Cheap Imported Labor: Why You Don't Even Get What You Pay For

"Everyone who hears these words of Mine and acts on them is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain fell, the torrents raged, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because its foundation was on the rock. But everyone who hears these words of Mine and does not act on them is like a foolish man who built his house on sand. The rain fell, the torrents raged, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell— and great was its collapse!” - Matthew 7

America is dying. America has chosen cheap labor.

You might say one is causing the other.

Cheap labor is essentially the get-rich-quick scheme of our lifetime.

You know what happens when you choose a cheap tool? It breaks. You end up buying a dozen cheap tools to replace it, and they all break, too.

Cheap labor, like a cheap lunch, seems like the easy solution to all our urgent problems. It's like the drive-thru McDonalds or the "free" public education you've got.

Choosing cheap junk is like building your house upon the sand.

In life, you don't get what you pay for. When you go cheap, you get a lot more than you bargained for. More problems. More health problems. More violence. More destruction. More erosion. More discontent. More hopelessness and death.

America is sick because it's chosen to go cheap, especially on education. They've said, "If school is free, why should I pay to learn?"

The soles of your shoes are like the foundation of the shoe. And the shoe, I believe, is like the foundation of your body. And your body is the foundation of your success.

The choice of a cheap, foreign-made, plastic-soled shoe gives you a cheap life. If your soles are cheap, your life is cheap.

And importing that cheap immigrant foreign labor doesn't make the cheap shoe any better or more "American Made" than the Chinese shoe.

And I intend to prove today that going cheap on labor leads to disaster. Even when you import it and give them a "free" American education.

Stay put. Keep your eyes peeled, and you'll see what I mean.

If you do real work, a good pair of high-quality working boots is crucial. It's key to the mechanics of your movement, and joint health, a long, productive, happy life.

If you even don't have the foundation right, it won't matter what else you've done well.

What good will it do a girl to wear a pretty dress, a shiny necklace, glittering gems, blushing makeup on that smiling face and jewelry if a woman's shoes decide to violently throw her in the gutter at any old moment they choose?

Everything that was glittering, shiny, flowing and beautiful gets covered in gutter muck in a second.

Something like that recently happened to me. I recently lost a heel on a good-looking old pair of black dress shoes and at first, I didn't even know it. I was walking around looking foolish in those shoes for all the world to see.

I'd imagine they were pointing and laughing as I tried to look sharp in a shiny dress shoe without its heel.

God doesn't like when you go cheap. He rewards those who spend top dollar on their priest, their poor, their food stores, and rewards those who go first class by forgiving debts. He rewards them with a peerless reputation.

He saves on marketing costs that way.

To use a plastic imitation shoe with plastic soles is a bit like the sweating Congolese man wearing a polyester suit and tie to imitate the civilized western man whose services are highly sought after.

I think I've recently told some of you the importance of appearance, the importance of first impressions. Some things can't be faked. Not even with silicone implants.

You might remember me telling you about the importance of a good work boot that allows your toes room to spread out a bit. The solution is patented and there's only one brand that makes them.

For example, in my case, a heavy enough boot might contribute to problems in your knees. And too old or too light or a running shoe could cause some problems in your hips.

In the past, due to poverty, I've had to buy lots of cheap stuff like heavy boots that cramped my toes. I had no choice.

A foolish employer lets you wear cheap sneakers to work. It's the cheap old sneakers that put me out of work for 2 weeks when my employer needed me most.

It's the cheapness of the wicked, greedy employer that forces his employee to choose cheap junk that doesn't work well, injures the workforce, and ends up costing more.

More in workman's comp claims. More in down time. Which means it costs more in lost productivity and therefore more in lost clients. Cheaper than paying for the surgery to re-attach someone's toes, for example.

Looked at this way, hard-toe boots are a cheap investment that prevents those costs.

And how long have I been telling you about those work boots? Since Pikeville, guys. How many listened? Only the wisest few.

My former employer, being a greedy, cheap, lousy, stupid loser who deserves the wrath of God, who waited the full two weeks to pay me, felt the hand of the Lord move against him and gave all his advantages to his competitors.

Well, he obviously didn't love his employees. That's the root of the problem.

He doesn't believe in his heart. This is typical of those who don't truly fear the Lord, whether or not they "go to church."

All shoes eventually wear out. If, due to rampant, widespread poverty, you keep them too long, they'll wear out your body, causing a nationwide labor shortage, a collapse of the currency.

