Demoralization Policy

Trigger Warning: This article may be demoralizing to our enemies who hate Jesus and therefore it's likely they'll be instructed not to read this.

Disclaimer: Entertainment purposes only. No similarity to real persons or events is implied nor should be inferred. Don't try this at home. If you're off your meds, don't read this. If you're not over 18, don't read this. If you're not of sound mind, don't read this. If you've been diagnosed with an anti-social personality disorder, don't read this. If you have PMS or any other condition which qualifies as "temporary insanity", rage issues, or got sent here by an angry buddy, don't read this. Don't do it. No. Stop. You're so mean.

Love conquers all.

Basically, this is a love letter to the leading minds in law enforcement to let them get a clearer picture of what kinds of things can happen if and when things start to go very badly, such as a civil war in France, for example, or a second civil war in the United States.

Even if you're much smarter than me, you probably need to know what kind of dumb things might occur to the civilians among you. The people who read books and watch movies have a few ideas. Here are some of the dumbest ones:

Let's begin:

IMHO, conventional warfare is mainly about invoking paralysis through demoralization.

Thought war was about killing? Not according to Sun Tsu. It's about deception, more than anything. Fighting is costly. You shouldn't fight unless there's something to be gained.

And if you're fighting, you need a force multiplier. By whatever means you can get it, including deception, you need leverage in warfare or else you'll quickly go bankrupt.

The strong should make themselves appear weak, inviting attacks they can easily thwart and the weak should appear strong, discouraging the attacks they can't survive. 

For example: Christianity is strong enough to bankrupt any civilization or empire that attacks it. It's policy: Be humble. Individual Christians are vulnerable, so they are to give glory to God in all they do.

Jesus demonstrates the stink bug policy. "Stink bugs" discourage predators by stinking up the place when they die. By forgiving his enemies AS THEY WERE KILLING HIM, Jesus taught his disciples how to become the ultimate stink bugs. 

You can crush one if you dare, but you'll never stop regretting it. Even 2,000 years later, the whole planet smells like Jesus. Leave them alive and they'll systematically expose the twisted, evil tyrants.

As Bart Simpson pointed out, you're damned if you do and damned if you don't. Some of the bugs are really noisy, chirping all night. But no matter what you do, you can't stomp on those noisy crickets without accidentally crushing quite a few stink bugs in the process.

Demoralization is the leverage in warfare.

I know what I'm talking about. I saw an article on Wikipedia.

What demoralization achieves: Paralysis.

Your guys move. Your enemy's guys don't. 

Paralysis, delay or retreat should be the goal of any effective demoralization campaign. (Insert mental picture of Count Vlad the Impaler's Forest of the Impaled.)

Impaling a forest of people is considered insane. By some.

That's why he did it. And he made sure the enemy was impaled in such a way that many of them were still alive when the enemy scouts arrived.

Because a guy on a stick describing how he got that way, how many days he's been impaled, begging for help is even more demoralizing than a crucifixion. 

Especially in ancient times, there's no way to save a guy who's been impaled like that. Any attempts to do so will only kill him quicker. All you can do is watch him die or put him out of his misery.

Him or her, actually. Gotta be politically correct, right?

Maybe men, women, children, dogs, the elderly and their gold fish. Whatever does the job. Impalement isn't the act of an insane man. It's the highly effective work of an effective propagandist, practiced for centuries.

Vlad crafts a story that you can't tell incorrectly. It's impossible. Unless you said, "There are some guys on sticks over there." Which really buries the lead.

Call it a weeping and wailing forest of the damned stretching for miles in every direction. Whatever. Just go back and tell them what you saw, and it's sure to have the desired effect.

There's almost nobody you can relay this story to that won't turn them white with fear. Almost no way you can convey these facts that won't deliver the desired psychological punch, even centuries after it's occurred.

And we know it was practiced by men like you and me. More like me than you, tbh. 

Your political theater must be advertised. Does a tree of the impaled fall in the forest without crying in agony? If you've got a great story, you've got to make some noise about it! It's called word-of-mouth advertising. Nothing beats it.

And there's no cheaper advertising than creating a story your enemy can't resist passing along to one another in gory, horrifying detail. (The link takes you to obvious communist propaganda.)

The military scout's report (about infinite suffering) is a loud and clear reminder that there's nothing Vlad's not willing to do to those who dare to attack him. 

And it's crystal clear that his thirst for torture and cruelty is limitless. You might get to paradise after being impaled by Vlad's troops, but Roman crucifixion would have gotten you there a whole lot faster. There's another bit of genius about it, but I'll let you sit and spend the rest of your life wondering what it is.

