Direct Seeding is Easier with Back-To-Eden Gardening

It's true. When it works, direct seeding is the highest reward-to-work ratio.

The steps are pretty simple. Prep, seed, cover, and (maybe) water. Why is the video short? Because there are no additives, no soil amendments, no chemicals. You don't have to wait. You can stop watering as soon as the sprouts pop up.

Step #1: Prepare the bed.

Step #2: Plant the seeds directly in the soil. (Not in the chips.)

That's it. That's the Back to Eden style.

Be patient. Your seeds need time to sprout.

Cover with an inch of mulch. Water the bed until the sprouts appear. Then stop watering or else the only thing you'll do is water all the weed seeds blowing in. And you don't want that.

You can add a little more mulch to help suppress weeds.

Here's Paul Gautschi demonstrating the method. He's using a string to help keep his long rows very straight.

Most  gardeners who use the "Back to Eden" method forget the most important ingredient of all. What Paul used to get great results in his garden is God.

But the devil has blinded the unbelievers and they don't see God as the source of the answers. They just see woodchips.

They don't see that God composts the chips leaving compost tea, so they don't look for pre-composted chips or compost tea. 

They don't see that God has created a habitat for worms who create aeration and worm castings, so they don't aerate their soil or put down worm castings to accelerate the results. 

The see the end result of 28 years of soil improvement, but don't see the utility of 28 years of communication with God about the soil, and don't see the usefulness of asking God questions and seeking answers from him.

No matter what is right in front of their face, they won't see it with their own eyes. 

There's a reason why I see the wasps and let them be. Why? Because I asked God about their purpose and He showed me.

With God, all things are possible. Without God, nothing is impossible because without God, I am nothing.


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