All from stupid, foolish greed.

I've also kept worn out $25 shoes. I've used stitching to repair them to buy me extra time. And I've also started buying good products and I've kept them in pretty good condition. As well as I can.

But there's not much I can do when I'm out of work more than I'm working because the employers are so greedy, wicked and cheap, so slow to pay that I can't afford to take proper care of my gear.

These selfish, wicked, evil, greedy employers are deceived by the devil, and blame their employees for not showing up. I can tell you where those employees do show up.

In the hospital.

Of course, you won't know about the ones who've forgiven you because they don't file for workman's comp. You only hear about the ones who file.

I have consistently met cheapskates who cut their own throat with their checkbook. If I tell them how much I need to do the job, they give me the minimum. If I tell them what they need to do, they do the minimum.

But you can't do the minimum. You can't leap a gutter in two bounds or you'll be in the gutter. It's a very short step from the limo to the gutter.

Quality shoes, well maintained and frequently replaced are always better in the long run. Good gear keeps employees working, keeps them safer, healthier, and more productive.

It seemingly turns concrete into a cushion of air, with the heel lifted just enough to put a tiny bend in the knee, turning the whole leg into a shock-absorber, putting importance and a tiny bit of thought into every footstep.

I once worked for a company that required a pretty good pair of work boots. They had to be replaced every three or four months. You'd see the steel toes peeking out of them by then. I always threw them out.

With a good pair of work boots and a younger set of legs, walking on concrete or steel felt about as soft as walking on a trampoline. With a cheap set of old sneakers, walking on concrete punished my whole body from top to bottom.

Which company demanded this extraordinary level of care for my feet? It was an extremely wealthy company more ruthless than any I've ever worked for. One that pressured workers into 12 hours a day of work, 7 days a week.

If you only worked 8 hours, you were "taking the day off."

I have no reason to doubt this company could have been wholly owned by the prince of darkness himself. I'd only be surprised if it wasn't.

Quality Costs Less

Image result for dr edwards deming
Statistician Dr. Edwards Deming
Quality Control Expert
Americans largely ignored him until the 1980s, but Dr. Edwards Deming turned around Japan's whole economy in the 1950s.

Seems hard to believe now, but those Jappos, new to the idea of capitalism, were known for making lots of cheap junk that belongs in the garbage.

By the 1980s, the Japs were beating our whole automotive industry. It got so bad we had to limit the number of import cars they could send. As a result, they conquered the luxury car market instead.

To this day, Japan's Deming Prize is the most prestigious award in the country. His teachings can be grasped in a matter of hours. There are only 19 points. But without them, you're eventually going to lose any manufacturing race.

How did Deming beat Detroit? Well, as I said, Detroit wouldn't listen to him, but he stressed the importance of quality. He said quality always costs less in the end. And he proved it. The whole supply line must stress quality over cost-cutting measures.

Wise executives are known to instantly terminate a business relationship if they observe cheapskate behavior even once. Because when you're doing business with fools, you're doomed. And fools are notoriously cheap, greedy, selfish, thoughtless people.

These vices all seem to go together, inseparable. Even the most basic notion of karma is above their paygrade.

What do Americans do? Rely on slogans and motivation. This presumes the worker doesn't want to do his job. Which isn't true of whites and Japanese.

Starting by cutting corners on education, they make their whole lives about cutting corners, like those cheapskate Japanese were doing.

As a result, thanks to our cheap imported labor force, we're a culture which produces lots of worthless cheap junk, just like the Japanese used to.

Deming was right. And a recent "mission" (more like a business trip) also proved this to me. God apparently wanted me to know something, and keeps showing me the painful consequences of my actions.

Because I had a long trip and it would be expensive to pay for extended parking or an Uber, I decided to make my way to the airport by the metro bus in the early morning. Which would have worked, in theory. In practice, it's not that simple.

Thanks to cheap imported labor, that bus didn't show up. So I had to wait half an hour for the next one. (Not knowing if that one would show up.)

At least one of the non-white bus drivers or maintenance men must have proved unreliable, because that first bus never arrived.

We'll never know what happened to it. Was it carjacked? Broke down? Driver didn't show?

Before the trip, I'd even considered arriving at the airport a day early and sleeping at the airport because I knew I couldn't rely on the stupid metro bus.

