How to Travel Across America for $40 to $80 in Gas

Or how to cover up to 5,306 kilometers on less than 115 liters of petrol for about 69 Euros.

Yes. It can be done. It might take you 12 days or more, but it can be done. You can cross America or Australia for about the same price with a small, two-wheel vehicle.

Riding A Motorcycle Made Me The Man I Am

Jesus made me wise. But motorcycles made me a man.

How? Because you're about 30+ times more likely to die in a collision on a motorcycle than a car. But if you would never ride a motorcycle, you're dead already.

I never even stubbed my toe in all my years of riding because the Lord loves me.

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I'll bet the toughest man on earth rides a tiny little motorcycle in traffic. The smaller, the better.
You've been given a life in order to multiply it. If you try to save it and bury it in the ground where it's safe, even the life you have will be taken from you. (And given to someone else.)

If that's not Jesus demanding that you ride a bike and make your woman "ride bitch", I don't know what is. A wise man chooses a donkey over a horse, so we'll look at the donkey of riding options. But it's still a motorcycle. Even more so.

We'll look at the smallest, lightest vehicle ever allowed on the freeway

It's the donkey of street bikes. And it's got single-digit horsepower. But first, you have to decide...

Who You Want To Be
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Are you serious or not?

If there's one time in life to get very, very serious, it's when you've got a tank of gasoline between your knees. Riding a motorcycle has made me a much more serious man.

The Danger Is Real, But Somewhat Overstated

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. And/or gives you PTSD. Maybe both.

Many soldiers are risk-takers. And as such, they're bikers. But you have to remember that these days, there's support for the trained professional baby-killers that didn't used to exist.

Basically, America "supports the troops" when they're fighting for ZOG, and protests the war when they're killing the communists. That's the effect of propaganda.

Learn to do What's Socially Unacceptable

Don't be a social weakling. Support the baby-killers in the 60s and protest the troops in the 90s and you'll be cutting against the social grain. A true anti-establishment rebel says, "No thanks" to weed and.

A wise man once said, "Now these things happened so that the Scripture would be fulfilled: “'Not one of His bones will be broken.'" (John 19:36)

Jesus saved the world. What did he get? Crucified. When you're doing the right thing, expect to be hated, tortured, ridiculed and when you're doing the right thing, you pansy.

How a social weakling proposes marriage: "I can't imagine my life without you."

You can't? For Christ's sake! What an unimaginative jerk! I can imagine myself doing lots of things to your wife when she finds me more imaginative than that.

What you need is some imagination, not a wedding ring.

Your possessions are your burden to bear. Never keep more than you're willing to carry when times get tough.

"My wife won't let me ride a motorcycle", says the social wimp.

Sa·crĂ© bleu! What if his ex-wife waited until after the divorce before she lets him get a motorcycle?

What he needs is the strength of will exhibited by Jesus Christ.

If your wife won't "let you" do something, you need to bring home the second of your next 18 wives and just tell her she needs to get used to the idea that you're a man and you'll be making your own decisions from now on. Because you're this many years old.

Splitting lanes: Safe. Attending Berkeley: Unsafe

You don't need another mother. Already got one. And burned her at the stake for cross-dressing.

A nagger wife who barks orders at her husband doesn't know the Father. For all she knows, the eternal fire awaits naggers like her.

Would you really hold eternal damnation over the heads of the ignorant? Why not? If they don't believe, f*ck em. (If they won't listen, kick the dust of the town off your feet as a testimony against them.) You're either with Jesus or against him.

F'em is a time-honored Christian tradition. You believe or you don't. Jesus saves you from the fear of damnation. But only if you believe. If you don't believe, EVERYONE will be able to enslave you. Even your wife.

5 Reasons Why to Ride a Small Motorcycle on a Long Adventure Trip

1) The price of the trip
2) The weight
3) Constant speed vs. Top speed (Beware the other guy's mistake)
4) Forces you to take only what you need. Which ain't much.
5) Safety: Personal and bike safety

But What if I'm Not a Motorcycle Guy!

That's good. In my opinion, "motorcycle guy" types shouldn't ride at all. They're reckless people who endanger themselves and others.

The only people who should ride motorcycles are cautious, responsible people like yourself who are too careful to consider a bike on a long trip.

This article is not for the idiots who...

1) hop on superbikes because they're fast
2) who drink while Harley-ing, or
3) tune up, restore, modify and ride vintage hipster bikes in downtown traffic on unproven hardware assembled by an amateur technician

All these are "motorcycle guy" types. And they're at very high risk of fatalities. But don't worry. They'll be dead soon.

