Building the Highly-Defensible, Energy-Efficient $50 Earth-Integrated House Without Breaking Your Back

The cities are erupting into a racial civil war. The election's been stolen in the dead of night right under our noses and Communism is coming like freight train.

In the age of Elon Musk's SpaceX, Tesla, and Starlink the sky's the limit. Knowledge is power. But for those who can't afford a ten million dollar space ticket to Mars someday, digging in may be the better option. The future may be under your feet. The billionaires are boring tunnels. Maybe they're onto something. 

Urban and suburban American's have seen enough. They're flocking to go off-grid to survive whatever's coming. They can't pay their rent or mortgage and if they can't sell their house, they may have just lost their whole net worth after a lifetime of faithful wage slave service to the children of the devil in urbanite hell.

But even if they can somehow get a cheap piece of land somewhere, most Americans don't have bulldozer money in their pocket, much less the money to pour a foundation. Especially not in 2020, the year of the lockdown.

With the bailout money, they might be able to buy a chainsaw and something to sharpen it with. But at $20,000 for a used mini-excavator, even if they can find a property with timber, they can't dig down to get their house out of the elements, the wind chill, to start below the frost line and the hot sun beating down to create even the most temporary of shelters. 

But what if you could?

If only you can dig effectively, repurpose a bit of the timber on a property, burn less of it per year and burn it more efficiently, then you can build a Mike Oehler-style $15 earth-integrated home (or commie-resistant shelter built into a berm) that needs a lot less heating and cooling. Chars the bottoms of the load-bearing poles (calling them piers) and wraps the bottoms in polyurethane plastic. (Garbage bags.)

Which means you don't need as much land and it doesn't need to be in the middle of a forest. 

This fact alone could easily save you $100,000. Probably at least DOUBLE that.

If only you can dig!

Update: I recently showed you how this very project pays you $4,000 an hour!

If you know the 2 secrets to cutting perfect planks from trees, if you've got half-decent abilities with a chainsaw and have the know-how, then I'm convinced an ordinary person (someone like you, maybe) could build an energy-efficient $50 to $40,000 earth-integrated house you'd actually want to live in. Not just some drafty old cabin in the woods that's cold even with the wood stove on high heat.

And a cabin (or a shack) is not always worth insulating. 

A well-lit, spacious and airy house with beautiful, even superior views and...

1 No foundation
2 Less building material
3 Less labor
4 More aesthetically pleasing
5 Less property tax
6 That's Warm in Winter
7 Passively Cooled in the summer
8 With a better view than conventional homes
9 Increased yard/garden space on the same property
10 With a built-in greenhouse
11 Ecologically sound
12 That Doubles as a fallout shelter
13 Is highly defensible (virtually bulletproof and blast-resistant)
14 Inherently Well-Concealed
15 Closer to sources of water
17 Relatively fireproof
18 Pipes never freeze
19 Superior flooring
20 Can be built by anyone
21 Weatherproof
22 Less maintenance
23 Quiet and Soundproof

Turns out it can also be somewhat regulation-resistant. Read Mike Oehler's shockingly anti-white "The $50 and Up Underground House Book" for more some of the little-known realities about code enforcement.

But when you know something about how building permits are enforced, it starts to remind you of the way speeding is kinda sorta enforced sometimes. And, of course, nobody you know smokes marijuana illegally, right? 

Remember: Drug laws were put into place under Nixon to help him harass and shut down the seditious anti-white commie meetings and teen urban youth thugs in the black panthers whose gatherings were otherwise protected by the first amendment. 

Respectable people (whites) don't get harassed like the negroes because they obey speed limits, wear seat belts, care about breathing clean air, aren't hedonistic sex perverts, and generally speaking, they don't smoke the reefer. You don't mind getting the required building permits because you want to live in a safe home, right?

The problem is that's a lot of assumptions. The devil didn't trick you into behaving like the dirty hippies.

Enforcement was always intended to harass and shake down the subversive homosexual negro communist element, but now the tables have turned and almost EVERYONE is behaving like the gay hedonistic adulterous hippies. 

Women in church are dressed like lumberjacks. I haven't seen a woman in a dress SINCE MY YOUTH. 

These days, the commies in power are doing the same thing to us by shutting down Thanksgiving and  Christmas with their plandemic lockdown.

What I'm saying is code enforcement isn't the same everywhere. A building permit costs a fortune in southern California. You've got to pay fifty grand before you can touch a shovel. But remote areas aren't that way. 

Oehler cites work-arounds like building a little permitted structure. With any little building permit, (even for a 200 square foot structure), you get your utilities hook-up.

Dirty hippies may have no use for septic systems because they want to compost it, but at $100+ installed cost, a bare-minimum inspected DIY septic system is an option. (You don't even need to use it. You just need to have it.)

After that, adding on is simple. Barns, sheds, and other non-permitted exempt structures may or may have a power cable and provides a ready explanation for all the construction noise to your nosy snitch neighbors. 

If you later decide to sell, an electrician, plumber, or inspector may sign off on your work and you might collect all the proper permits after we figure out if we're even going to survive the purge or not. 

In the meantime, baby needs a crib. Know what I mean? We're just trying to be fruitful and multiply over here. 

The fines may accrue when you try to sell, but that doesn't apply to people who don't plan to sell.

Anyone can build it if they can dig. That's a big if. I don't happen to have a Bobcat Skid Steer. Do you? Maybe I could borrow one from you. 

Even if you do, not every area lends itself to digging. Some properties are right on the bedrock. Which is not the worst thing. A wise man builds his house on the rock.  Or at the very least, below the frost line. 

Labor is reduced, but not eliminated. You need an excavator, maybe friends or volunteers, and you'll probably want to scrounge up some windows and other supplies. 

