"Why The Dissident Right Has No Leader"

#1: Long story short: Rebels gonna rebel.

There's so much talk and lamenting that the rebellious right has no leader. This is the nature of rebels. They are not accustomed to submitting themselves, however much freedom it will bring them.

#2: We Will.

But that leader will come, and will put an end to all such talk. He had better find you prepared to receive him.

He will need an army of home-schooled woke children with bowlcuts. He will expect it. He will demand it just as he demands the horse he rides in on, taking it by force.

Not a man to be delayed, he will viciously punish those who, for any reason, failed to provide him his army, one way or another. If the war happens in 20 years, have you given him soldiers to lead to victory? I hope you have.

#3: Watch Out: Fear the king who comes.

I'm right about this, just as I've been right about other things. Who won the superbowl? What city burned after I told you about the fire? When we marched together, didn't the armor of God protect us? Weren't our enemies imprisoned or killed? Has the Robert E. Lee statue been taken down or has it been defended by court order?

You have prayed, and God has heard you. You have cried out to God, and he helped you.

Those who lost jobs got better ones. Under my guidance, one of my students has gone from working to communists to working for his own people to becoming a businessman and investor and has even taken his family on a nice vacation because he listened to me and he did what I said.

Others have been blessed by the Lord with new life in their family. With husbands and wives re-united, their marriages are strengthened by the knowledge that a man has a duty to God to be the strength of his house and to take up his moral responsibilities and leadership.

Some have come to most seriously study the word, and to look at the world in light of the truth. It make sense when you believe God has kept all his promises and continues to do so, even when the world is blinded by the devil, and can't see it.

If you begin with the assumption that Lord is right to do what He does, to behave as He does, to lead by example as He does, to teach through parable as He does, then scripture will begin to make sense, and then the world will make sense. The truth about the world becomes clear.

It makes you want to plant a fruit tree, just so you can come to know God better. Or to become the chief of a whole village of  your own children, as our Father multiplied us, so that you can understand how your beloved Father in heaven feels about you, and how powerfully he loves you, and what He's willing to do for you.

Time is short, now. In his own time, at the moment he chooses, your great king will soon enough bring his kingdom. He will summon his soldiers from among the multitude of our progeny. He will call to them, and because I have prepared the way, he will expect your children to know his voice when he calls them forth.

I can't be rolling out this red carpet for him on my own, lest I be trampled when the king rides in with all his soldiers. I need your help. There has never been a heavier carpet to unroll.

#4: Please help me. Spread the word. The world is full of people who don't know what we know.

If you've found me fearsome, I can assure you I'm the lowliest, slackest, and gentlest lieutenant (at best) at the farthest outpost of his reign. But I've seen it now.

That dreadful, terrible king is coming.

So rejoice at what he will do to his enemies, but tremble in the fear that you may be found among them. What will happen to someone so wicked and unrepentant if the Lord sees fit to appoint a man like me to the head of one of his armies.

You'll beg for mercy from a man who's had all the mercy whipped out of him from his youngest days.

You can from a great distance hear the thunderous sound of the horsemen. There in their midst comes a mighty sovereign. A great king who will brush away the Congress and all democracy and the House of Lords and all countries and empires with a flick of his wrist, declaring them all anti-Christ, and having all the traitors hanged, along with all who defend them.

We servants have been given our marching orders. The end is inevitable, and then you'll have your leader.

We must, if we're his soldiers, do our duty to obey Him, so he finds us faithful upon his arrival.

We must prepare the way, just as John the Baptist prepared the way for the Son of Man. To make straight his way, the crowd is pushed aside to the left and to the right with great force in the same moment that he first hears the words, "Here comes the king."

Like John the Baptist, entrepreneur and newspaper man Conde McGinley prepared the way for George Lincoln Rockwell, who said he might not himself defeat evil, but he would not have died until he had made that victory inevitable.

