Jesus and Hitler were the best salesmen of all time.

Do you think our enemy controls and rules the world because the children of the devil are such great guys? No! Through skillful influence. Why? Because it works. Because it's important.

The reason why they don't want you to learn it, why they condition you to HATE it is very, very simple...

It's useful in all fields, in every economy. If you're in the top 20% of sales professionals, which, as I understand it, requires cracking open ONE sales book and reading slightly farther than page 19, then you'll be in the top 20% of sales earners and you'll never be without a job.

Don't like selling? Good. Incompetence sucks. Especially in sales.

You're not getting in front of people who want to listen, who want to give you money, and who are qualified to make a decision right now, telling you exactly what they need to know to make a decision immediately.

So of course it sucks. Of course it's hard. If  you did nothing but learn prospecting, qualification, and presented your offer well, your buyers would be closing you!

Tell me if this sounds familiar: "Shut up and take my money!"

That's because people love to buy. We're taught to spend all our time talking people out of it, presenting features and benefits nobody cares about until your prospects are so bored, they can't stand you anymore.

You're conditioned to be rude, taught to be pushy, and rewarded for talking to people who aren't buyers of ANYTHING. Lease of all what you've got to offer. They don't want it, won't want it, and don't want to talk to you.

Of course you hate sales. If you don't know what you're doing. The guys making $300,000 a year know what they're doing. They practice. They record themselves presenting and listen to it. They learn their craft and adapt instead of complaining.

Spend an hour a day for 5 years studying sales, and you'll be a world expert (according to a University of California study), and companies will fly you around the world teaching others how.

That University of California study showed that studying any skill for an hour a day for 3 years is the equivalent to a college degree.
If that's true, then I've already got the equivalent of over 20 college degrees in business education, and a number of other "honorary" degrees.

Hell, I may as well appoint myself the dean and make myself the honorary Nobel Prize winner, while I'm at it.

Of course, quality counts. It counts a lot. WHAT do you study. If you study how to be a hedge fund manager, it's worth more than studying basket weaving.

Based on my education alone, I'm forced to admit nobody is more qualified to crown himself the leader of the white supremacist movement. (Besides, nobody else wanted the title. Bunch of chickensh--s.)

You want to change the world?


All you'll need is massive amounts of money, connections, leverage, power,  vision, communication competence, knowledge, and that comes from your decision passion, faith, vision, influence and persistence, as well as the mechanics of systematically, influencing people to do what you want them to do using psychology, logistics, strategy, integrity, and tactics.

But that's about it.

You don't, for example, need to be six feet tall. You don't need a Mom who loves you. Better if she's dead, actually. Moms get in the way.

Better if your dad beat you. Almost all great men were viciously, brutally beaten by their fathers or step-fathers. Look into it. It's true. Beethoven, Hitler, probably Moses, Still want your kids to be great?

Those are the top 3.

1. Get a credit card. If you've got one, get an upgrade. One with perks like frequent flyer miles, cash back, a bigger credit limit, a business credit card with a 10-100x bigger credit limit, for example, a card with 0% interest for 6 months on balance transfers.

Keep utilization under 50%. If you need to spend more, increase the limit or get another card or STOP BUYING SO MANY GOTTDAMN SHOES!

2. Get Audible/Kindle Unlimited

3. Learn to SELL.
Then you'll be ready for what I tell you to do next on the Fair Use Anti-Marxist email list.


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