Being 10 minutes early didn't matter. A chain of events was already set into motion, and nothing could stop it. It was too late to summon a cab, car, or call a friend, even if I'd been able to.

We all stood in the freezing cold and waited 30 more minutes for the next bus.

But I had a tight connection to the the next bus. The two bus systems didn't connect up properly (for some reason), so I had to wait an extra 30 minutes for the next one.

Because I missed one bus, I had now missed two buses. And that caused me to miss a plane. And when you miss one plane, you might miss two planes. 

That's exactly what happened.

Because I missed TWO buses, I was an hour late. Because I was an hour late, I got a bus that was caught in the morning traffic, causing another 15+ minute delay. I'd allotted that extra hour to make sure I didn't miss my flight. But that extra hour was more than gone.

I didn't plan on getting stuck in traffic because I was supposed to be an hour ahead of the traffic. And I didn't sleep at the airport or hotel because I'm trying to save a few bucks, not get robbed.

I should have had more than an hour to spare. But the diversity ate my morning. Then it ate up my whole day.

The extra hour was gone, and so I ended up 70, then 80, then 90 minutes late to meet the cheap, non-white security guards at TSA.

I must say it's been marvelously improved, though. They now have rag-head moppers to clean up the drool from those mouth-breathers.

I was, of course, directed to the wrong line by a non-white employee and had to find my own way to the proper security line.

And even though I was in a hurry due to all the non-whiteness, I wasn't allowed to jump the line. Another non-white employee, when asked, couldn't spare a "sorry 'bout that" when telling me I'm eff-ewe-see-kay #$&-ed.

The security line is the picture of efficiency in the morning, too. As I'm sure you can imagine. It's like watching Molasses dry.

After waiting for a tray station, I also had to wait for a tray. Not enough of them for everyone, you see.

And once you're "through security", they start to re-scan and unpack all your things for you. Then you have to put your clothes back on and figure out which gate you're ACTUALLY going to. (Planes are routinely sent to another gate or terminal. This actually happened to me twice in one trip.)

You'll never really know if it's worth running to catch your flight or not, so I assume it's not. (I guessed correctly.) Walk back and grab the jacket you forgot at security. My bad. Two extra minutes for that.

Long story short, I ended up getting to my gate 10 minutes late. Why? Because I'd chosen to save $45 and just take the bus.

Because I'd trusted my life and livelihood to all the cheap immigrant labor.

This isn't unusual. It's the norm. It reminds me of another non-white bus nightmare which happened to me over a year ago, when a white greyhound bus driver got me where I needed to go, instead of simply being stuck in a black-packed Atlanta bus station for days. I think I saved about $150 that way.

I actually applied to work for an airline once, but they got rid of me almost instantly. They probably should have made me Chief Operating Officer so I could fire the guy who bounced me.

When trapped in a bus terminal in Atlanta, do not get into a black man's Uber. Buy a last-minute airline ticket. I've now had to do this twice, and I don't even travel that much. Can't afford to.

These are not first world problems. You don't have first world problems in a third world country like America.

Anyway, a trip ends up being much more expensive when you have to buy another ticket to solve the problem that a black man doesn't feel like doing his job or helping anyone.

Of course, nobody in the Seattle-Tacoma airport nor anybody in the airplane cared that a white man had a tight connection.

Just like nobody at the Sea-Tac airport notices when spending 10 hours waiting with "white people" that all the "white people" seem to hate all the white people.

Nor did they care that I'd already missed two flights that day.  Likely because I'm a white man, the non-whites were unsympathetic. In case you missed it, here's the hypocrisy of that:

An Indian man next to me was rushed to the front of the plane and everyone made way when he had a tight connection in Phoenix, but a white woman in Dallas yelled at me for jumping one row ahead when I needed to race to get off the plane.

I was astonished how fast this little Indian zipped to the front of the plane, disappearing from sight. It was as if the seas had parted for Moses and the Israelites. I couldn't move 10 feet forward.

If I'd complained, I knew I'd instantly be put on YouTube from 17 different angles.

But the airline has your back, right? Sure. For now.

When I missed the morning leg of the trip, the red, white, and blue airline (and its aging staff of white former flight attendants) was kind enough to put me on standby for the next flight at no extra charge.

And they were even kinder to the intellectually disadvantaged black man next to me who missed his flight because he had his earphones in during the ENTIRE BOARDING PROCESS.

The black guy watched everyone else get on the plane and just sat there like an idiot while they closed the doors and flew away. "Ah didden see mah numbuh on duh TV screen."

