Want to Earn $4,000 an Hour by Digging Holes in the Ground?

Or how about $320,000 per hour just talking into your telephone to your friends? I'll show you both.

I recently pointed you to a proven, established method of building a house underground for about $50 of materials plus a couple weeks of labor. A whole house. A valuable, quality, comfortable, very nice, airy, livable house worth at least a couple hundred thousand dollars.

It's work. It takes digging, which is real, hard labor, but only two weeks. Less than 80 hours. There are ways to make that work a lot easier, but first you need to know what it's worth.

In the long term, those hours save you at least $200,000 in home building costs on your own land, plus another $100,000 in heating costs over the life of the house. (Let's call it 50 years or so, to make the math easier.)

Owning a dug-in, properly designed, well-drained, well-lit home further reduces your maintenance costs, such as periodic roof repairs and replacements. That's another $20,000.

In other words, I've shown you how 2 weeks of digging can save you at least $320,000 before factoring decreased property tax, fire risk and insurance costs and more.

Yes, it's work. But it's work that pays you $4,000 an hour. If someone offered to pay you $4,000 an hour to dig a ditch for him, I'll bet you'd take the money.

But when it's time to dig out your own home, you don't want to do it.

But let's set aside YOU for a minute, as hard as that is to do for the solopsistic godless Satan-worshipping generation, and think of others.

If you gave this good advice to others, and showed them how to make $4,000 an hour digging ditches, and it took you 20 hours of public speaking or writing to get 20 guys to dig their own homes instead of doing things the idiotic stupid way everyone else does things, then you'd be creating $6.4 million dollars of value for those guys.

In theory. 

And on paper, the value of your time would therefore be worth $320,000 dollars per hour.

This is a rough estimate of my value to you if (and only if) 20 guys actually spend a couple of weeks digging out an energy-efficient home, heated by the southern sun in the winter as well as the relatively warm earth below the frostline. Maybe a wood stove. 

If 20 guys every 20 hours listens and does what I say, then I don't need to be an architect, an artist, an engineer, a designer, or even a curator. I can merely be the promoter, the retweeter, the finder of finders of rare earth architects, and my value is hundreds of thousands of dollars per hour.

That's my potential. Your potential as a sharer of wisdom. The highest-paying profession. It just doesn't pay in cash. It pays you in another currency. A currency you (the masses) don't want. Life. Abundant life. Long life. Eternal life.

That's why I freely give out this kind of free advice no one really listens to, that no one shares, that no one gives two shits about. 

Because I know my life and lifetime and efforts, my intuition and innovation and communication are much more valuable to others than it could ever be to myself. 

Who listens to people like me? If not Ivanka Trump and Elon Musk, then at least their advisors seem to.

Most people only appreciate something when you stick a dollar tag on it. Because money is all they value. Not America. Not service or sacrifice or righteousness, but cash, always cash, and only cash.

Nothing else and no one else seems to have any value to the rich, the poor, the fools, the miserable wretches clogging up our largely wasted civilization of doomed idiots.

The masses are made up of the sort who don't appreciate the strategic, defensive value of stealthy passive house homesteads until the rapists are forcing you to watch them rape all your daughters to death with 100 dicks a day.

That's the moment you'll remember I told you so. When your wife's tears and blood are on the clothes of your enemies.

You know? Value. Real value. Not just the cash. Not just dollars, but salvation. Being saved from hell.

How do you put a price tag on a fortress like that? Or on the price of a shovel that makes the work go a little easier.

That's how a salesman sells $1,000 shovels, by the way. Some shovels are $50,000. But that's because they come equipped with hydraulics. 

Suppose some of your children survive the communist purge. Suppose one of your surviving daughters, absent all access to wisdom and parenting decides to keep the rapist's baby  instead of dashing it against a rock.

The baby grows up to become a nation of rapists. A nation that suffers forever. Like Haiti.

That's the consequences of failing to listen. That's the cost of not buying this wonderful $1,000 shovel which pays for itself in the first 15 minutes you use it.

In 15 minutes, you're dug down deep enough to protect your whole body from gunfire whizzing buy just inches overhead. Can you put a price on that kind of safety? I doubt it.

The real cost of ignorance is this:

Nothing you say will ever be worth $320,000 per hour (in all probability) other than "thank God" when things go well for you. Nothing else you say will ever matter. Not really. 

And that's it. That's all your life will be. Without wisdom, yours will be the standard, cookie-cutter Satanic life of no worth of any kind, filled with torment day and night because you've allowed yourselves to be deceived.

You'll eat your own children for soup, be sold into slavery and no one will buy you.

And that's after you're put to death. Instead of laying out a banquet in the presence of your enemies, the torments set aside for the devil, his children, and their servants will be laid out for you.

You'll find no task that's worth $4,000 an hour. You'll find no tasks that's worth your time. You'll do nothing, and poverty will creep into your windows and snatch everything you own.

The Lord our God will not hear your prayers, and will not answer them. You will become food for the cannibals, the coyotes, and the worms. 

The most savage of foreign nations will overtake your land, will rise higher and higher in power above you because you didn't love the Lord your God. Deep in your heart, you hated the word, hated the truth and threw all your arms and legs around Satan's lies like a long-lost lover returned from war. 

There will be no future but the ashen wreckage of a ruined people disgusted with themselves, with their filth and poverty, living in fear at every moment while the rich celebrate the growth of their wealth by oppressing the poor, the widow, and the orphan.

Being valued as a giver (or seller) of advice takes skill. Skill takes practice. And to practice the right things you need knowledge. That means reading. Reading the right things. Thinking about what you read.

And that seems a lot like work. People hate work. It's why they quit doing it when nobody's paying them every two weeks.

If you're like most people, you don't earn anywhere near the maximum amount you could. You just make the maximum anyone will pay you on a weekly or hourly basis. If you work toward something with a long-term payoff, you could make a lot more.

Paid enough to quit his job in 6 months. The business was scalable, but he chose not to invest the time to learn how to scale it. Like the eternal employee, he chose the quick and easy reward, the fast buck, the easy payout.

He wanted to retire on the next big deal, but hadn't done any of the work to figure out how that's done. There are many traps on the way to wealth. He didn't seem to have the time to learn what they are.

There's ways to make digging easier, even without the expense of hydraulics. You can learn some technique or get some leverage, some mechanical advantage, and it makes the whole process much easier, your safe, defensible, fire-resistant house built faster and cheaper than you ever thought possible.

What it takes is that tiny seed of faith Jesus keeps talking about.


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