Nature selects in favor of creatures who don't become roadkill easily. But cars are new. Nature's only had a century or two to kill off the dumbest deer, possums, puppies, kittens, and raccoons in the road.

You don't want to be there when Father nature unbuckles his belt in anger.

And most injury collisions occur because the motorcyclist was riding way too fast for the circumstances, making bad decisions like splitting lanes and making stupid assumptions about their own right-of-way.

These are the kinds of mistakes you can't make on a slow, small bike. You could for awhile, but you'd probably be dead by the end of the month.

You may have the right to turn left, but you don't have the ability. In the end, the law of superior tonnage shall prevail.

Image result for motorcycle under truck
At least he died with a clean driving record.

I'll give you some stats below to scare you sober, but remember: Riders are hospitalized 21 times for every fatality. That means the average person survives 21 (reported, i.e. hospitalized) injuries, meaning there's a 50% chance you'll die before you survive 21 injury accidents.

And I'd guess you'll fall off and go skidding about 5 to 20 times more than you're injured, especially if you wear proper safety gear.

Doesn't happen to me, though. God loves me. I never came off a motorcycle while it was in motion. I did fall off a bicycle once, but I've had a clean record since.

And real Christians don't fear death. They fear they'll break their bones by displeasing the Father.

And so they choose a donkey instead of a horse. They take back roads instead of rush-hour freeways, and choose beltway bypasses around Sodomite cities instead of riding through road rage gridlock. They take a day of rest and lay down in green pastures, never doing more than 6 days a week of traveling.

They love their neighbor, and so allow plenty of time to meet them, instead of racing straight through to "make good time" a fast as humanly possible, trying to keep an impossible travel schedule.

It's Expensive

You're right. It can be. Especially if you want to live in the lap of luxury, if you plan like a pauper and live like a king, gambling away your budget in Vegas.

It can be expensive if you're riding through China, which requires a four-wheel-drive chase truck to escort you.

It can be expensive if you need 18 months of planning to secure visas to ride through Russia.

It can be expensive if you decide to get a truck and trailer to haul your bikes to the place you intend to start off-roading.

It can be expensive if you're crossing borders, going off road, traveling on badly-maintained roads, risking prison if your bike breaks down from the garbage-quality gas or get fuel sprayed into your eyes.

It can be expensive if you select a bike so heavy, you need someone else's help to tip it back up again, or someone's help to carry it, if you're constantly spending money to solve problems, if you're counting on civilization to save you where there is none, if you need armed security (Africa), if you're making yourself an attractive target by flashing money around, and so on.

But if you've got a tent that fits easily in your backpack, if you're taking back roads, humbly traveling short distances per day (less than 300 miles) taking one or two days off to recover, if you take reasonable steps to reduce rider fatigue, and if you ride on smooth roads on a reliable, small, name-brand bike chosen for its fuel economy and comfort, and you install big saddle bags and big highway pegs that function as crumple zones to protect your legs in case of a collision and wear a helmet and proper riding gear, follow safe practices, properly maintain your equipment and ride with a reliable buddy, then I'd say you're the kind of person who might do OK on a motorcycle.

The law of averages assures us there must be 10% of motorcyclists grow old and grey without major mishaps and lots of great stories to tell. And it's not hard to be among that 10% if you're among the few who actually try.

It Might Be That the Greatest Risk Is NOT Riding One

At least for a year. For one summer. Even it kills you, that's OK, because it means God wanted you dead. So there's no harm in suggesting people take a few reasonable risks.

If you don't take reasonable risks, then even what you have will be taken from you. That's the whole point of the parable. Responsible people should multiply what God has entrusted them with.

There are reasonable risks, like traveling to other towns to spread the wisdom of the word. There are also unreasonable risks, like robbing banks for money to spend on hookers and blow.

Remember. Christians have no reason to fear death. Long before I was a Christian, I was a fearless rider and adventurer.  I've been a few places.

And those aren't balls between my legs. They're just motorcycle tires.

Riding Changes You

Until idiot drivers kept trying to kill me in traffic, I saw no reason to be serious. Now I do.

If there's one experience in life that made me fully capable of putting the George Lincoln Rockwell scowl on my face that lasts all day and all night, it's years I spent riding a motorcycle to get sh*t done.

It changed me. It changed who I am forever. The freeway is an arms race that produces the largest vehicles anyone can afford to drive.

That's not safety. That's cowardice.

Realizing that the world is full of selfish, greedy, murderously stupid motorists endangering the tiny few enlightened bikers meant that I mentally switched over into homicide mode as a matter of routine.

As a matter of pure survival. It taught me a "kill or be killed" mindset. Better them than me. Because justice is worth more to God than the survival of Benjamin's tribe. Imagine what He'll do to Sweden.

