How To Stay Up to Date in 2020 and Beyond

One man alone can't keep current, nor can he keep you current.

Alone, any one of us, any ten of us can be censored, silenced, marginalized. But by following a group of people on multiple platforms, you'll find they can't censor us all.

And because each of these have their own lists on multiple platforms, some openly, some covertly, you'll be able to stay current on the most relevant news.

They may dwell or lurk on Discord, Telegram, Pol, SnapChat, 4chan, LiveLeak, and many platforms you've never heard of, each being used to to announce and curate news that shows up on Anne Coulter and Donald Trump's Twitter feed in a matter of minutes or hours.

A Short List of Some Anti-Zog/Pro-White/Nationalist Personalities Currently Active on Twitter at Time of Publication:

The greatest curators practice the policy that the best comes from the least. Because these are the most censored of all. If you've followed the least of these accounts, you've followed me.


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