Free Money For The Movement

 Sometimes it seems this movement has a shortage of people who...

1) Have money 2) Are willing to spend it on white people and especially pro-white people

If you're giving money to the "pretty good" church that's "not all that pozzed" and promoting "one race, the human race" and has race mixing and never names the Jews, you're simply giving money to the devil.

You may as well put your daughter right on Satan's lap if you're going to put money in his offering plate.

George Soros is handing out billions like candy. What are we doing?

As soon as someone...

1) Has money they
2) Forget where they came from

They've got their gated community and think bullets and wildfires won't bother them a bit when the guillotine mob comes for them.

A conservative is someone who conserves their money. There's a reason cranium sizes have been getting smaller and smaller the last 50 thousand years or so.

That's because you can't outsmart the blade.

Just because it's wrong (and foolish and stupid) to hoard your wealth doesn't mean you don't need to RAISE a few billion dollars for a worthy cause, like the guillotine fund.

Because at some point, a whole lot of big brains need to be smashed across the street so they start remembering who allows them to keep breathing on a daily basis. That's what the eternal fire is about. The big, rich craniums want you to believe in Valhalla heaven where you go after you die and the scary lake of fire where you go after you die and the second death.

To me, and this is my interpretation, the second death is what happens to all of their progeny after THEY die and it's too late.

For example, Princess Diana marries for money or whatever, whores herself out for wealth, then has those two sons. One of them marries a jogger. That's it for Harry. He's all done. End of the line. There's no coming back from that. He paid the toll.

The other one is a bald guy. Kind of a question mark. Where did it go wrong? The Queen Mother is the longest-reigning monarch in English history. She should have stepped down at the first opportunity. Being ruled by women is a curse from God. But that whole royal line is tarnished by the sins of generations past.

If she'd been a male king, surely she would have raised an army and exterminated a lot of traitors by now. Instead, they're thriving under her rule and her country is dying while she powders her nose.

Speaking of killing things that need to die, sometimes the pests attack the garden, the wolves attack the sheep because they smell weakness.

Real weakness will eventually be discovered. Moral weakness, especially.

A liquidator buys for pennies on the dollar and resells to a retailer. Only in real estate is a liquidator called something else but a liquidator.

People can make a pretty good living buying, fixing, and flipping lawn mowers, motorcycles, cars, trucks, houses, and businesses. Getting their hands dirty.

But the 80/20 rule, an all-powerful law of nature which dictates that 80% of princes and kings are useless wimps and need to be shoved into the ocean in broad daylight, dictates that the vast majority of the fortunes made in flipping comes from ONE part of the process.

The highest-paid, easiest work is FINDING the deal, in all cases. Which deals? Well, for entry-level, it's one best answer. One best way to start, far surpassing college, private school, and even the Boy Scouts.

Once you're in, there's one best way to grow. Once you've grown, there's one best way to thrive.

There's a path. For newbies, the best thing is real estate, because idiot retarded joggers can do it. Single moms can do it. Even mentally retarded, one-legged midget single black moms can do it.

For mid-term growth, you build up a little nest egg and make the smartest kind of investments.

From there, you build that empire.

But just because the field your farming happens to be real estate equity doesn't mean you're not generating cash flow. 30% of that belongs to God and all who rob God are sinners and all sinners will pay the wages and the wages of sin is death.

Remember what happened to Princess Diana and her brood. God is merciful, but when He pulls back his bow, he never misses.

If you can't lower yourself to being a dirty, stinking filthy liquidator and would rather wade through sewage for a septic pumping company while midget negroes make millions while sitting on their ass doing practically nothing, then what the hell are you doing being a white supremacist?

We've got a few ideas about what we could do with 30% of your income, you know.

10% to the poor.

10% to the priests. (If you ever meet anyone who sounds more like a Moses-tier Levite than me, putting machetes into the hands of children to massacre the infidels, then go ahead give your priest money to him instead of me.)

And 10% for the food stores. That can be the food bank, the grain silo, or you can store up a barn of grain whiskey if you've got the license for it.

The rest is your. Now if you're building high income intelligently, you could afford to give away 90%. If you can't afford to give 5% of your income, then you've got a problem.