In that state of mind, while taking that posture, I was much more respected while off the bike. And that's what made me a member of a community, even in the third most anti-white city in America.

You don't just ride a motorcycle. You belong to the biking brotherhood. Because I rode for economic reasons, it meant I was also one of the few year-round riders in the rainiest anti-white.

You want to build character? That's how you build character. Which means I have the rare reserve of emotional coldness, coolness, and detachment. You don't survive on a motorcycle without building up the muscle of emotional control.

If a bug flies in your eye, it might take you a couple minutes to stop, pull over, take off your gloves and helmet and start digging that sucker out so you can see with both eyes again.

This means I have the emotional fortitude to crush your tiny puppy to death with my bare hands. And the courage and social disdain to impregnate your sister so my genes will survive if I end up as roadkill tomorrow.

Well, women are more attracted to motorcycle riders and for damn good reason. They just don't want their husbands riding those death traps.

Note: Real-world average miles per gallon: 125. Your mileage may vary.

THE GROM is a popular $3,000 motorcycle that gets a whopping 134 miles per gallon thanks entirely to its tiny 125cc engine. Just enough to pop wheelies and cross Murica for cheaper than almost any other means known to man.

The Grom is a tiny little Honda street bike. They've made about a billion legendarily reliable motorcycles.

The fuel is cheap. The maintenance, parts, and repairs are easy and cheap. The insurance is dirt cheap. The purchase price is a no-brainer. The purchase price is as much as a down payment on another bike.

Which means the value proposition is outstanding, which makes it extremely popular. Especially among the young who live in an internet age where all their best friends are in another state. (Or country.)

And yes, if you get the promised mileage and if you pay anything less than $3.50 per gallon for fuel, it will cost you less than $80 to do 3,000 miles across America at freeway speeds. (It will just barely do 55 miles per hour. Just don't expect it to do 56 miles per hour in a strong breeze.)

Yup. $80 bucks. That's less than a day's pay at a sh*t job, which makes these extremely popular with young guys who happen to have sh*t jobs. But now, they also have freedom.

The styling and look is like a grown-up pocket bike to a miniature crotch rocket. The irony is not lost on the "motorcycle gangs" terrorizing the world with them.

Customized for Comfort 

Long trips require proper foot position. For someone my size on a bike as small as the Grom, this pretty much requires stunt pegs on the front axle.

Image result for grom foot pegs front axle

From personal experience on a smaller motorcycle, I can tell you an Asian-proportioned bike will absolutely kill your butt and knees, especially if you don't install proper foot pegs way up forward to shift your weight a little and/or extra padding to lift your seat up a lot higher, and adjusting the handlebars.

A highly desired feature about 2,000 miles into the cross-country ride.
Aerodynamic efficiency at 70 kilometers per hour is the goal.
For a long trip, highway pegs and throttle lock (poor man's cruise control) aren't optional equipment on a bike this small.

Otherwise, you've got less leg room than a coach flight. Flying is getting more fuel efficient all the time, but airports are becoming more torturous and awful every single day.

It's not about spending $2 a week. It's about having the world's most reliable engine under you on long, otherwise expensive trips where gasoline starts costing you that mortgage money.

Imagine swarms of anonymous Nazis on teeny, tiny bikes descending upon American cities in droves on a whim, zipping in and out like guerrilla warriors melting into the mist in a thousand directions, impossible to catch them all.

Yes, there's a real vision here. And as always, a method to my madness. I didn't sign up for a 20-year campaign to take back America by meeting up once a year, but to build an occupying army that meets up frequently, that enlists the man of of the masses who has modest means to keep America in an iron grip of fear (because God is a terror to the wicked) for 40 years and beyond.

"There they are, overwhelmed with dread, for God is in the company of the righteous." - Psalm 14:5

I've come to pick a fight. To fight very differently. To fight as a priest fights. As a holy man fights. And to charge into the kinds of battles we can win, by spreading the so-called supremacist gospel to every corner of the country.

To Tour The Country

The 10 Best Routes Across America : An 8,000+ mile trip is less than $180 in fuel on a Honda Grom
The Inspiration

It's easier to get a new audience than to get a new speech. This is the inspiration for a tour. I saw the powerful effect our small message can have on a small number of people. Just need a thousand more speakers in a thousand more places.

And it can happen if you go on tour. But the per-person cost of tours adds up to big money. Especially if you're bringing an entourage.

Image result for tour bus

For the past couple of years, I've been looking for some kind of way to do a proper tour of America. To do it right was always going to cost thousands of dollars in fuel alone unless I hopped on a camel or a donkey. Or a bus.