Unfortunately, it turned out there was no room for me on the next flight. I had to stand by again.

So missing one flight due to diversity meant missing two flights in a row.

There was, of course, room for the unaccountable, do-nothing white woman and her do-nothing shopping trip or adulterous sex vacation, but there wasn't room for me, the only last, best, and only hope for humanity. Which is what white men are.

In upside-down-istan, it's obviously more important to get her to her precious destination. Men, especially white men are basically useless oppressors, or haven't you heard? That's why we're put in the back of the bus, you see.

But that's part of the deal. Planes fill up fast when you don't take the first or last flight of the day, as I'd intended to.

You end up competing with everyone who wants the most convenient flights. You're stuck in traffic, stuck in the crowd, having trouble finding room for your knees and elbows because planes are obviously designed with tiny Asian women in mind.

And you're always stuck behind all the diverse slow-pokes at the airport who take up all the space, who get free upgrades for being the most African, who are ethnically over-represented in First Class part of the cabin, who walk like slugs, apparently unaware that the whole point of an airport is to get somewhere FASTER.

So because I wanted to pay $5 to get to the airport in downtown Diveristan, I'd missed two buses in a row, two flights in a row and arrived very late at night.

Which is inconvenient for everyone involved.

When I got to the much whiter parts of the country (than Seattle), it was relatively smooth sailing. It was almost like being in America again.

Yes, it's the typical airport horror story, but for a $50 Uber ride, it could have easily been avoided. It crossed my mind when the bus didn't show, but I didn't have the extra $50 to spend. Why not?

Because people aren't taught to value their time.

When I'd quoted my expenses for the trip, I hadn't allowed for the real cost of the ride to the airport in anti-white Seattle.

By my figuring, it took me a total of 17 hours to arrive instead of 7. An entire double-work day wasted, showing up quite exhausted, sweating all the way through my clothes several times over, desperately needing a hot shower.

How was this any different than being stranded in Atlanta for a day? It wasn't. It was the exact same thing all over again.

Blacks who don't care delaying whites whose lives matter.

Not that I'm complaining, because I'm grateful as a traveler to be given a place to lay my head, but upon arrival at the non-white-run motel, which was CLOSE to the cheapest motel I've ever seen (giving it 2 stars would really be stretching it) the untouchable "Thank You Come Again" innkeeper was hospitable and kept things somewhat clean and tidy for me.

Personally, I would have done a much better job of literally everything he did. In fact, I have done a better job of everything he did, especially when properly compensated to do so.

But those tiny little luxuries and conveniences like having someone else make your bed every day were well worth the extra $12 a day above and beyond the bare minimum rent you'd pay to live in the area permanently.

The motel wasn't inexpensive. It was just cinder block cheap. But the shower water was hot (eventually) and the heat worked and I was grateful. Winter cold came pouring in through the cheap window, but I wasn't paying for the heat. Not directly, anyway.


And I was. But it was cheap. One trash can and one bar of soap for the week and no extras.

All told, the cross-country, 2,000-mile trip only took 4 hours less than flying in a Cessna, which would have been a much more comfortable way to travel.

My fault, really. I'd chosen to take the bus to the airport and save 45 bucks.

And I'd chosen to develop client relationships through one of the cheapest means available the internet, so that's my fault, too. You can buy better clients. It's true. Instead, I saved a few bucks and it cost me.

That's inconvenient, which you might not care about. How about expensive?

Because I'd bought a cheap "basic economy" airline ticket, the dates weren't adjustable.

When it became clear I wouldn't be able to meet all my objectives for the trip, it was time to go. The feeling was mutual.

And I have other pressing obligations like not being evicted.

The cost to change flight dates was much more 'Date change fee' you'd pay with a business class ticket.

The reason why flights cost so much is airlines go cheap on planes, cheap on marketing, and don't educate the public about what it really costs to choose those cheap seats.

They chose an older fleet of planes, partner with smaller airlines to serve local areas, and have to pass the higher fuel and maintenance costs on to the customer one way or another. Such as the high cost of buying a new ticket if you need to change your itinerary for any reason.

Why do you have to buy a new ticket? Because at these prices, airlines have to over-book every flight. They have to pack every plane they can because at the time of purchase, they won't show you how cramped "basic economy" is going to be.

