The Babysitter Principle

Most people operate on the babysitter principle.

If you're a babysitter, you'd never think you'd have to tell someone not to stick their sisters head in the toilet.

No book tells you how to deal with it. You can't anticipate them doing it, but they do it anyway.

Something outrageously weird and wrong.

It's not in any top 10 list of mistakes in a parenting magazine, so you just throw your hands up and say, "Don't stick your sister's head in the toilet!"

You can't believe you'd ever in your life have to utter these words. But there it is.

The babysitter principle in action.

We all do something on impulse that seems right in the moment, we never thought about it, and it never works, and it's never going to work. All of us.

Making excuses isn't like that. Excuse-making is a very common mistake. The most common.

Not audio recording your interactions to learn by listening to yourself is a common mistake businessmen make. Very common.

Not getting God's message to the masses is a common mistake.

Putting your sister's head in the toilet is different.

It's rare. Unexpected.

But you'll see both kinds of mistakes. Common and uncommon.

Nobody's perfect. You've got to forgive people in both cases, and don't assume anyone is perfect.

You'll go to your grave, never meeting anyone in a lifetime who is perfect, or even close. Don't expect them to be. Or you.

Because it takes years of practice to know how to get one ball through one hoop.

But there's millions of other balls, and millions of other hoops in life. There's no way you can practice for all the millions of hoops you might encounter. But there's good news.

We're lucky. Most of the results come from dealing with a stereotypical human being, all universally wired about the same way.

Each a little different than one another. Different than a dog, cat, or a rat. Figure that out, and you can persuade them over and over, reliably. That's all it is.

Success is figuring out something that works and repeating it until it doesn't. Then repeat until it stops working. Find something else that works and repeating. Forever.

That's pretty much it.

The scripture is full of the most common mistakes repeated over the centuries and some uncommon mistakes, and what to do about them.

People trying to figure things out pretty late in life. They choose trial and error. The most expensive way to learn.

In a lot of ways, it would be better if we started our first business by age 8. That's when it's easy to learn that each person is a little different. But mostly the same.

Fishing for prospects, for qualified prospects most likely to close. if you're too good at fishing, you try to pick the right time a day, the right location, and you forget the best places here. And the best time is now.

The only time and place that will ever exist that matters is here and now.  The man of action is the only kind of man who will matter. He lives in the here and now. He is such to himself and others, "do it now" and the actually does it himself.

This kind of man does a lot more fishing. Practice makes perfect. Especially when you practice perfectly. He becomes a great fisherman.

You've met the kind of fisherman who is always looking for an opportunity to go fishing right here, right now. He is obsessed with getting his fish. This is the right kind of fisherman to be in life.

This is the kind of man who gets his fish.

More kids should be fishers of men, so to speak. Not academics.  They should talk to more strangers to make more friends. Better friends.

It's true. If you have the same 5 friends all your life, that's a recipe for disaster. You need to learn how to get what you want from strangers.

Most people don't do it that way. Most people are wrong and die broke, powerless, alone, friendless, and if it weren't for alcohol, they'd probably end up childless, too.

The Pareto Principle (80/20 rule) applies to everything.

Income, customers, everything. You'll have the best of the best and the worst of the worst.

You'll never have a good devilspawn, of course. There's no point in saying, "this is the best of the devil spawn." There all bad. They're just bad in different ways. Bad to the bone.

There is no good in the bad people. By definition, the bad are rotten to the core. Like a tomb that's pretty and clean on the outside, but full of dead men's bones.

Some people are looking for the good in everyone and see it when it's not there.

Therefore... in all things in life... Kids, babysitting jobs. Everything...

The Pareto Principle teaches us that good guys are not in a magical majority. There are not a few bad eggs. Most people are mediocre at best. Most species, and most sub-species.

Most eggs are not good. Some eggs are extremely bad. Sharks are a better analogy than eggs.

I wouldn't go swimming in a shark tank to find out which of the sharks looks dangerous, but means well, and is a really good shark if you got to know him. The people who swim with sharks deserve to be eaten.

You might look at a basket of eggs and say, "there's always a few bad eggs." but if you're looking at a shark tank and you say, "there's always a few bad sharks," you're out of your freaking mind.

Sharks are bad. It's in their nature. They're sharks through-and-through. Of all the fish in the sea, these are sharks. They're not like the other fish.

Don't go fishing for a nice, friendly pet shark. Don't try to breed a nice, friendly pet shark. Don't tell me that you found a shark that's not like the other sharks.

Bad is bad. Good is good. Period.

In the same way, there are no good "Jews." A race that is pure, distilled evil in human form walks among us.