I've tried the bus. Whether a city bus or a greyhound, the bus has proven less dependable and more expensive than a 125cc Honda. (Which technically seats 2 people, if you're comparing mileage per passenger.)

A tiny motorbike gives you as much space and cargo and fuel efficiency as a bus.

I asked for help, but the sticker shock of a tour was much too high and unsurprisingly I ended up without support for the tour. And I still get occasional requests to drop everything and cross the country. Once in awhile, I'd love to be able to say yes.

And maybe get a night in a hotel once in awhile along the way.

Related image

The argument for a sidecar. The rockstar effect. Some people want to ask you about your motorcycle. EVERYBODY wants to talks to the man with a sidecar.

It's not for everyone, but it's an option to consider. And intended to get you thinking more creatively.

How Do Most People Travel Cross Country?

By plane. It's convenient. It's relatively quick. Like stepping into an elevator, you don't fully appreciate the awesome amount of distance you've traveled when you arrive at the baggage claim.

And nobody else does, either. Even the cheap airline ticket prices are expensive, but we do it because it's quicker and cheaper than driving. And what choice do we have?

Few think of loading a pop-up tent into a sidecar with the objective of seeing America and meeting people. What makes sense for business travel doesn't always make the best sense for an unpopular religious/political movement.

But even with my economy-class, back-of-the bus rice burner held together with Gorilla tape, fuel plus maintenance was going to be about $3,000 just in gas, oil changes, insurance, tire wear, rock chip repairs and depreciation for a round trip with no special stops, no fancy routes, hitting a maximum of 2 major cities along the way.

That's $3,000 in fuel plus crossing your fingers that nothing goes wrong. Which is not how Boy Scouts plan to be prepared. I can imagine subsisting on survival ration Ramen, packing a mini-tent (more likely a bundle of pallet wrap instead.)

Without the right kind of vehicle for the trip, the cost may as well have been a million dollars.

Enter the Honda Grom. A game changer for the bottom tier of society. Highly sought-after. Very popular. And cool.

And unfortunately, that means other people will want yours, and they don't necessarily want to pay for it. And it's not bolted down. So keep it close, keep it in sight and locked up, preferably inside. Because it only takes 2 seconds for two guys to toss it into the back of a pickup truck and it's gone.

More Speed:

There are, of course, performance mods that increase the acceleration, RPM, and top speed to about 69 miles per hour, at the cost of greater wear and tear on the engine, poor fuel economy and a shorter lifespan.

Greater speed and fuel efficiency can also be achieved by drafting behind other vehicles on the freeway.

Alternate Hyper-Miler Bike: The Honda Monkey

Image result for honda monkey
When you order stuff on eBay and it's not as big as it looked in the picture.

Although it's technically rated for an even higher MPG than the of 153 miles per gallon (under ideal conditions), you don't sacrifice comfort.

At $1,000 more than the Grom, the 125cc Honda Monkey has a much more comfortable seat for long trips. Including the Baja 1000, believe it or not. Just don't order it online. And don't order the Monkey 50 by mistake. (With a fuel-injected 50cc engine, it gets 252 mpg at 18.6 miles per hour.)

Didn't Fair Use tell you to save gas by ordering the Honda Monkey?

In the real world, the average Honda Monkey's (the 125cc is the one that goes freeway speeds) riders reported getting 109 miles per gallon.

Did I just accuse Honda Monkey riders of living in the real world? Where it shines is in the city, where top speed doesn't matter as much as convenient parking.

These kind of bikes are cheap and popular enough that you'll see them travel in great huge swarms of bike-lovers in almost every American city.

A beginner bike that's low to the ground, which contributes to aerodynamic efficiency as well as the chance of catastrophic injury. And I would have appreciated something a little lighter when I got started.

As always, and especially on motorcycles, and even more so on a smaller motorcycle, "You have to drive defensively to stay alive."

In other words, this bike is an honest signal of your ability to survive, and the true measure of a man because a death trap weeds out inferior mortals. Albeit doing so at somewhat slower collision speeds, cruising at less than half the top speed of a superbike.

How about the $40 Trip Across America at 20 Miles Per Hour

You don't need a 50cc motor to sip fuel and get more than 200 miles per gallon.

If you don't mind going 18 miles per hour, you can boost your gas mileage to 250 miles per gallon using a generator to charge an e-bike battery while you're on the move.

And some people do it. Not many, but some.

In the age of trendy electric vehicles that cause range anxiety, many Americans are in the market for a way to somehow extend the range of their EVs.

You can also turn an existing electric bike into a REEV by tossing a quiet generator on the back. It charges while you ride.

