How The Neuremberg Trials Were An Attack on Authority Itself

"Just following orders, eh?"

We've all heard it. Isn't it remarkable that everyone on the planet seems to know that "just following orders" is no excuse, and that doing so is punishable by execution?

The man on the street appears to know virtually nothing about math, science, or history, but suddenly he's an expert on the Neuremberg trials and the Holocaust.

Is there any other historical event we all seem to know about?

Let's ask a bunch of people who can't even find Poland on a map of Europe, and then submit ourselves to their vastly superior understanding of the world, history, and morality, shall we?

Sounds positively suicidal, now that I put it that way. So let's not.

The primary purpose of the Neurmberg trials was to implant one single idea in the public mind forever.

Here's what "everyone knows."

Following orders is punishable by death.

Especially if those orders are wrong! ["The throne is attained by righteousness", by the way. But don't expect a typical American to know that verse.]

Of course, if you go against "society" and fail to follow THEIR orders, they'll use economic warfare to starve you out.

Starving is an unpleasant way to go.

If you've ever tried using the n-word at work, or even on a YouTube video, and even if you criticize A WOMAN, (any woman, really), you know that you'll be swiftly punished for heresy, for questioning the current social norms.

While the throne is attained by righteousness, you certainly don't want your enemy attaining a throne of power over you. Trust me. It doesn't end well. Especially if you're a heterosexual married white Christian male making lots of heterosexual white Christian grandchildren.

Even if your subjects obey you in almost no other command you give them on God's authority, your people will have the beginnings of a kingdom which has biological eternal life. Barring some Biblical calamity that wipes them all out, of course. There's always that.

But as we've seen, it's not quite that simple as breeding your way into the kingdom. If so, Africans would have paradise.

You also need to provide for your family, work hard, as if you're serving the Lord.

You need a job or an effective referral system so you can hire others to do the hard work for you.

[Most business owners, such as a carpenter like Jesus, even among those who know they should have a good referral system, completely forget that you can build a business from scratch with very little else going for you than a way to tap into your network to find connectors. And if one referral system is good, two is better. If nine out of ten systems fail, then you'll just have to test ten until you find the one that works. Remember the parable of the sower of seeds. Some grow and some don't. Some grow thirtyfold. Some sixty.]

Our enemy fears the authority of God, and the governments He installs. The adversary (the children of the devil) are constantly creating the credible, imminent threat of force to steer your behavior.

But to do the same is unthinkable.

Modern men neither lead, nor give orders, nor take them thanks to the brainwashing created at the Neuremberg Trials.

Not JUST because it's punishable by death to follow orders from a pro-white party leader, but also because they take their morality from Satan instead of Jesus.

Which is something you either beleive or you don't. But even if you know and I know the truth, the masses will NEVER learn the truth until YOU tell them, and tell them with tens of billions of dollars per year worth of mass media over a long, sustained period of time, so that each man hears our best-supported claims from his 5 closest friends over and over again.

You don't learn a language by learning a few words per year, but by immersion. Each and all the children, women and men we intend to save must be so fully immersed in truth that the deceptions are transparent and abhorrent to her.

By no other method has any man learned the God-given righteousness of white supremacy, and the white man's customary summary executions in the streets for failure to obey, instituted by the white supremacist police army.

But I'll bet you fear the phrase, "white supremacy." You should fear God more. Because anyone who is afraid of evil is unworthy of Jesus Christ. If I'm the most evil of all, and I force you to act, you should obey Jesus, and be saved.

Failure to obey Jesus, as you know, is to choose a fate worse than death. Better to be chained to a millstone dropped into the ocean than to fail to respond to the king of kings correctly.

For the rich to find salvation is the most difficult of all. For them, it's easier to drive a camel through the eye of a needle than to enter the kingdom of heaven.

Why? Because the rich feel a man may do as he wishes, as long as he's accumulating wealth legally.

The rich feels that authority is just another part of the money-making game, that politicians can and must be bought and paid for and so on. Somehow, I don't expect to find these lessons on the page the next time I re-read the Gospel.

A gospel that even contains the Pareto Principle is missing.

In addition, rich men typically work 7 days a week instead of 6. This violates one of God's ten commandments.

Remember the Sabbath Day, and keep it holy.

