The Dirty Church

So Fair Use is finally going to pick on the LGBT-friendly, immigrant-loving Roman Catholics, eh? Read to the end to spare yourself the embarrassment of publicly claiming I've come to attack the one God loves best.

There are good reasons why a saint would save sinners. Jesus points out that the doctor comes to heal who's sick. Not those who are well.

On the other hand, "what fellowship has light with darkness?" What good is the doctor who's too sick to help?

It's likely that no one regrets the problems with the new Catholic Church more than Roman Catholics themselves, and since Martin Luther, many priests (who consider themselves to be Roman Catholics) have sought to reform it.

Not a small task in a clown world headed for the inevitable.

If you see the church as your enemy, then love your enemies. They know not what they do. And remember Jesus came to throw fire on the earth.

In all of scripture, there is one sentence uttered by Jesus giving hope of repentance in (Simon) Peter's church.

Regarding Peter, the founder of the church...

Jesus called him Satan: "Get thee behind me, Satan" - Matthew 16:23

Satan means adversary. Peter is being called the adversary of Christ. Maybe because Peter is anti-Christ at that moment.

And said when you turn back ("repent" means turn back), strengthen your brothers. "I have prayed for you"  Luke 22:32

Remember when Jesus said, on this pebble, I will build my church and the gates of hell won't prevail against it. (Yeah. Pebble. Look it up. A small stone like the one in David's slingshot.) The church itself is a weapon chosen by Jesus to destroy the wicked.

If you're searching for the anti-Christ and find two of them, the rabbis and the church, you might perceive a house divided.

One seeking to enslave us, and the other seeking to destroy us, waging war against one another. And a house divided against itself cannot stand.

Peter denied Jesus three times before the rooster crowed.

"I've chosen you 12 out of the world, and one of you is a devil."

In the epistle John, it's noted that this statement was directed toward Judas the traitor, who hanged himself after betraying Jesus with a kiss. But Jesus never said Judas was the devil he'd chosen, and it's somewhat rare that devils hang themselves. They're a shameless race. More often, they get suicided.

There's reason to believe Jesus may have been referring to one of his other disciples.

Call no man Father. (Priests call themselves "Father.")

A friend recently told me Catholics weren't even allowed to read the Bible until the 1970s.

And others have brought their complaints. Some come from mixed-faith homes or abuse, confusion or lost faith. But didn't Jesus warn us about the wolves? Sometimes when you play with wolves, you get bit.

Faith is so frequently weaponized by pedophiles, that John 3:16 is necessary. If you don't believe faith in Jesus saves you, that he is the Son of God and the bread of life, then you're completely and totally screwed. Literally.

John 3:16 doesn't say, for example, "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, so that whomsoever goes to church will be saved."

No. He said anyone who believes. That means when old Mr. Bishop unzips his trousers and says you'll burn for eternity if you don't accept some suffering in this life, John 3:16 is the answer. "No, thanks, Mr. Bishop. I'm saved because I believe."

Oddly enough, of all religions in all the world, only the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Father in heaven of the Anglos and the Saxons has given us this safeguard to save little kids (and grown adults) from submitting to a life of torture out of fear of the eternal unknown.

And the rest of the Bible and its prophecies bolster God's credibility remarkably well. Satan continuously scours the scripture for ways to destroy us with it, but God's word is perfect, and thwarts him at every turn.

Muslims believe the scripture is corrupted. Saints believe the teaching is corrupted. Whether Christian or Muslim, Jesus or disciple, we can all agree the masses are getting the wrong messages from the teachers of the law, and this hasn't changed in the past 4,000 years.

It's not that the scripture is permanently corrupted, but that it has been temporarily abridged or appended with annotations that find their way into some of the reprints, or some verses omitted. Which is why sound doctrine requires 2 or 3 witnesses. If the Bible mentions giants one time, or if a verse seems to throw out the entire law, it's not quite enough to justify building a lawless anti-Christ church of giants.

But the anti-Christ will use any excuse to twist doctrine to suit their lusts. Which is why it's important to note that John 3:16 is echoed in several places in the gospel and the Old Testament, and is contradicted nowhere. Not just according to me, but according to the Skeptic's Annotated Bible, the idea that you're saved by faith is contradicted nowhere in scripture. They're too busy scoffing that God would kill his own son out of love for mankind.

Skeptics don't seem to see that this fulfills a central theme in the Old Testament, such as Isaac willingly lays himself down on the altar of sacrifice for his dad, Abraham, or Abraham being willing to sacrifice his own son for his Father in heaven, and God sparing them, giving them life, just as it was not too difficult for God to give a son to Abraham in old age, God resurrecting Jesus just as he saved Isaac from otherwise certain death. God is thereby demonstrating that he's the savior of those who would sacrifice their lives for the sake of mankind, for the God of truth, for the Lord of hosts (armies). This also fulfills the alternate sacrifice theme of someone dying for your sin, or God providing a sacrifice for you. Although the war happens because of your sins, someone else takes the punishment so that you can live.

Which armies do. It's only Christ who honors them by his example, unique among all the world religions. Among the founders of the major religions, only Jesus claimed to be deity and proved it by rising from the dead.

What he said carries tremendous weight.

King David offers himself to God to be punished when he's allowed himself to be tricked into taking a census for Satan, and others die because of his sins. When given the choice, he trusts in the mercy of God.

The word takes away the sting of death ["Death, where is thy sting?" 1 Corinthians 15:55-57] when Jesus says, "Today you will be with me in paradise." (Luke 23:43)

When you know the sex perverts and all liars will be burned, it opened me up to the idea that this religion can't be evil. It's legitimately here to save, not to condemn. (Not everyone's gotten this message, of course. And that's what you're being saved from.)