They have to charge you for checked luggage, for over-weight and over-sized luggage. So customers pack a carry-on and personal item bag as the airlines inch their tolerances smaller and smaller, booking planes tighter and tighter, sending your carry-on to checked baggage so that you have to leave the secured area to grab your bags.

Which is not much of a problem until you've picked a flight that arrives in diversity-land on Sunday night when the buses aren't running and you have to go grab your bag and hunker down for the night with a bunch of angry Mexicans at carosel 16.

I was forced to check my CARRY ON bag against my will because it's over-packed because whites have become CHEAPSKATES.

Which, by the way is at the opposite end of the airport as the bus you want.

Once again, Uber could have come to the rescue, but it wasn't in the budget. And I didn't feel like getting on YouTube, so I made like a Mexican and had my evening siesta with one eye open, my wallet tucked up where it was hard to grab, and my feet on my luggage to make it harder to sneak off with it.

That's the only reason I still have a laptop computer today. I'm using it to write this blog post now.

Cheap non-whites made the entire trip unpleasant and more dangerous.

But in the final analysis, it was caused by typical white behavior of going cheap on everything. Whites assume that cheapness is caused by efficiency, not caused by increasing cruelty to whites. They're wrong.

When you always go cheap, you do to your countrymen things you wouldn't wish on a tuna fish.

The trip was still worth the risk. It just wasn't worth as much as I'd hoped. Because when I arrived, I met a man who's much too cheap and foolish to buy himself a fortune. Which is sad for him and largely a waste of my time.

Which is why I now intend to discriminate against cheapskate behavior. If you haven't paid full fare, you will get back-of the bus treatment from me. I'm sure you expect me to say...

"Go to the back of the bus with the rest of the negroes."

Of course, an extra $1,000 of emergency money could have solved any of these problems, if not all.

I could have upgraded my own flight, my travel and accommodations and clothes. For about $2,000, which works out to a few hundred a day.

I really could have gone in style, paid for better marketing, met a better client who valued my advice.

Therefore, my new minimum cost of consulting with me for a week or for a day starts at $2,999. Not because I'm greedy or selfish, or any more valuable than I was last week, but because that's what it really costs and I can't and shouldn't even try to do it for less.

But some of you may still doubt the value of meeting me to help with your real estate investing other grand pursuits. Maybe you want me to sprinkle some holy water around.

Because so far, this all sounds like the standard nightmare of the poverty-stricken masses. Just wait.

Here's a nightmare scenario involving...

Being Cheap With Your Time and Education.

This is where the numbers can get scary. You see, it really pays to be prepared. If getting rich were as easy as it looks, everyone would do it.

Because one mistake in real estate can cost you more than 46 years. In fact, the primary reason why I flew to cross-country was to keep one of our guys out of the grey bar hotel. What I found was shocking.

The pursuit of wealth is possible. But it's hard. It's not as hard physically, but it's harder conceptually and emotionally. It's harder than it looks. We're not conditioned to do it. We're conditioned to stay powerless and poor all our lives, and to take pride in our poverty and the dangers it brings.

None of that is your fault, really.

The communist propaganda brainwashing has left almost all of us emotionally conditioned to fail. We're conditioned to look for the quick, easy, cheap fix.

In the end, quality costs less.

Sometimes it costs a lot less. Especially when you're playing with the big dogs. Even when you're running a car company.

People who buy up all the billion-dollar real estate developments will never run into the following problem because their advisers won't let them go cheap. And bankers won't lend you a billion without those kinds of advisers.

But if you buy cheap little single-family residences, you're on your own. Left to your own devices. Limited by your own wits.

That means you're going to encounter this next problem fairly frequently. About as often as you spot collision damage on a used car that someone's trying to cover up with Bond-o and a Rustoleum paint job so it doesn't show up on the CarFax report.

I happen to know a fellow who chose to buy a really cheap house to make a quick buck by over-financing it. This is fairly standard in the "Ugly House business."

But ugly means a house that needs a coat of paint. Not major structural work or a complete demolition job.

If you buy a "fixer-upper" that needs to be jacked up and the foundation replaced, that's gonna run ya.

In fact, if everything is perfect except the foundation, your max cost including re-landscaping can be up to $200,000.

Now, you NEVER have to pay that 200 grand if you know what you're doing. You pass on the cost to the tenants. No harm done. You still have a "free" house. It just takes you 50 or 60 years before it's paid for free and clear.

If you follow sound advice, you'll study up on your profession before jumping into it.