Like Patton and St. Paul, Commander Rockwell also repented. And he was willing to die in service to the truth. After a failed assassination attempt, he continued his work for about two more weeks.

Because of his faithful service, he will be spared the fury of our great king.

Rockwell admitted he was a doubter. But there are worse things than being a doubter, who'll be judged by his deeds. There's also the shirker who fails to provide for his family. This one is worse than an unbeliever.

Have you provided for your family?  Have you blocked the way of the king's generals, lieutenants and soldiers, shutting the gates of their glorious return, holding them back with a condom? I hope not.

#5 Sow The Seed. The faithful farmer sows the seed. Those who have toiled, let God give you rest.

This is different than the Great Commission, which is to spread the word. Sowing the seed is doing the works as evidence of your faith. Not as a means to gain salvation. Salvation can't be earned.

Belief in God saves you. Faith heals you. Not works. If you have not the Son, you have not the Father.

Adam was punished because he listened to his wife, and disobeyed God. God told us to be fruitful and multiply, and to provide for our family, to love one another, to feed his sheep when he came only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel, who you will know because he is an Israelite inwardly, beloved by God, who loves God, who has God's laws written on His heart.

#6: Start at Home: If you are to go first to the House of Israel, you know who that is.

It's the people around you. The people of your kind. The brothers of your own flesh, who look like you, talk like you, believe like you do.

If you are to feed the sheep of the man from Nazareth, who comes only to the lost sheep of the House of Israel, then you'll know who are the sheep and who are the wolves. Jesus didn't say, "If you love me, ignore my sheep and feed the scorpions who sting them." He didn't tell his disciples to "Go rather to the lost sheep of Israel.

He said, "Do not go onto the road of the Gentiles or enter any town of the Samaritans. Go rather to the lost sheep of Israel. As you go, preach this message: 'The kingdom of heaven is near.'

Heal the sick, raise the dead who the devil would love to bury alive, cleanse the lepers, drive out demons.

Freely you have received; freely give. It's better to pay it forward than to pay it back, and God will repay you at the resurrection.

My disciples, do not go to the brown people, to Haiti, to Mexico, to Brazil, to Africa.

Heal and feed the white people who are descendants of the Europeans who came from the Caucasian mountains. These who came over the Caucasus are the Caucasians and came over to Europe from the other side. These are the tribes of Israel.

Heal, raise, and feed these. Not the Africans. Not the gentiles. Drive out the demons. This is the Lord's command. Tell them the kingdom of heaven is near.

We are to spread God's message to all nations, but to do this, first we must, maybe for the first time since the first century, give the gospel to whites who are God's beloved who, who like Joseph, have  prospered in the land of their affliction.

Our people do not know this. Whites do not know this. Modern Christians do not know this or do this.

This is how I know our people have failed in their duties to meditate on the scriptures, which is why we can feel the whip of Satan on their backs in our own natural homelands.

Who is more likely to receive the truth from you than someone who looks like you and thinks like you and has God's laws written on his heart?
"Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me; for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” - Matthew 11:28-29
I don't seek to control you, to condemn you, but as a deliverer sent to you by Almighty God to liberate you, to encourage you, to free you from the sins that allow the disease of lies and liars to multiply and spread and infect you and poison and blind you.
When the Advocate comes, whom I will send to you from the Father—the Spirit of truth who goes out from the Father—He will testify about Me. And you also must testify, because you have been with Me from the beginning.
To all the studs and stallions among our herd, I have drawn them into the sweetest pastures to live in peace and to grow for yourselves a crop of mighty conquerors so they will have plenty. These tiny few among the many will live out their days pouring out buckets of justice which springs forth from the never-ending fountain of truth.

These will not send their young, fertile daughters into the ends of the world to be caged with savages and prisoners, but will instead of their daughters send their many sons and grandsons.

A man so impatient for the world's redemption that he dives in will only have a teaspoonful of that happiness when he could have had a lake to swim in all summer.