And gypsies also walk among us. We know what kind of people gypsies are. They're like Jews, but shamelessly greedy instead of pure evil, less sophisticated, and they they have lousy publicists.

If "Jews" are like sharks, gypsies are like catfish.

Gypsies are not actively planning, scheming, organizing, infiltrating to turn the world into a hell on Earth, creating eternal enslavement for the mud races, and the extermination of any race who points it out.

Gypsies want to sell you a barrel of tar and pretend they're going to use it to asphalt your driveway. And once they have your money, you'll never see them again. No big deal.

Finlanders are cheap. No big deal.

As for sex perverts, you weren't really expecting that much from the Japanese anyway.

If a race merely wants to enslave their own people like the Arabs, blacks, or Chinese, then they don't represent the existential threat of evil incarnate.

But one race is pure evil. Pure hatred, envy, covetousness, vicious, and deadly.

None of this should be all that shocking, but to most people, such as those in the mediocre majority, (and that's putting it kindly) everything is shocking and offensive.

You've gotta sift, sort, and screen to get to the 20% who are worth dealing with.

Bouncers should automatically kick 80% of the people out of the bar, IMO. Some night clubs actually do that. The best ones, actually. You're not getting in.

Your selection system, in all things, needs to repel the majority before you even deal with them.

After self selection comes manual labor. Toss out the tossers. The most important step.

Depending on the task, you may need to manually remove 80% of those who pass that screening. They have defects. Flaws. Imperfections that get passed on for generations. It's not pretty.

Just because you showed up to be trained, that doesn't make you a Navy SEAL. It doesn't make you a Top Gun. Okay. You showed up. But now you have to perform.

You can't just have a doorman. What do you need?

Door man AND bouncer. Got it? In all things, have a doorman to keep 80% out, and also a bouncer to kick out 80% of the ones who get in.

The HR department needs to screen out most of the resumes, most of the people who are interviewed will not get the job. Most of the people who are hired are going to wash out. Most of those who stick around are doing damage than they're worth and need to be fired or relocated our retrained or demoted.

And then, for heaven's sake, if you're at the best of the best night clubs with a great door policy and a top notch doorman who stops 80% of women from getting in the door, and then the bouncer kicks out 80% of the women who get in, do NOT hook up with every girl who's left in that club.

Of all things to get right, your philosophy is most important. Of all philosophical pursuits, religion is best. The end product of philosophy of people that survived.

Which religion? Are most religions good? No. One is the best.

If you find the best religion, the best denomination in the best state, get into the best church that screens out or repels 80% of those who show up, then kicks out 80% that make it through the performance requirements, you still wouldn't want to marry 80% of the women in that dating pool.

If you dated 5 of these, you'd still only propose marriage to one.

Of the women you married this way, one out of five wives would be the best.

Only one of her 5 children would be the best child. And so on, down through the generations, producing a Christ-like tribe of people with God's laws written on their hearts.

And it ain't the friggin gypsies.

Selection is the norm. weather it's natural selection, artificial selection, selection is the norm. And you have to meet the minimum standard. Very few meet God's minimum standard.

You have to have standards. God like people have standards and achieve God like results because they do.

It seems like "nobody" makes friends this way, marries this way, looks for jobs or prospects this way. Of course. The majority is below average.

Most are broke, wrong, and unwise.

Women reject most of the guys they could get. And they prefer guys who screen out most of the opportunities, and still reject most of those who get through the pre-screening. This guy has choices. And that's attractive.

Women can have any guy they want. For one night. A male makes a small genetic investment. A female makes a big genetic investment.

Asking a guy for sex is like asking him if he can spare a dollar. Asking a girl for sex is like asking her if you can have her car.

If genetics is all a male is offering, females want the best. When they're committing 9 months of gestation as a minimum investment to arrive at a minimum viable product, what they're getting had better be good.

Most people are below average.

That's not "glass half empty" statement. It's one of the implications of the Pareto Principle. It's only a few who perform above average, a few create the most happiness, a few whites. Not most. A few.

And it's this few, not the majority of whites who do all the best stuff, produce the most jobs and results and money and happiness. Of those few, the Top Guns are the best of the best.

When I say there's information and advice available that can help you, there's everything else, and then there's the best of the best.

Of all religions, Christianity.

Of all religious figures, Jesus.

Of all the epistles, John.

Jesus (according to John) is therefore a lot better than the 2nd runner-up from 2,000 years ago.

Or, for example, Moses is a lot better than the 2nd best guy 4,000 years ago, and Noah was better than the 2nd best dad of that time, who didn't build an ark, obviously.