He didn't know that. He wanted to be paid like a brain surgeon after being trained like a finger painter.

You can't be cheap, greedy and selfish with money or time without paying the price in full. God makes sure of that.

He could stick to what he knows OR invest the time and money to learn the business.

Instead, he did neither one. He learned business A. When that proved lucrative and easy (when you know how), he jumped into business B without looking, and without knowing how.

The world will let you do that. Ain't freedom grand? DO WHAT THOU WILT, you guys. Never mind the herpes and addictions.

But wise men breed wise children and fools breed more fools. I've noticed the fools are geographically located where other fools hang out. The most foolish ones happen to live in Sodom, which is about 30 miles north of here.

Those who choose to cheap out on studying the basics of their own profession will pay a heavy price. As it says in the proverbs, "he who hastens to wealth will not go unpunished."

Once again, God has been true to his word.

Then again, if you need to pay someone three grand to straighten you out, I'm not sure how much help I'll be. We'd better make it three grand upfront for the meeting plus a percentage of the equity.

But even this wouldn't prevent you from wasting my time. I'm much better off working with people who have a promising project. And I might be better of buying your business from you and booting you out of it.

He's inadvertently chosen to take a very expensive seminar that costs an average of $4,100 and up to $200,000. Unfortunately, the house he's got isn't in average condition.

Prevention really does cost less than repair. High quality concrete is worth the extra cost.

If our favorite new investor had wholesaled it, he wouldn't have this problem, one which could cost as much as $200,000 to completely repair.

That's one of the reasons I show you links to the pros who teach wholesaling for a living, not buying rental properties, which really isn't for clueless newbies who are too cheap to buy a $99 real estate course and complete it BEFORE THEY BUY.

Selling a house and selling a contract are not even remotely the same business. But it's possible to limit your liability in either business. Especially if you pay close attention to the professional attorneys I provided links to in the course, and consult with them as I suggest in the course, and consult your own local attorney, which I repeatedly advised in the course.

And I didn't say to get the cheapest attorney you can find. From what I gather, it's possible to hire the 2-star motel equivalent of an attorney, but it will cost ya.

If he'd had the property professionally inspected during the due diligence period, if he'd completed any comprehensive real estate investing course on the market, if he'd simply followed the instructions, he would be spending less, not more in the end.

I'll bet he would never have bought the place, but professional inspections cost an average of $315. And that's $315 more than he wanted to spend.

My client chose to live in a house without a spare guest room. Too bad. If he had a guest room, he could rent it out.

He wouldn't have to pony up for a cheap motel when guests visit from out-of-town.

Most managers want to cut costs in order to save money this quarter. He wanted to save money in the long run.

Turns out that choosing quality is never more important than with hiring and compensating high-quality people.

Not only is this culture of meritocracy vital to a company's bottom line and long-term competitiveness, it's also vital to a civilization.

If you buy cheap labor, you get a lot LESS than you pay for. Along racial lines, you'll find a group that on average costs at least $10,000 per year to civilization. And that's if they're not working.

If you force them to work, they become even MORE expensive. Not less.

They're not just obsolete. They were never worth anything much to begin with, or else a man would make a fortune by moving to Africa and paying them TWO dollars a day instead of the dollar a day they already earn on their own.

But even though I'm repentant about buying cheap junk and wearing it on my feet, I'm still being punished for doing so.

Because I've been stuck for so long with this old black pair of shoes, it never occurred to me to throw them out and replace them with a nice, new, well-made pair.

Which means until I do, some of that cheap, old stuff is still hanging around taking up space and causing unexpected problems.

In fact, it's because I've kept them so long that they've deteriorated. That's the reason why the heel of my "good shoe" fell off without me even knowing about it. It felt like there was a rock under my shoe. Pretty soon that heel was gone and I'm walking around on a little stump where my heel should be.

What was supposed to do a small job for me ended up doing the opposite of its intended purpose.

In fact, that old black pair of shoes could have easily thrown me down to the street without any warning at all. Until now, I guess I've just been lucky hanging on to those slick black shoes.

But I've since recognized that it's long past time to throw them out, those old black shoes, and there's just no sense in trying to fix them or hang onto them.

So I put them into the trash and immediately felt a whole lot better about it.

I thing that serves as a lesson to us. We should all finally do the sensible thing, start investing more wisely, paying for prevention and tossing out the foreign garbage.


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