There are many kingdoms. If you will fight, then you must live. Rockwell raised his army of 7 children first, so that his grandchildren could join us today. 

#7: God is First. Then Love Your Neighbor.

The second great commandment is our love for ourselves and our neighbors. Neighbors come second not first. If we love ourselves first, then we'll never get around to making families for the Lord to command.

So America is not first. It must not be first. Only God is first.

This the reason why God comes first, so that he can deliver our treasures and blessings of family, and in them there is hope. You may lift up your sword after you've raised the first litter.

God has made some men and women incapable of raising their own. Why? So that a kind childless nurse will comfort the dying in the hospital. So that a noble childless man can devote his whole life to the study and mastery of scripture and gardening and medicine.

When Hitler's spiritual conquest began in a movie called Triumph des Willens ("Triumph of the Will"), he was shown arriving in a plane descending from the sky. He came with power and great glory to Germany will all his saints.

This was meaningful propaganda. And so it was by the manner of his arrival that he prepared his countrymen and the world for the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.

I took this as inspiration for my own campaign. When I began Terms of Fair Use, the first to hear it told me they had chills. They were infused by hope. New life entered the world. And these parents were blessed by new hope, given to them by the Almighty.

If there is new life because of the words I've spoken, because of the new white Christian soldiers I've summoned forth from the dust of the ground, then this is a greater achievement than anything else I've done.

#8: Walk In His Ways

By placing each of my feet into the footsteps of our Father's example and walking in His ways.

Whatever sins I've committed are thereby paid for. A billion could be cursed to wander the desert for a millennia, but that new life is a precious treasure. Whether you know it or not, your own child may be the offspring of all those ancient kings, and destined to reign with Christ in the great kingdom.

If our people can forget our own own name, then we can also forget we're the descendants of Joseph or David who God intends for greatness and leadership of the whole world and all life.

You've listened to such words as the Lord has given me to say.

Why? Because you've been prepared to receive the second coming, and you never know when it may happen. Every word of the Lord is a punch to the devil's throat, and Jesus Christ the risen Messiah has sent him reeling back on his heels.

Like Hitler and Rockwell and so many others, I came with power and great glory. I descended from the clouds into Charlottesville and came marching in with a multitude of freshly-knighted saints.

There is also a cloud of computers now sending the message throughout the world. I recently received one from Australia, and one from Japan, and from Canada, and from all corners of the globe.

The prophecy could not have been fulfilled unless the devil himself had made it so. Have you seen the ten kings of Daniel followed by the blasphemous king? Have you seen the throne of heaven? Some say tell me they have.

Have your eyes seen the glory of the coming of the Lord?

I didn't ask you to pick up arms and fight for me, to die for me. As General Patton correctly pointed out, dying for your country is not how battles are won, but by forcing the surrender of the other side. He was more artful. By making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.

I also didn't ask you to kill for me, because God has always done the fighting for those he loves. Women and anti-Christs will always be able to find someone willing to die for them. It's not such a difficult thing as you might imagine.

I didn't ask you to triumph by shedding blood. I asked you to do the will of our Father in heaven, and to trust Him who is even mightier than we are.

Not to merely seem humble to men, as so many do, but to actually be humble and seek out the best guidance the world has ever seen from the mighty counselor.

After I spoke, Paul Nehlen began meming himself off the internet. You might have already forgotten about him. We haven't heard from him in a year. Men believed this must be the leader we've been waiting for. A capable businessman and politician.

Meanwhile I was saying, "We'll need 100 more like him. Who's next?" And Arthur Jones threw his hat into the ring. Two down. Ninety-eight to go.

We had the competence. But not the timing.

The world follows the men who sound like politicians because they believe the politicians have power. Because that's what worked before. Because they're impatient for solutions.

If you have a flock of chickens, you cannot save them all, nor is it even desirable to do so, and there are some you'll need to cull yourself. Some will be saved until the harvest, and some will even be spared from the harvest to pass on their genes.

