Turn the Other Cheek? WHY?

Why turn the other cheek?

A man doesn't hit you once unless and until you deserve to be hit at least twice.

Through your sin, you've (however indirectly) brought him to hit you, which hurts him more than it hurts you.

When you turn the other cheek, you demonstrate that you are wise, and know you are the one who is responsible.

When you keep responsibility, you retain your power and agency in the situation. If you don't surrender to God, who sent than man to hit you, then you have instead surrendered your power to the one who hit you.

God gives you the way to have power.

If you and your forefathers sowed the seeds of violence 20 years before it happened, then your ancestors have sown those seeds 200 and 2,000 years before it happened.

In fact, you're a chip off the old block, so eerily similar to your own forefathers, and made so by the
"forces of  nature" (God) that you are almost the same person, when it comes to your lusts and sins.

It's not so astonishing to find that a father loves his own children, especially among the race of people who do. If you would do anything for your children, you know how your ancestors felt about you. And knew they'd go on facing the exact same problems for a very long time.

Is it so remarkable to you that they'd love you so much that they'd seek to know the will of the "forces of nature" (God), and learn to know Him so well that they found that He, too, is a Father who loves them, and in fact loves them more so than the others?

Is it so unbelievable that they would have spent thousands of years on the project of discerning good from evil so that you would know how to receive our Father's blessings in life, abundance, and vast wealth to be inherited by future generations?

Is it then really so unbelievable that they would have spent thousands of years waging wars over small differences in doctrine to protect their children from heresy, from the long, slow slide of civilization down that slippery slope into the pit of destruction?

Your parents desperately want to know the will of God, and sought out His will until they found it. And you will find the will of God if you love your children, and want them spared from the fate that await the masses who consider themselves Christian.

You should want my head on a pike if I've sprinkled "magic Jesus dust" on your children and claimed this dust gives them the armor of God to protect them while playing in traffic. And for the same reason, and with the same vigor, the truth must forever be defended.

There's a war against noticing. And especially strong is the war against noticing the will of God is to put to death those who, through false religion, counterfeit Christianity would endanger your children and all of society by perverting the Lord's teaching.

Yes, you must forgive and turn the other cheek. Why? So that you will draw all men to Jesus. For what purpose? To put the counterfeiter's heads on pikes.

If the communists succeed in hitting you, it is because you have not loved your Father in heaven as He has loved you.

So turn the other cheek.


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