The #1 Most Effective Persuasion Technique of All Time

As a young man, I was always deeply fascinated by the stories my family would tell, that my teachers, friends and girlfriends would tell about their day or about the past.

Stories which always followed many of the same themes.

Dub-ya reds a white supremacist story about a racist white swan who thought it was superior to all the black ducks.

But I was even amazed by how good they were at telling stories. We could have spent the day together and I still wanted to hear their version of events, often packed with drama I'd missed.

You never want to be the one who misses a juicy bit of gossip.

I realized I'd be wasting my money going on vacation unless they were there to tell me what I'd just been through. And I'd be wasting my life if I didn't share it with others.

Did you pull building seven? I don't want that Enron stuff getting out.
Oh, sure. They'll forget all about that missing trillion dollars now.

Each of us adds to each other's lives through story. Our history is the story of our past. The nightly news is the story of what happened today. We pay to hear great stories. Telling stories is natural. Part of every culture. That's why...

Nothing persuades like a story. 

Our enemies know it. Professionals know it. Propagandists know it. The nightly news follows a single anti-white narrative every single day, keeping only the facts that fit their story and throwing out the rest.

The most effective and wealthiest salesmen, businessmen, religious leaders and other influencers sold you on becoming saved or damned, fishers of men, to become soldiers, entrepreneurs, consumers, or employees through a formalized story or at least presented information in a narrative form.

This is the most effective persuasion technique. The story and history and prophecy, put into a narrative form have sold 2.2 billion Christians on salvation, for example.

Stand aside, Joseph Campbell. Dan Harmon has even further simplified the narrative form.

Goebbels instructed that only the best could be the Reich's most influential propagandists. It is a means to an end. Only those willing to learn from their enemies, and willing to learn to outclass them, could successfully operate the primary weapon of war.

"Propaganda too has a system. It cannot be made any old way."

The structure can be applied to every element or character in a story.

"The world should also have known that our cause was good. However, we lacked the effective means of mass propaganda to make that clear to the world. "
The logistics of distribution to the masses was not mastered by the Germans. But it was mastered by Jesus and his disciples.

Propagation was the purpose of the parable of the sower, for instance. We're taught the Great Commission in story form. That we're to take the message into the world and share it. That a wise man wins souls, and will praise the Lord every day.

Scarcity: Only a few can understand it. They don't have ears to hear the message. The secrets of the kingdom were given to you. Not them. 

"Propaganda must be the science of the soul of the people. It requires an organized and purposeful system if it is to be successful in the long run. That is what we lacked during the war. That is where our enemy was superior to us."

 Here Goebbels is describing how Germans lost World War I after decisive military victories. It wasn't a lack of strength or fighting ability, but a lack of understanding.

"My people perish for lack of knowledge." - Hosea 4


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