Because you are not of the world, I come to spare such cockrels as I've chosen out of the world before the harvest. No good to try to spare them after.

If a ram won't follow his shepherd to the door, then they shouldn't be saved. I'm not a leader of all the sheep, but I have led you to the door because you, like John, can see it.

I lead the living to life. Because God is not a god of the dead, but the God of the living, Through his servant, the Lord has shown you the way to freedom, to wealth on demand, to growth and to life. By working miracles in your life, by healing you, by taking the scales from your eyes, the Lord has made many miracles, and I has shown you the fruits of wisdom and truth.

If you have seen a miracle in your life, then it is your faith that has healed you.

I've merely applied a bit of mud and spit the way my Father showed me and He has worked that miracle in your life. It worked. It's continuing to work. Because you have seen it work, remember to keep doing what works, and remind others to do so. Why share the news with others?

Because you are a forgetful people, you will forget. If you have not reminded your brother when he has forgotten, then he will not remind you when you have forgotten. And then both of you will forget, and there will be none to remind you how to make miracles, how to receive blessings, and how to speak with God and how to hear His voice.

The number one hardened glass salesman used to demonstrate it was unbreakable by hitting it with a hammer. So the company who employed him taught this technique to all their salesmen, and they all sold more glass, just as he did. So become number one again, he needed to change his technique, and quickly became the number one salesman again. How had he done this? Instead of hitting the glass with the hammer, he gave the hammer and the glass to his prospect, and asked them to hit it with the hammer.

Jesus worked a miracle in the life of the leper, the sick, by raising the dead. I've sent out miracles. Some are alive because they have witnessed the power of forgiveness to keep them out of jail. They were slow to anger, and they're still alive.

And you have now seen these miracles in your own life.

You've worked as if you're working for the Lord, and kept a job you surely would have lost. Or you've let a thief or a robber take what he wants, and the Lord has restored it to you, multiplied. Or you have grown plenty for others, and found it's given you plenty for yourself. More than you'll ever need.

Because you've stopped seeking fleeting pleasures, you've started finding lasting joy.

A wise man believes God has the power. Not the politician. In his lifetime, a man can only become one politician. But a mere newspaperman can raise a city full of well-informed leaders. You're not supposed to do the work of one man. You're supposed to work through all the men you can possibly influence, and grow as fast as you can and as big as you can in that influence.

Does a farmer, in sowing his seeds, want as few plants as possible and as small as he can ever make them, or does he want the biggest plants, as big and healthy as they can possibly grow? If he's wise, he he drives out the demons and he uproots the weeds.

Mass media is the new pulpit. The pulpit, through raising kings and their fathers, has been the throne of all European people. The corruption of this has been our downfall, and the reason why God sent the prophets.

The new priesthood is the music, movies, radio, tv, magazines, and entertainment mass media which raises and teaches a generation what is right and wrong at a cost of $700 billion dollars per year of advertising dollars in the US alone, creating a $2,200 per person mind prison.

Though their actual influence is as much as ten times as much. Because the deceiver values being paid in the wages of influence instead of money, he always finds the way to accomplish this with the theater, then the printing press, then radio, television, and internet and thereby rules over you.

Who is the leader among the marginalized men who recognize that Trump doesn't serve America first?

Who leads the men who have rejected their country's leader? The answer is that because these men reject their leaders, this is the reason why they have none. And those who'll accept any leader have Trump.

They haven't got the humility or awareness or to say, "I don't deserve to have the leader Trump purports to be."

We dissidents are those who reject leaders. And this is the reason why we don't have them. It is not the fault of the leadership.

Some of the most powerful men in history from Moses to Jesus, even Gandhi held no office, were not elected, but were appointed by God to lead their people to freedom.

You have a Father in heaven who leads you into all good things. With Him, you will never lack for leadership, and nothing will be impossible for you.


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