Uncle Vlad was an absolute genius. The drug cartels are bunny rabbits by comparison.

Effective vs. Ineffective Propaganda:

Propaganda either works or it doesn't. 

Ineffective Propagandists:

The Pareto Curve is a law of nature. Somehow, almost all broadcasters are below average. Only a few are great.

All propagandists are ineffective if they fail to realize that propaganda is a weapon. A weapon of attack. An attack weapon whose target is the amygdala: The fear center of a living organism. 

Effective Propagandists:

This is one thing that makes the Bible insanely effective. Insanely great.  

The purpose of propaganda is to demoralize the enemy while simultaneously boosting the fighting effectiveness, productivity, efficiency and morale of friendlies.

Under Vlad (the Orthodox Christian) you might, for example, circulate diagrams instructing your guys in the quickest and most reliable ways to vertically impale thousands of captured POWs without killing them for 8 days or more.

Just one of dozens of torturous methods Vlad, the "Impaler King" used in his lifetime.

Propaganda about snipers and flamethrower units could be effective since these are among the most demoralizing weapons ever created, and have been used very successfully by white people.

Other Demoralizing Weapons: 

Shotguns loaded with buckshot rank pretty high up there. The Germans. fans of flamethrowers, didn't like what shotguns did to soldiers in the trenches.

Well, if you saw your buddies wandering around dying, screaming and crying bloody murder with half his head left, you might have some objections, too.

The Germans famously filed a formal complaint about them.


Snipers famously sap morale, pinning down people who (up until they started hearing the crack of carefully-aimed gunfire) thought they had the freedom to go grab a sandwich from the cafeteria.

Shooters can also use the Full Metal Jacket treatment to suck in one soldier after another. Kinda gets you down when your smartest buddies just can't seem to pass that IQ test.

Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but I'd imagine snipers would allow your other infantry to move in (or move up) with light arms, covering each other as they move forward with a guardian angel (sharp shooters) over their shoulder.

Your guys feel good.

Theirs feel bad.

Yours move. Theirs don't.

Pretty simple, really.

I'm no general, but... Who am I kidding. A priest is basically a battlefield general. 

If the hairs aren't already standing up on the back of your neck, it's likely because you still haven't realized who I am.

The Levites (like Moses and Aaron) were priests descended from Levi, renowned for his anger and cruelty, taking vengeance on Dinah's rapists by killing a town full of men with his brother Simeon.

As a result, Levi's progeny was cursed to be dispersed among the other tribes, teaching them how to be more ruthless, I suppose. Levitical law begins with pages of details about how to sacrifice animals to an Almighty God. 

It all starts with animal sacrifice, you know. Or so we're told. It's always the quiet ones.

Ritual animal sacrifice is the sort of thing which might put a little fear into a white man. Which reminds me. I still haven't killed anything today. Damn it. It's 7 AM!


Suppose you've got some snipers. How many? I don't know. Enough.

These shooters can lay down some real heavy cover fire (or drop a few screaming bodies in strategic locations) so the guys with the flamethrower can move in super close and suffocate any small enclosure, especially foxholes, pillboxes, tunnels, houses or whatever.

In the ancient days, you'd have archers and slingshots accomplishing the same things. In modern times, the same is achieved with rifles and mortars. 

The ancient Hebrews were known to rain down fire from the sky. And to this day, they continue to do so. We're the hammer of God. No doubt about it. God's not wrong about us.

Alternatively, your grenadiers could lob in some frags, in recent decades. Depends on what kind of environment you've got, I suppose. Politically, more than anything else. There are some disadvantages to the strictly top-down structure. 

If you want effective fighting forces, the guys closest to the action need to be able to make decisions independent of leadership. If you want ineffective fighting forces, you punish any and all breaks in the chain of command.

That way, a small number of politically-motivated, democratically-elected traitors at the top can screw up the entire campaign with the stroke of a pen, often condemning  thousands of perfectly fine fighting men to a pointless death, capture, or some other form of surrender.

Flame Throwers:

But boy, those Germans under Hitler sure liked their flamethrowers. Only an anti-Christ commie would object to the white man using one. They can suffocate a whole room full of bi-coastal bad guys quicker than they can bleed out from a heart shot.

So I'm told.

They have another advantage. Besides putting a huge smile on Christ's face. 

It seems a guy doesn't even need a concealed carry license to carry one, as if such a thing would make any sense whatsoever. 

Someone was thinking ahead!

Unlike rifles, they're "unstoppable." Cops will stop a guy carrying a rifle and harass him. It never fails. Little cops. Even FEMALE cops. But a guy carrying a flamethrower? They might just stand back and shout at him through a bullhorn from a safe distance.