Jesus pointed out the spirit of anti-Christ is already in the world and had pointed criticisms of the 7 churches in Revelation. (Read it. Don't let anyone tell you it's impossible to understand.)

A quarter of the Bible is made up of St. Paul's rebukes, admonishments of the churches who are getting things terribly wrong, even in the first century. (Corinthians, Galatians, etc.)

Long story short, the churches get things wrong. The priesthood (Aaron) was getting things disastrously wrong the second Moses turned his back to go up Mt. Sinai for the Ten Commandments.

The multitudes can be wrong. They're frequently wrong. Only Noah's family was spared in the flood. All of Sodom was destroyed except Lot's family. Your family can be saved,

“Son of man, if a land sins against Me by acting unfaithfully, and I stretch out My hand against it to cut off its supply of bread, to send famine upon it, and to cut off from it both man and beast, then even if these three men— Noah, Daniel, and Job— were in it, their righteousness could deliver only themselves, declares the Lord GOD." - Ezekiel 14:14
Remember: The wicked are like the chaff the wind drives away. Those who don't remain in the true vine (the word of God completed by the finished work in the gospel) are broken off, wither, and they're bundled to be burned.

Given any person speaking about God or acting on God's behalf at any given time, King David included, the only safe assumption is that he's probably got it wrong and it's going to get tens of thousands of people killed.

We're more often wrong than right. So trust not in your own understanding.

Catholics will say they "venerate" the virgin Mary. Some send their prayers to Mary, believing she's in heaven and intercedes on behalf of the faithful. This reminds me of the goddess-worship of the Mormons and Arianna Grande fans who cluelessly sing along with the claim that "God is a woman." Which is the most certain way to guarantee you'll be pipe-bombed at a music concert, by the way.

Those who talk about "Mother Nature" and "Mother Earth" tend to be Bible-hating anti-Christian fantatics, I'm sure you've noticed. If anything, "nature" is the creation of our all-powerful heavenly Father who will take off his belt and whip you to death if you don't repent of your wicked rebelliousness.

What Jesus said about his mother is instructive.

"My mother and brothers are those who hear the word of God and carry it out.”. - Luke 8:21

For whoever does the will of My Father in heaven is My brother and sister and mother.” - Matthew 12:50

“Truly I tell you, no prophet is accepted in his hometown." - Luke 4:24

Given these three statements by Jesus, it is logically impossible that Jesus considered Mary to be his mother. But Catholics still send their prayers to Mary, not Jesus, and not to the Father.

Given that it's logically impossible that Jesus would have considered Mary to be his "real" mother, since you can't be his disciple unless you hate your father, mother (Luke 14:26), but the veneration of someone and directing of prayers toward someone who is "blessed" ... "among women" merely because giving birth to the Son of Man is pretty good for a girl is the most shoe-horned, twisted, autistic doctrine imaginable.

It's like saying the Cannanite woman and the Roman soldier are to be worshiped because they have "great faith." Of course they have great faith.

When Jesus says these two have great faith to believe Jesus will heal someone on their behalf, maybe it's the equivalent of the Mean Girls queen bee Regina George saying, "Oh my God. I love your skirt. Where did you get it?"

But Regina's really thinking, "That is the ugliest effing skirt I have ever seen." And says so.

Yes. Your faith has saved you, just as it's saved many who think Jesus is their personal errand boy to go around healing the least deserving. I suspect their lack of faith is not their real problem, but that they seem to have quite a surplus of it.

There are many other criticisms of a church that cannot be shown to have no treatment effect. Where are it's fruits? There are some who complain to me about the damage the dirty church has done to them.

Of course. Lucifer can masquerade as an angel of light. I send you out as sheep among wolves. The bread of life (Jesus) said beware the leavening (bread of death) of the Pharisees.  Remember what happened to those who ate the dirty bread?

But remember that any church can be a dirty and not one is righteous. There is only one teacher but the Messiah. Jesus warned that "all who came before me were thieves and robbers," called them "hired hands" who scatter when the wolf comes near, preaching for money. But the good shepherd lays down his life for his flock.

As many in the first century did. And in every century since.

You'll know them by their fruits. When the highest office was held by a man who covered up reports of sex abuse in the church and shuffled abusers around to hide their crimes and expose others, this could be seen as taking forgiveness a bit far. Deuteronomy 13 and the parable of the fruitless tree suggest that giving someone another chance is a good idea.

But if they still don't bear fruit, the farm hand cuts them down.

In the heat of the moment, even C.S. Lewis got it wrong about Britain going to war against the Germans, and the blood of his countrymen is on his hands.

Beware the deadly leavening in the bread of the dirty church.

The one who loves me will be loved by my Father. The Roman Catholic church, going by numbers, is the most successful of all the churches.

If all this can be truly said against the Vatican, perhaps the greatest of all great churches, then God was right to warn the Israelites...

"It is not by your righteousness or uprightness of heart that you are going in to possess their land, but it is because of their wickedness that the LORD your God will drive out these nations before you, to keep the promise He swore to your fathers, to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob." (Deuteronomy 9:5)

It is not because of the righteousness of the church that God has elevated the Popes, but because of the unrighteousness and wickedness of the rest of the world that the gates of hell will not prevail against His church.

Forgive. Repent. Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. If persecuted in one place, move on to the next town.

Love conquers all.

Remember, from the beginning, you were to be fruitful, to multiply and subdue the whole earth. If only the Vatican and its obedient will comply, then God will give the whole earth to them while you stoop down to pick at its toenails.

Jesus came to save the sinners the same as a doctor comes to heal the sick. If you see sickness, go and heal it.

Our merciful father forgives our sins. So be perfect, as your Father is perfect. Forgive sin. Or your Father in heaven will not forgive you.

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