Fire Cider: Heath Tonic or Quackery?

Is Fire Cider, a fermented cocktail of all things holistic and/or homeopathic and/or alternative, a simple cure for cold and flu? And does it work better than antibiotics?

Let your food be your medicine.

The answer isn't that simple, of course. For example...

Except when it's goodsugar is bad, say the raw honey-eaters. They're not wrong. And also, honey can kill you. And your friends would mourn your death. And "honey in clinical wards", which will probably kill your baby, "is highly recommended."

Simple, right? Glad you asked.

Having a strong, healthy immune system is a good thing, but lots of things can affect your immune system. If you're on the fence between healthy and sick, a cold can bring down your defenses and lead to infection.

What you need to do is to stay off that fence and stay healthy.

If you eat like a typical American, you're on the edge. And the murderers who poisoned you get to blame you for being a sick, fat idiot with no willpower when you die.

You knew better than to eat a second bag of those delicious, cheesy cheese puffs with a bottle of fine, imported tequila with your sophisticated, materialistic friends and their ultra-fast, shiny cars. You lack will power to resist that sexy, sexy adultery you sick bastard!

The devil breaks your legs and then blames you for limping.

If you've been diagnosed with cancer, I suspect there's no sip of cider that will cure your cancer. And you need to plan accordingly.  If your head is swollen up like a grapefruit, I'm guessing chewing on a clove of garlic won't save your life.

Some of our expensive western medicine is focused on prevention. They look at your cholesterol and blood pressure. When all else fails, emergency medicine exists to save your life.

So don't let the devil tempt you into cheese puffs and tequila diet, especially if you're a smoker. And especially if you sometimes smoke weed around the kind of people who spike your weed with crack.

But as a rule, doctors focus very little on nutrition. They push pills because pills can be patented. Food can't be. There's no profit for the drug companies. Drug companies only make profits on pill sales, and with money comes power to decide how doctors will be educated.

Recently, they've become professional pill-pushers who are brainwashed into a religious anti-nutrition zeal. Patients be damned.

Doctors are bludgeoned and whipped in the streets for dispensing carrots. Drug companies break in let wild dogs into their windows at night for slipping a child a sliver of apple. (Well, almost.)

Fire Cider: Just Like Grandma Used To Make

In come the disorganized mob of homeopath quacks and their plague-proof cider that makes the angels weep with joy, if you can believe all their claims.

Sober-up juice.

That said, the ingredients in fire cider have a long track record of safety and a large body of scientific literature behind them. Not just making things up.

The proliferation of high-speed internet has made it much easier to evaluate the science of nutrition, with a huge pool of volunteers. , including trading secrets

There is some question of whether infusing those ingredients into apple cider vinegar is going to give you the benefits of those ingredients, whether you can tolerate the side effects of a given dosage.

Everyone's medical condition and state is different from moment-to-moment. Things that seem stable and reliable can change very rapidly. Especially without prevention.

The idea of snake oil is newer than you think.

The idea of fire cider is newer than you think. Newer than you're told by people sharing their recipes. It started taking off in 2011.


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