The fear of fire is hard-wired. It's the world's most terrifying way to toast marshmallows. Humans have mastered their fear of fire. But that's assuming the fireball is staying in one place and isn't chasing you.

It's hard to find a cop who's dumb enough to tangle with a column of men going for a walk to church with flamethrowers strapped to their backs. Especially if they're spitting out flame like fire-breather Fredrik Karlsson. (Pictured.)

 And if a guy's got a really huge fuel tank on his back, the political dudes (in charge of telling those police what to do) probably know better than to use any projectiles or tasers while a fuel tank is within 50 yards of any other civilians.

Heck, you don't even need a flamethrower to make a cop nervous. I'd imagine they'd get the shakes if they saw you and your buddies just walking around in your jackboots with some half-empty gas cans.

Or is it half-full? Depends who you ask.

Don't worry. They'll come up with something. It just won't be projectiles and tasers. Maybe they'll just try to tackle those mean old "Nazis" carrying bright red gas cans to match their bright red MAGA hats. 

Really old school stuff, right? 

Anyway, there's a difference between a guy with a flamethrower and a guy with a flamethrower who's holding a frag grenade with the pin out.

If a guy with a flame thrower pack has a guardian angel, he's even harder to tangle with. This could be a sharp-shooter, some buddies laying down cover fire, or an "angel" in a tower somewhere, stacking up bodies with a bolt-action creating an even larger perimeter one corpse at a time.

The No-Helo Zone:

And if that sniper's buddies are all carrying low-tech RPGs, the helicopters can't get in close enough to do anything about it. You can't turn off an RPG. It has no electronics. 

Not on a consistent basis, anyway.

This turned out to be a problem in Somalia or Afghanistan. Americans were high-tech, but couldn't get in close with helicopters because the sand people had low-tech rocket-propelled grenades.

Ingress/Egress Dirt Bikes:

Camels are quiet. Quieter than electric motorbikes. Quiet and fast. And long-range. They're the dirt bikes of the Sahara.

Now imagine a quiet battalion on dirt bikes. Light infantry becomes light, fast, stealth infantry.

Now they're not restricted to roads like the police are. Police have motorcycles, but they're designed for the open road. Maybe a paved alleyway. 

Dirt bikes can disappear into the backwoods in about 30 seconds by following any deer trail whatsoever. You can hear them, but you can't see them.

When electric dirt bikes disappear, you can't even hear them once they get a little distance on ya.

Urban environment? No problem. They can go up and down stairs. Maybe even parking garage stairs. Hint, hint.

Unlike the movie Rambo, if a kid grew up on dirt bikes, he  probably knows how to ride a dirt bike up a mountain. By zig-zagging instead of trying to go straight up. 

90% of guerilla warfare is about getting away quickly. The rest of it doesn't require anywhere near as much speed, stealth or skill, IMO. 

My assumption is that the first 60 seconds of your egress is going to be the hard part. If you get that part handled, it's downhill from there. In the movie Michael Collins, this part of the operation was solved by a bicyclist toting along a spare bike for the trigger man. 

Navy SEAL Team Two reportedly couldn't operate anywhere that wasn't sprinting-distance to their waiting rubber river raft, if I remember correctly. (It's in Good to Go by Harry Constance, but I haven't really cracked open that book for a couple of decades, now.)

Drawbacks to Dirt Bike Egress:

The worst enemy of dirt bike riders is those neck-level trip wires, of course. This can be solved.

If a rider controls an area, he'll be the one putting wires up to deter and demoralize pursuers, so he'll know where they are. 

The dirt biker's version of "Don't run, you'll only die tired" is "Don't chase me. You'll only die decapitated or paralyzed from the neck down."

I mean, a guy can also put a piece of curved rebar over the front of the bike so the wire slips over the top instead of taking the rider's head clean off. The farmers with four-wheelers do it the other way and ride over the top of their electric fences. A curved bar forms a big skid plate-style attachment that presses the wire down under the vehicle and then the tires run right on top of it.

I know a man's not limited to using anything as kind and quick as a decapitation wire to fence off an area, but frankly, I just know too damn much to play with high voltage or explosives.

If you chase me, you won't be electrocuted or blown up unless I get someone else to rig that stuff for me.

Delegating the Explosives Duty:

If I captured a slave army, maybe it would be different. I might have a slave set up some nasty traps, but my guys wouldn't touch the stuff. 

I'm sure they'd be too busy impaling guys, anyway.


Those are the dumbest ideas I can come up with at the moment. Hope it helps. God bless America.


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