You've got a pickup truck to go scrounging, right? I hope so. Because a subcompact car is not the ideal tool for picking up free pallets to build with.  

It's not hard to find the plans, systems, and mentorship to build your aircrete or solarium-heated house or whatever.

But how the devil do you move dozens of cubic yards of dirt and rock caught up in a tangle of roots? 

I suddenly got really, really interested in using machines to move dirt after I moved two truckloads of "free" woodchips from a tree cutting service. Hey. Some of it was actually chipped. The rest is now Hügelkultur. (Buried nutrients.) Believe it or not, spreading two truckloads of wet wood in two days is somewhat less fun than it sounds.

I also took a temporary warehouse job unloading trucks. They wonder why the turnover is so high at that job. It's because you're measuring your work output in tons per day,

Maybe Tennessee Ford could move 16 tons a day, but that's asking an awful lot of a coddled urbanite refugee from CHOP. Maybe the yids figured out the quickest way to get someone to put a gun in their mouth is to show them how sore the human body can possibly be from a hard day's work.

You could buy a piece of equipment to help you do the work, but if you're paying for the machine by loading trucks, you may as well just dig that damned house yourself. 

What we need is a cheaper machine. Or something that helps us use our own body more efficiently. Something like those lifting straps that help you move furniture. A force multiplier. A human-powered steam shovel. Or something that makes it fast and easy to lift and move very heavy rocks

Or something that recruits your strongest muscles to do all the work. A human-powered steam shovel with bicycle peddles came to mind. Because at 80% capacity, you can harness A LOT of human power and ride all day.

But once you overpower the arms, the shoulders, or that precious column of disks and vertebrae, you're only going to be as strong as your weakest link, no matter how strong you are.

Some men with fused spines appear to be crazy strong and small backpackers can carry very heavy loads because they've taken the weak link (the spine) out of the equation.

Or you can put the weight at the top of your shoulders (Handi-Straps), or move the load to your hips. The top of your pelvis a platform that's built to carry plenty of weight. 

A bicycle is an excellent example of how small mechanical improvements can massively increase output such as decreasing calories per mile traveled. (On flat ground, anyway.)

If only you could make some kind of a "bicycle". But for digging. 

Human-powered spring lathes built the furniture of the 18th century, and are still in use today. As are peddle-powered sewing machines. Where is the peddle-powered shovel?

One thing Mike Oehler won't teach you is how to dig while letting your strongest muscles do the work. With the right technique, you can go all day. 

No matter how strong your arms are, you don't want to be using your arms to do the primary work. Let you hips do the work.

Notice he's wearing gloves and not moving his feet very much, moving a wheelbarrow load in less than 3 minutes. That's more than a cubic yard of dirt per hour. There's almost certainly a better wheelbarrow for the job. 

With a helper, an experienced grave digger can dig a little over 4 cubic yards in 4 to 5 hours of digging. You can see why killers have men dig their own graves. Why would a man dig his own grave? The math is pretty simple. 

You're not thinking of it from the killer's point of view, but your own. If you start digging, you get to live a little longer. You never know. Maybe your fortune will change in the next few hours. An experience killer doesn't need an experienced grave digger. He just needs patience.

But maybe the killer wouldn't kill so many people if it meant he had to dig a grave every time. If you think about it like that, screw the guy. Let him dig the grave. If I sacrifice a few hours of life, this guy will have to dig all night and he'll get tired of killing people.

But the sum total of our civilization is unable to do this kind of mental math, for some reason. We don't think of others, or put ourselves in the shoes of the killer. We only think of ourselves.

It doesn't occur to a woman to report a rapist. Why would she do that? Wow. I don't know. Maybe to stop him from raping someone else!

Or maybe you'd want to inconvenience a killer so that he can't use easy, cheap concentration camps and mass graves. Screw those guys. If they're going to kill us anyway, make them pay for the bullets. Even if you're out of ammo yourself, fix bayonets. 

Don't wander off like sheep to the death camps and don't work at Satan's bullet factory for shit wages. 

That's really the point of digging in. It's what soldiers do. When you know they're going to be attacked, you want a big wall of dirt between you and the enemy. It might cost a few more boxes of ammo to get you. 

If they want to get you, it's going to cost them. That's the point. 

Stick houses exist for the convenience of the tyrant. It's easier to nuke people who live in wooden houses instead of fallout shelters.

If they can simply cut your power or utilities and freeze you out in winter, then you've made their job really easy.  

You're making it super easy to burn you out when you live in the wrong kind of construction. 

They've got our whole country living in indefensible, over-priced wooden houses that are about as vulnerable to fire as a can of gasoline. And then they've also made it more expensive, difficult, and time-consuming to rebuild, they took away your job or business so you can't pay your insurance premiums.

What's next? Black Panthers marching through the suburbs with torches, of course. And there goes your suburban paradise forever. 

Digging your own grave and digging your own house are basically the opposite things.

In the 60s, the anti-white hippies had to lay low while whites were in power. Now it's our turn to dig in and lay low, going underground (literally) because the anti-white commies are rising to power.

I suspect in 20 to 40 years, probably after the purge, much of the leftist rule will blow over or implode and white Christians will rise to some semblance of power again. 

But Obadiah certainly thought it was beneficial to hide the prophets. In 1 Kings 18:4, Obadiah hid a hundred prophets of God in two caves, fifty in each, to protect them from Jezebel, Ahab's wife, who was trying to murder all the prophets of God. 

Outwardly, Russia appears to be largely under white Christian control at the moment. Which should be (almost) the biggest news of our lifetime. Oddly enough, not a peep about it from any institution anywhere on earth. 

It's almost like they don't want you to know.

With God, anything you do will prosper. Hail Jesus!


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