What makes them the best of their time? They got the message, built the damned ark or otherwise did as they were told, however reluctantly, taught the will of God, made sure it was recorded for posterity, and sent a warning into the future that most people are condemned to eternal suffering and death. But a few will be saved.

In other words, the message that most are below average and won't be saved and probably shouldn't be saved.

It's in there. It doesn't state it quite that starkly, but it's there.

Knowing this about mankind tells you how to succeed. Seek out the few. Make them fishers of men. Speak to the multitude, be followed by many. Of those, a few disciples. Of those disciples, one is going to be a Judas traitor. EXPECT IT.

(I promise someone will try to betray you. Hitler survived 20 assassination attempts.)

Of the disciples, or indeed in any group there will be flakes, non-responders, that self-select through your auto-sorting mechanism, your AVR. Of the multitude, some showed up.

Of the responders, most will still be undesirable, and 2% will be psychos. Goes with the territory. Just be prepared to get rid of them.

Same for employees you hired, bankers you borrow from (or credit card companies), business partners, girlfriends, and everything else.

Plan on ditching the majority of employees, bankers, credit cards, business partners, girlfriends, friends, kids, wives, pets.

Have I gone too far, yet?

A king must know that 80% of the taxes come from 20% of the taxpayers. And yet America's Founding Fathers created a nation of libertarians, by libertarians, for libertarians who don't want to pay taxes.

Seems like if you're choosing a group to lead, you'd prefer to lead those who'll pay.

Common sense says you wouldn't want to be, if you're the smartest guy on earth, the king of some cheapskate race of disobedient, legalistic people in complete disagreement with the spirit of the law. i.e. the king of the "Jews."

Which tells you Jesus isn't the king of the cheapskate race of people. What's the point of that? The king of kings is the king of those with the means and ability to pay, obey, and listen to the laws. Of all races on earth, which race is that?  The best race. The best sub-species of humans.

You've got it. Yet another way to know that "Jews" aren't Jews. Because Jesus isn't a complete idiot.

He's the king of kings. The best of the best.

Most people aren't the best. They don't have to go home but they can't stay here.

But suddenly when you apply this principle to employees and fire people, or to criminals and kill them, or immigrants and lock them in freezers or gas chambers, you're somehow a "bad guy".

But a king cannot be like a commoner, and must think things through. Judge wisely, oh judges of the earth.

Clearly, 80% of people, animals, plants, seeds, fruit trees are just no good at all and should be thrown into the sea, cast into outer darkness, bundled to be burned.

Amazingly enough, we don't flush all the undesirables down the toilet.

So maybe we should put our sister's head in the toilet, after all. Of all the people, and all the kings, only one king does.

And it's God! Our Father in heaven. With a worldwide flood, for example. By throwing fire on the earth.

And all were astonished at his teaching!

Yet the truth is the truth. A mathematical certainty, derived from immutable laws of nature. There's no escaping the irrefutable fact of the matter.

Most people operate on the babysitter principle, saying "Don't stick your sister's head in the toilet!"

The worst of the worst sub-species has got to go. No race will survive that isn't willing to do this. However reluctantly.

One day, long, long ago, God stuck everyone's sister's head in the toilet, so to speak, with a worldwide flood.

Only Noah's family was spared.

Therefore if it weren't for God, nothing good would ever be accomplished. Because whether it's by fire, flood, or bolts of lightning, most of those sisters have to go.

Most people won't do this. Which is why God, in his infinite wisdom, created communist psychos like Chairman Mao.

Like the children of the devil, who are paid very well because they're the only ones willing to do the most important job.

They're both the doorman and the bouncer that drives the multitude off the cliff. Nobody likes them but it has to be done.

And nobody likes the king who hires and fires the bouncers and doormen like used up tissues, but someone's got to take out the trash among the sheep, and someone's got to take out the trash among the wolves.

Shouldn't have too much sympathy for the devil, but understand the nature of the job. The wolves eat the slowest sheep and keep the flock stronger, healthier.

And hunters kill a whole bunch of wolves. As if he were a Noble wolf. (Which is what the name Adolf means. Noble wolf.)

Love your enemies. But of these enemies, most of them are going away, too. Nature requires it.

There will be wars and rumors of wars. Don't be alarmed. These things MUST HAPPEN, scripture says.

Once again, the majority is wrong, most are relatively stupid, each man or woman or puppy doggy a pointless mistake chewing up all the furniture, an abomination or aberration or runt and deserves to die.

God is the best of the best that ever was, and only God is right.

Listen to God, and God alone. Even if and when he sounds like a psycho to you. Because he has done the math you weren't able or willing to do.

Therefore nobody else's opinion matters, ever did, or ever will.


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