$6 Eyeglasses Without a Prescription

Refusing to make babies because of the cost of eyeglasses is cheapskate behavior.

"But Fair Use. I can't just leave my comfortable communist job to clean carbs or run cables at a data center. I need medical, dental, and vision benefits I earn by selling out my people. Do you know what glasses cost?"

Yeah. I know what they cost. Less than $12 including shipping. Because we've got the internet, now.

And I know you can get them without a trip to the eye doctor.

America's increasingly Marxist society falsely claims it costs $250,000 to raise a child. If this were true, then how come it cost a tiny fraction of that to raise me?

Even in the absence of a provider, someone will pay to raise that kid. Especially white kids.

Once you've grown old enough to start paying taxes, you've already started to repay everything it cost the government to raise you. So don't worry about what it costs, and don't let your kids worry about it.

God will provide. He's your Father, after all.
Solutions addressing every objection to God's first commandment to man: Be Fruitful and Multiply (and subdue the whole earth)
Every government that succeeds wants people who produce work or at least workers. Pregnant girls produce workers, so they're valuable, too.

But what about hedonistic lesbians who refuse to breed? Well, every politician wants people who produce votes, if not voters.

Medical, dental, and vision is cheaper when you're young.

And affordable when you're older. Kids eventually get a second set of teeth. So they don't need as much dental care until they're old enough to start earning a living.

They need some health care, but not that much.

Finance It

Costs are high, but you can spread out the costs over a period of time.

Even if you raised 2 or 3 million dollars worth of kids, that doesn't mean you have to pay for them now. You've probably got the next 60 years to pay those costs.

And at any point in time, you could rent out properties for a profit and let the gay and lesbian AirBnB renters pay off all those childcare costs for you.

Even if you never turn landlord, after you pay off your mortgage, what are you going to use that extra equity for? Living half a lifetime childless and alone, driving expensive sportscars to impress your loser friends?

How much of your mortgage payment is going to principle, thereby increasing the equity in your home? $700 or more? If your equity is growing by $700 per month, that's $8,400 per year. Which is $151,200 in 18 years.

That's more than enough to pay the costs to raise another baby. And if you've got them doing an hour or two of productive work per day, this alone covers their room and board.

I'm happy to report some of my readers (who's kids are helping in the family business) have taken this suggestion seriously. But maybe not quite as seriously as the child labor camps in China that make ridiculously cheap eyeglasses you can order online.

You can make excuses or you can make babies. But you can't make both.

Even if a kid (or adult) needs glasses, with some exceptions, they usually don't need bifocals until their 40s, long after they've left home. (Unless you follow my advise about multi-generation households or family compounds.)

What if you need bifocals? Before there were bifocals, there were reading glasses. And frankly, those are dirt cheap and they're available everywhere.

What if you need contact lenses? If you know your prescription, you can order those inexpensively online, too.

But since kids are always breaking and scratching things, including glasses, it's good to know where to get a cheap replacement pair.

The Resources

Lost your prescription? Not a problem.

GlassesUSA offers a free smartphone app and web software to scan your existing set of prescription eyeglasses to help you clone the existing prescription.

To get an accurate pupil distance measurement, the software prompts you to take a selfie with a standard-sized magnetic card on your forehead for reference. (Debit, credit, gift card, membership card.)

As anyone who's lost their glasses can tell you, those corrective lenses seem work better when they're actually in front of your eyes. All the better when they're lined up dead center. Hence the measurement.

If you find an affordable provider, you can afford the higher quality stuff. This includes the anti-reflective and anti-scratch coatings, and/or the virtually indestructible polycarbonate lenses.

From what I've seen, Zenni is even cheaper than GlassesUSA, but instead of an app, offers a printable PDF to measure your pupil distance, and relies on you to provide the prescription.

Which seems weird to me. Because if you were so reliable, why would you need to replace your glasses in the first place?

Once you've got your prescription (from GlassesUSA, for example), you can shop for glasses anywhere online, including Zenni.

Time is Ticking Away

And especially if you're over 40, be sure to have your eye health checked regularly. Because you can't get away with neglecting your health like you did in your resilient 20s and 30s.

When ordering eyeglasses online, please allow up to 21 days for delivery. The People's Republic of China is working hard to serve you better. And also allow an extra month if your manufacturer is inside the quarantine zone for a SARS outbreak or Wutan Coronavirus.

Children are a blessing.

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