Eliminating Menstrual Cramps, Headaches, and Labor Pains Through Suggestion

Did you know menstrual cramps have been relieved over the phone via nothing more than the power of suggestion?

Of course the Placebo Effect is very well known. Everyone from faith healers to witch doctors to hypnotherapists can accomplish this easily. Even a novice can. And when you know something about the power of suggestion, you can, too.

Did you know that painless natural childbirth has been regularly and consistently achieved by mothers using little more than the power of suggestion?

Did you know that headaches disappear quickly without placebo pills, injections when a

Did you know that every kind of surgery from dental procedures to open heart surgery has been performed without any pain, without anesthesia, and heals even more quickly than the conventional alternative?

Did you know women working together will synchronize their menstrual cycles without any training or medical knowledge. Do you know why? It takes nothing other than the power of suggestion to shorten or lengthen a menstrual period, even when there's nothing conscious or intentional about it.

Did you know there are over 140 medical conditions that respond to nothing more than the power of suggestion? Almost anything you can name. This includes many leading causes of death and complaints that lead to doctor's visits.

You're far less dependent on medicine if you bypass the need for self-control by learning how your mind is predictably, reliably programmed for success or failure.

There are two reasons to come to understand the power of suggestion. Firstly, to be healthier, happier, to have a relatively long, pain-free life.

Secondly, so that you'll take much more seriously the very real danger of exposing yourself and loved ones to mainstream mass media negativity of any kind. Enemy propaganda makes otherwise reasonable people into superstitious and unreasonably skeptical.

You should fear no evil, but remember there is a constant threat of temptation contained in almost all books, magazines, radio, TV shows, internet, and all the institutions of man. The prince of this world has deceived everyone.

What doesn't come directly from the devil may easily come from all those the devil's deceived.

If you'll recall, Jesus Christ was easily able to heal many people with all kinds of problems, as are faith healers to this day, and .

It takes nothing but a moment's thought to realize why the devil would want us prejudiced against your body's own perfectly natural ability to heal one another. Because once you've got a bit of faith in the power of suggestion, just about any disciple would easily heal you.

One of the reasons why our separation from God has been so painful is it causes so much needless illness, suffering and death.

How Would You Like The Ability To Know The Future?

Just imagine having the ability to see the future, much like Nicholas Cage in the movie Next. A man could easily make a fortune by knowing the future.

The interpretation of dreams has led to some of the most accurate prophecies in the history of mankind, as documented by our ancestors.

With well-known memory regression techniques and analysis, a man could easily create a catalog of all the vivid dreams he's had since birth, noticing which came true and when. (Prophecies) Unlocking his awesome ability to interpret dreams, including prophetic dreams, just as Joseph and Daniel did.

After reading these words right now, someone will almost certainly wake up tomorrow morning with the ability to interpret dreams and predict important, meaningful, and very lucrative future events.

As of this writing, I can consciously recall only one prophetic dream I've had. It came true almost exactly as I'd imagined it only a few minutes later.

Our conscious mind can make pretty good predictions, but the real horsepower, insights, and capabilities are believed (by experts in the field) to come through partnership and friendship with your unconscious mind, which is an absolute powerhouse of supercomputing power.

And unlike your rational "conscious" mind, it contains an unfiltered picture of the world, with every memory recorded perfectly intact since about 3 months after conception.

Filters out things based on what you believe. So if you have faith that something is possible, it becomes possible.

What's the Catch?

Well, there is one. Remember how Einstein ripped off the idea of relativity from other scientists?

The same may be going on here. There are adversaries taking credit for and very eager to promote an earthly explanation for the miracles performed by Jesus and his disciples.

They can't easily explain all his miracles, but they're desperate to explain away as many ailments as possible.

Desperate enough to offer cash prizes for any doctor who can prove how it works, or that it doesn't work.

Desperate enough to teach us exactly how to cure all kinds of common disease and work miracles with nothing more than the power of the mind.

But they're not so desperate they're willing to make these miracles common knowledge nor commonly used.

Because that would be a little too helpful.

The children of the devil have no interest in blessing the world or helping the masses to see the future. That's something we have to do for ourselves.https://fuelresistance.blogspot.com/2019/11/when-loved-one-dies.htmlhttps://fuelresistance.blogspot.com/2019/11/when-loved-one-dies.html


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