The #1 Reason Why You're More Than One Hour Away From Defeating The Devil

If you've ever studied the techniques the ancients used to teach their children, you'll appreciate the gospel as never before.

Because our Lord, Jesus has already done all the hard work of making his teachings extremely memorable.

I would never have fully appreciated the genius of Christ's teachings unless I'd taken a memory course. The architecture of the Bible is the most ingenious set of teaching I've ever seen. 

It's a complete curriculum for kings.

How do I know?

When I was younger, learning how to learn quickly was one of the biggest breakthroughs in my life.

It's not something you can learn in most schools.

Government schoolteachers tell you to memorize, and you're expected to remember, but you're not told how to do so. Nor told how the ancients did it.

They memorized great speeches. They heard an entire play and could recite it from beginning to end after hearing it only once.

In school, we're told to study, but we're not taught how to study.

We're told to excel on tests, but not taught effective strategies for doing so.

We work learn things we simply don't retain, try to learn in the least effective way (reading, especially reading from page 1, and for hours on end, and at the last minute after procrastinating for weeks.)

What a waste of time. No wonder people believe they can't learn things! They're taught to fail by people who want to guarantee they'll be powerless, poor, and economic failures and broken men who can't threaten the globohomo establishment power that corrupts all our institutions.

We live in a country with the world's most powerful war machine, but without wisdom, knowledge, or understanding.

Will faith be found on the earth when the Son of Man returns?

If you haven't learned to learn (by starting with faith), studied how to study (excellent course, btw), and if you don't remember how to memorize (This complete memory course, based on techniques of the ancients, is up on YouTube right now), then what did you expect?

It's never too late unless you make it too late. Something people usually begin to re-discover in their 50s is that books are marvelous, that continuing education is a priceless treasure, and their insatiable appetite for knowledge (and its profitable application) explodes into something it should have been from the beginning.

A college graduate, especially a Ph.D. is less likely than anyone to ever read a book again.

The mind-crushing system has probably already worked to kill off your faith in yourself and your mind and steered you away from learning anything new.

We've been taught by conditioning that learning is painful, useless, and holding you back.

For most Ph.D.s, it's true. By the time they graduate, the will of most of the men of the greatest academic potential have been successfully crushed by the academic torture chamber designed to break their spirit.

Why did the synagogue of Satan teach so many of us learned helplessness and wilfull ignrorance through their devil-controlled school system?

The Devil Loves Learning How To Make You Hate Learning How to Defeat Him
Number one, because they hate us and sincerely want us dead.

We're required by the prince of this world to hate learning. Why?

So that all our lives, we would rely on trial-and-error. The single most expensive and dangerous method of learning anything.

Even if you have a power hour of life-changing information, you won't be able to focus on it, won't derive any benefit from it, and won't have a strategy to turn the knowledge into action.

Here's a power hour of the parables of Jesus.

Without the study skills, you'll get almost nothing from that hour. It will wash over you ungrasped, unheeded, and have no impact on your life except to frighten you.

You won't actively listen, put together the pieces, analyze and bring questions to the gospel parables or take notes.

You also won't question the method of presentation and the presenter, and wonder which hundred ways he's using to try to trick you, even though he's teaching the gospel. (One hint: The narrator is black.)

You must have a solid foundation for life. The parables of Jesus are a rock-solid foundation for every kind of success. Especially the kind that counts. Life.

If you actively, strategically approach the 40+ parables of the gospel with the necessary skills, spending an hour with our Messiah's parables will mean much more to you.

But because studies show you're likely to quit after the first 15 minutes of study, I'd rather you had 15 minutes of wisdom than none at all.

So if you haven't heard them in awhile, I'd start with the parables of Jesus. This study guide may help you.

But don't trust others to know the meaning better than you will after you meditate on the scriptures.

When you're aware of which group of children and brothers is most oppressed and persecuted, you will know what group of people behaves like the good Samaritan, what the Canaanite dogs don't deserve, which do not listen, which group of hypocrites will be surrounded by armies in the end, and what is the group of farm hands who no one wanted to hire. And so they were given a full day's pay even though they worked half a day in the hot sun.

Maybe the culture of anti-Christ persecution benefits them sometimes.

And maybe a better form of warfare is to go and teach these parables to all nations, so that the king with 10,000 soldiers will back down when he faces the king with 20,000, just as Jesus teaches.

A man of wisdom wins souls. Some who sow seeds have none. Wicked servants! Even what he has will be taken from him. Some will yeild 30 fold, some 60, some 100 fold more than they've sown.

And when you see the value of this understanding, then you'll know the value of knowing how to study this form of sowing from the Lord.

And you'll know why Jesus taught in parables. Not casting pearls of wisdom before swine. Explaining parables only to his disciples (students), men who hated the way the world has become a hedonistic pursuit of pleasures, deceitful riches.

But you will also know for what purpose riches are to be gathered, and how to reap far more than you've sown if you're a good and faithful servant.


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