Are Women Idiots?

Yeah. Women are idiots. It's true. And they know it. Which is why they don't like you pointing it out. 

However, there are also idiot men who don't like you pointing it out. 

The only reason men don't say, "Women are idiots" is because the world is full of male idiots who think women are such weak, feeble-minded idiots, they'd never be able to handle anyone calling them idiots.

And they're right.  

But then again, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

It's one thing men can do that most modern women can't do. Right, left, or center. Doesn't matter.

Women just can't take criticism because their "male allies" are right about them:

That they're such feeble-minded idiots, they'll never be able to do what men do...


And without taking any classes or getting licensed or a college degree, they intuitively know how to take criticism.

The Bible says a fool despises wisdom. But a wise man loves a rebuke. What does that tell you about who is wise and who's a fool?

Damn right. The Bible is dropping hints, here. It's being NICE about it.

And women's inferiority complex is even more disgusting than their inferiority.

If you think I'm being cruel, the worst insult you can give a woman isn't "women are idiots", of course. There's something a lot more vicious and cruel than that.

"Your mother was right about you."

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