God will make you rich enough to easily afford 30% while you lack for NO GOOD THING.

If you can afford to give away 90% of your income without changing your lifestyle, then I'd worry a lot about whether or not you should buy that third yacht.

Notice that net worth doesn't play a part here. It's income. The increase of the field. That could be 100 to 5,000 acres, but you're the children of God, the Almighty creator. It shouldn't be hard to generate enough income that EVERYONE can give away 30% without sweating it.

If the poor can't give away 30% of THEIR income, then keep giving to the poor until they all can. Starting with white people, particularly the poor Christian white supremacists who nobody seems to set aside money for.

If God makes you "rich" (by today's standards) and you rob God, his army will be along directly to collect. You can fool some of the people, but you can't fool God.

Some say, "I can't raise a family on $250,000 per year" while the working poor earn about $25,000 and raise their kids on that.

If you aren't earning enough money, then you're not managing your time.

I promise 80% of what you're doing is looking busy if you're only earning a quarter million a year. Working harder at looking busy WILL NOT FIX your lack of productivity.

More credentials will not fix it.

More social approval will not fix it.

More dead end "investments" will not fix your lack of faith, your lack of intellectual honesty, and your lack of self-discipline, your greed, sloth, envy, wrath, gluttony, etc.

What will fix all this is a great big wildfire setting you on fire. If you don't want the commies to set you on fire, here's what you do:

1 - Faith.

Only your faith in Jesus will save you. With Jesus, you can do anything. Without him, you can do nothing.

2 - Education.

College and schooling is the antithesis of education. They exist to stop you from learning just as the church exists to stop you from believing. For everything, there is a counterfeit.

3 - Action. Faith and education must result in INTELLIGENT, USEFUL, PRODUCTIVE action. If money is not pouring in like an avalanche hit you, you have no faith, not education, or have taken no action.

Build a money machine. Persist and adapt. Repair or replace.

The best investment of all is putting 10% of your increase into the beggar's cup.

The second best investment is giving 10% of your increase to the priest.

The third best investment is making sure you've got more than food for a year or two when the sh!tshow really begins.

God did not send us wisdom so you'd be a broke-ass childless doofus wage slave forever. That's not what God does.

He doubled Job's wealth, for instance. Was he too rich when he had twice as much? Not in God's opinion.

If you're a liquidator, you're basically recycling the stuff others throw away. Some people build new stuff. That's ok. It's good to build new stuff. But let's make good use of the old stuff, too. For those starting out, there's always plenty of money in being a junk man. Generational wealth, in fact.

The best of all worlds is when you get cash from a retailer for inventory you never have to pay for.

Instead of negotiating a finder's fee, you negotiate with both sides for a fair price. Using your legal instruments (contract or option agreement), you tie up someone else's property without spending any money.

Is it legal? Part of it is legal. Some people break the law and put up bandit signs to help them find buyers and sellers. Some people exceed the posted speed limit and infract the statute by not wearing a seat belt.

That's what kills more cops than anything, by the way. Not wearing their seatbelt while handing out speeding tickets which people can't pay unless they put up bandit signs.

But I wouldn't advise you to break the law. Particularly when the punishment is a lot more than a small fine. The seatbelt-free cops just love to arrest people who don't pay the Jew his ad money.

That's what the brake pedal is for, guys.

What? It's there so you can slowly pull over and put your hands at 10 and 2 on the wheel. What did you think I mean?

Get your mind right.

The better you are at marketing (where the money is made) the less sophisticated your negotiation skills need to be.

Find a motivated seller and flip the option agreement.

And quit breaking the law!

If you put money into the love and forgiveness cup, the people will be extra kind when they come for you with machetes for your faithlessness, INFIDEL!

Oh. And since you won't give money to the white supremacists, your reward is you get to crawl on your hands and knees to a negro who will teach you how to make real money. Then maybe you'll beg for God's forgiveness, worthless, godless white slave.

As you know by now, I'm much too kind, sweet, patient and loving to want that to happen to you. 

There are many traps on the way to wealth, so learn your craft before the fact, and learn it so well you automatically know the good advice from bad advice. It will take time, but that time is going to pass anyway. So put down the bottle and pick up a book.


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