No. Really.

This means getting MORE than 250 REAL WORLD miles per gallon in an actual transportation application, such as this 18 mile per hour electric bicycle.

While hauling a Bob Ibex bike trailer.

That means the fuel cost to cross the country from LA to DC or from Seattle to Miami, for example, is less than $60. Maybe even less than $40.

The Generac ix800 for about $350. (If you can still find them.)
The Earthquake 800W.

And There are other options starting at $150 if you want to look for them.

You can get plenty of acceleration and power from the lithium ion batteries, even if they're being charged by a tiny 38cc generator. (Back in the 80s, they used to make 350 and 500-watt generators.)

The powerful 2-stroke gas powered moped bikes get about 70 miles per gallon. 4-stroke engines are more efficient, quieter, and don't require mixing oil with your fuel.

130 Miles Per Gallon - And Driving While Legally Blind

Can't get a driver's license? No problem. This tricked-out electric hybrid trike helps a legally blind man "drive". Electric was limited to 8 miles per charge. But now he gets 130 miles per gallon.

Technically, it's not motorized, so it counts as an electric bike. Not a motor vehicle.

Ok. So you can super-charge an electric bike. Why bother?

You get unlimited range and beefy, hill-climbing, spry, 80cc performance out of a motor sipping fuel like it's only a 20cc engine, bursts of acceleration and hill-climbing performance out of a small, quiet engine the neighbors won't complain about.

Top speed: About 44 miles per hour.

But if you want to get really fancy, you'll incorporate some Maxwell ultra-capacitors to extend the life of the batteries by acting a bit like a shock absorber. Batteries don't like to be quickly charged or discharged, but capacitors don't care. And they don't mind cold weather.

The generator runs at its most fuel-efficient speed, burns through fuel about as fast as a small weed-whacker, tackles the hills for you, and gets you all the way across the country without breaking the bank no matter how high gas prices get.

And if you run out of gas, a hybrid bike still has pedals.

More on REEV vehicles

Aerodynamic Streamlining

Aerodynamic shells have advantages and disadvantages. If you want 200+ miles per gallon and something that keeps the rain off, you might want to add some features. Like a fiberglass shell.

The disadvantage is this guy's motorcycle gets pulled over by police much more often, and assume that just because his bike looks different, he must have done something illegal.

Shell-Shaped Motorcycles
Maybe it should be illegal to get this kind of gas mileage.
There are other trade-offs. A flat-sided shape creates some "sail area", leaving you more susceptible to cross-winds, such as trucks passing by.

Keeping a low profile (meaning keeping a recumbent, feet-forward, reclined riding style) helps you keep your center of gravity lower, reducing this effect and improving your top speed (freeway speed)  and fuel efficiency, if that's important to you.

A shell also prevents wind buffeting on your body, significantly reducing rider fatigue. As does the reclined posture.

But if you really want to cross the country on $40 worth of gas, then you need to drop your speed, weight, engine displacement, and/or drag.

Pack Light but Be Prepared

The inevitable flat tire where there's no cell service.
An ingenius Emergency Kit

Your vehicle-specific tool kit includes a tube (even for a tubeless bike), a tire iron and an air pump, a chain breaker and/or chain press & spare links.

Reserve tank isn't always enough to get you back to civilization, and someone might be tempted to steal your stranded bike while you go hitchhike for gas, so be prepared to improvise.

Which brings me to:

Safety in numbers: Travel with a buddy. 

No. Not the one who's always getting you into trouble who you had to bail out of jail twice.

You'll probably have to leave behind that fun-loving BFF trouble-maker (sh*t magnet) who's been ruining your life since kindergarten and instead travel with someone who has a working bike when you've got a flat, who can make a gas when you're on fumes, who can carry the gear you don't have.

Also, be the guy who's not a sh*t magnet, not riding on fumes, can fix a flat, and who carries the gear, knowledge, and experience the others don't have.

Be the guy others want around. And not just on road trips.

There are lots of reasons why you won't be able to find a kindred spirit among the TV-watchers in one particular country. You may even be safer living among the thieves, rapists and murderers in another country.

If, after touring through every city in America, you can't find any place where your wisdom and abilities are valued, then keep on moving until you find the place where it is. King David didn't raise an army from among his own countrymen, but among the Philistines.

And if these hadn't been enough, God would have given him more.

Whatever you else you do in life, be sure to follow Jesus.

Gain peace of mind with these resources:

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On second thought, maybe it's not such a good idea to save fuel. Maybe you should get one of these instead.

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Disclaimer: This KAMAZ might not get you through Russia. Do NOT invade Russia.


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