Most rich men believe they'll make less money this way. Some of them are right. But money isn't the only metric. It's the only metric rich people seem to want to keep track of.

Work hard, but give the Lord a day to work even harder for you.

The Lord loves authority. And with his authority, he has commanded a day of the week you might think of as "Anarchy Day."

A day when police and soldiers take the day off so that the murderers can murder each other, the thieves can rob each other blind, the drug addicts can overdose. It's a beautiful day to purge sinners who need to be purged.

Even the fire department takes the day off on the day of the Lord.

Anarchy day is a beautiful day of rest for the righteous, and a terror to the wicked.

They claim to want anarchy, but only when it's instituted hypocritically.

They want anarchy plus gun control. Anarchy plus victims paralyzed by fear.

They don't want you bumping off your ex wife for using the courts to take your kids, for example.

They don't want the court justice being "offed" for instituting injustice.

They don't want torches carried through the city streets so white supremacists can burn the sodomites.

For them anarchy is the opposite of the day of the Lord. Anarchy is a toy plaything. Not the real thing.

If you send the firefighters and cops home for the day one day per week, you'd see how fast Americans can drain the swamp on their own.

It would be like a blitzkrieg.

Like a free-for-all shopping spree, but without the shopping.

Surprising to find that the Lord loves a little strategic chaos from time to time.

In fact, he calls the impending day of justice "the day of the Lord", with a weekly memorial to anarchy each week. Just so you can get into the habit of doing it. You'll be ready when the time comes. Practice makes perfect.

This day is also referred to by King Solomon as the "day of vengeance" and by King David as "the end of the wicked."

It's your job to know these things, when you're the minister of God's wrath.

But the rest of the week, they can arrest drunks, whores and tax cheats as usual.

There are some things cops don't have the authority to do on a daily basis. They're very good at it. And sometimes, they wish politicians and bureaucratic policy enforcement would take the day off, so someone could allow them to properly do their jobs without the right to call them away, shove them in a corner, or bury them under a desk job and endless paperwork.

What motivates the soldier who bears the sword of the Almighty? Well, anyone who's a cop for the paycheck and benefits is at least a little nuts. They do the job for some other reason.

Maybe because they're not a fan of crime.

Google gives employees a day to do whatever they want. Why don't we give the guys with concealed carry permits their own day to "shoot first and let God sort them out", so to speak?

I mean, if it comes to that, we've already got that day set aside, where no one is allowed to work, right?

Oops. The more Satanic our society becomes, the more hours and days we're all required to work. Funny that.

It's as if we're all rowing a great ship toward a waterfall, but we think it would be wrong for the crew to take the day off from rowing.

Even if no one else would enforce the actual laws of God, giving them a day off gives them a chance to administer justice on their day off. Old West style.

And it gives criminals a chance to kill each other and sneak away.

It would turn the world into Detroit for one day per week so that it could go back to being civilized the rest of the time.

You don't want the undesirables breeding. Certainly not. Hard to breed when you're full of holes from a drive-by shooting.

Left to their own devices, gangsters will gladly rid the city of rival gangsters for you, creating a time of peace. A monopoly on gangster.

By the way, when you have a day of vengeance, anarchy, and a day of the Lord, there's one race of people who consistently comes out on top.

In case you didn't notice.

Which is why the gang-bangers would fail to take our cities if the police and firefighters all took a day off at the same time.

Ah, the great and dreadful day of the Lord.

A day when the king, the highest authority in the land turns off all the government services, gives his "authorities" a day off per week so that people appreciate the value of their king and the services he renders.

Kinda forces all the crooked cops to create a peaceful society their family can live in, too. A day off for cops creates an incentive. Just like profit sharing creates an incentive.

Imagine if people shared in the profits of peace instead of sharing in the profits of war.

It's the world's only real government shutdown.

The sinners would be terrified, of course. Because the laws of God are a terror to the wicked.

On the day of the Lord, you're allowed to rescue children out of a burning building, but you let the building burn.

The Neuremberg Trials were an attack on the idea that any man should have the authority to rule however he wishes. Even when he's instituting regular holidays for total lawless abandon.

Quite frankly, if your civilization or government or police force or courts can't survive the police taking one day off, then it really doesn't deserve to live.


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