The Shape of Our Revolution Won't Look Like the Past

When Noah left the degenerate, sinful world behind him, he didn't need to smash anyone with a rock to save himself or his family.

Lot didn't need to flee all the way to the mountains. He simply went to a nearby town. Good enough.

When Moses delivered the Hebrews, the plagues didn't resemble the kind of attack the Pharoah expected or feared. They expected the slaves would turn against Egypt, aligning with its enemies in a military campaign of some kind. They didn't expect a smash-and-run sabotage operation.

Samson didn't organize lots of fighters. He went solo. Whatever the Philistines expected, they didn't expect a man of superhuman strength able to kill a thousand of them.

Jesus mounted a surprise campaign as well. He didn't follow the forms of the past. He didn't repeat the methods of King David. What he accomplished was even greater than what Moses accomplished, because he succeeded at winning over the Roman Empire with a long-term coup de'tat which couldn't by any means be resisted or stopped.

King Herod had been expecting something much different than what he got. He could have dealth with a guerilla campaign using counter-insurgency methods. Those methods continue to be used to thwart white nationalists today.

The Germans tried many approaches. All but one failed. Only the Christian leader Adolfus succeeded, and leveraged his knowledge and skills to use a propaganda-based approach when military means proved futile. His first impulse, as a military man, was to build a coalition and use force. Then he realized the pen was mightier than the sword and deployed the printing press as his primary weapon of warfare. And because he used this approach, he built the foundations of a movement that would live thousands of years beyond himself.

But he cautioned that no one else would succeed by replicating his method. It was tailored to the needs and opportunities of the time, and messages were crafted which resonated with the people. He was able to find the ideas whose time had come. But only by testing these ideas before the people.

They listened only because they were forced by circumstances to listen.

In these easy times, a man ten times more brilliant  and capable than Adolfus could do nothing. These men exist, and have realized this, and are speaking to you now through these words.

The masses are now entranced by their easy paychecks and to keep the Ponzi scheme going, America will have to continuously wage wars of conquest to prop up her failing, diseased, corrupted empire.

In short, they've been conquered by gold. The same way our adversaries have always been able to slip in the side gate.

But to turn the sexual perversion into a business, the pimps will collapse the economy so that our women may be bought for pennies on the dollar. Sex tourists now in Eastern Europe will instead come to Canada, Britain and America. Their beauty will be plundered, captured, and our women will be sold into sex slavery. Why?

Because they've believed Trump. The Zionist.

Our resistance must therefore take another form. One which leverages the economy. One which leverages the attention and obedience of the tiny few. The smallest of teams, as disperse as they are, must build a foundation, preparing to exploit the inevitable recession, depression, hyperinflation or similar economic downturn.

We appear to have time to do so, and on that assumption, I've taken the time to create educational materials which will be better appreciated in a few weeks, months, or years.

This would be a poor choice of moments to take on large amounts of debt. Particularly if it's secured by any property you'll need.

There is an economic component to our revolt. And a biological one. Anything that continues to multiply in numbers can't be defeated, even if it's as small as a termite.

But there's reason for caution. The honey bee is endangered and the passenger pigeon extinct. The Mediterranean race, through admixture with Nordic race is said to have been much more important on the world stage in the ancient world than it is now, giving rise to civilizations such as Egypt and Rome.

The shape of our revolution will be new and unexpected, and not without its tragedies. But these things must happen. And there will also be miracles, through which the glory of God will be revealed to the world.

Las Vegas is seeing its plague of grasshoppers. Los Angeles its Bubonic plague brought in by rats chasing a meal of the garbage brought in by immigrants lured by hundreds of millions of dollars per year of give-aways.

It's inevitable that the beast will make war with the lamb, and it's inevitable that the lamb will prevail because he is Lord of lords and King of kings.


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