How To Quit Your Job and Start a Farm For $600

So you've decided you wan those sacred foods you can't buy that make you beautiful, strong, and capable, and you want someone to pay you to feed your family like kings. Better than kings. Maybe you want big city income working part time, far from the commies who are ruining American.

David saved $150,000 worth of farm startup costs to more than feed a family of 12 people, make that big city income part-time by starting small with $600.

You don't even have to be an expert at permaculture, like I described in a previous article.

David suggests starting in your own back yard, grow something for your family, first. Which I did. Start with a chicken, as they say. Raising quail for eggs is even easier to start with. 

He walked away from making plenty of money for toys, saying he'd been selfish, after he started to realize it matters who you serve.

Animals that move in groups are easier to manage, following the leader to where you want them, especially if you can get them to follow behind you instead of pushing them from behind, which generally requires trained dogs or some ingenuity. 

Ducks, cattle, sheep, and turkeys move like a herd and will follow you to the food pretty easily. They come when called when you get them trained. Which means getting you trained. 

Dogs move in packs and sometimes follow you if they're trained. Which means you need to be trained in training them or you'll wonder what's wrong with your dog. The answer to "What's wrong with my dog" is always "Its owner."

Animals that scatter include cats, goats, and chickens are somewhere in the middle. 

Pigs will definitely wander around, but if you know a few tricks with a food bucket, and if you do it right, they'll follow that food bucket wherever it goes.

Once you've got a market such as friends and family who want the food you make, even if they think you're crazy, you can start on leased land, which is cheap. No tractor. Everyone wants to get a tractor they don't need. They buy new, and go into debt getting it. 

Almost every farmer that does this regrets it. The only tractor you need is a chicken tractor. Does a better job, too.

This, propagandists, is the kind of propaganda you want going out to the masses when we take over the hundreds of billions per year of mass media.

Am I completely full of it? Probably. But what will happen when you actually quit your high-paying job and really start a farm?

You'll want to learn how to handle your nightmare neighbors BEFORE you start.

1:00 Cute ducks. Paradise isn't in the future. It's at hand.
4:50 Striving to achieving chief marketing officer job didn't make him happy.
5:50 Used to believe the "organic food" was a gigantic ripoff. That it's all the same.
6:50 Started small. (Expert strategy) With tomatoes on the rooftop.
8:00 Do they miss life in the city?
7:30 Bought the place. Decided not to wait. "DO IT NOW" principle.
9:30 Making incremental pragmatic moves. (Don't quit your day job.) Learned by doing.
11:00 Is it hard? How God gives you strength. "I can bend a bow of bronze." - Psalms
12:45 Was it worth it?

What he wish he'd known before he started.

1:34 Most important: Ducks are water fowl. You're hauling crazy amounts of water. (Hose?)
3:30 Water freezes? Imagine my shock.
4:40 Important to protect them from predators. Literal sitting ducks.
5:30 Ducks are hardy. Virtually bulletproof. Animals are easy. Especially ducks.
7:15 Limit your males (5 to 1)
8:50 When ducks hit their stride, they lay one egg per day, and lay it anywhere. (Need to clean them.)
9:30 Bonding with ducks, moving & working with them
11:20 Training ducks to respond to vocal commands


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