Can You Learn 20 Times Faster Than Tim Ferriss?

Ever heard of hyper-learners Tim Ferriss and Elon Musk? MORONS! 
The genius high-achieving author and businessman Tim Ferriss has mastered the art of learning how to learn efficiently.

He's a truly great man. Why?  

Because he's highly organized, learns by doing, and applies what he learns, conducts tests and can show you the all the facts and figures, proving he's awesome and accomplished. And that's great. You should learn. And you should learn strategically, like Tim does. 

And like Tim Ferris, you can and should learn by doing.

But what if I told you you could learn 20 times faster than Tim Ferriss?

Ferriss hops on a plane, learns from an expert, blogs or writes a book about he discovers. Which seems like a high-overhead learning strategy.

In the time it takes Tim to fly to from the US to China to learn from a Karate master, or from China to Argentina to learn from a dance champion, you could have learned the fundamental myths and misconceptions, the most common mistakes, cautions, and complaints about 5 different life directions.

Faster Than A Flight To Japan

While Tim is refreshing himself on speaking Mandarin by perusing his flashcards during a 17-hour transpacific flight, you're looking at what it takes to clicker-train dogs, how to be several different styles of horse whisperer, you'll know what it costs and how long it takes to live the RV life, and find out what most guys are doing wrong when dating, lifting weights, dieting, or real estate investing.

By the time he touches down ready to meet and greet one world-renowned master, you've pumped through hundreds of blog posts, podcasts, videos, emails, comments, reviews on several subjects or distance-learning courses, narrowing down your interests while getting all your errands done.

While he's waiting to pick up his checked luggage (Travel hack: Never check any luggage. Learn to live out of your carry-on bag while skating through the airport at high speed in Heelies) you're already networking on Facebook groups with established, experienced professionals about installing a combination storm cellar/wine cellar/root cellar/bomb shelter with a rented earth-mover you got for 30 days at the bargain price of a couple grand. You're asking about charring the end of the posts harvested from the property you paid for with its own timber on the property you acquired via owner finance.

For privacy reasons it's held in a land trust instead of your own name. All the assets you control belong to an LLC because you learned how to be judgment-proof.

You decided not to learn a foreign language because it pays more to master real estate investing in the same amount of time.

Based on a Malcolm Gladwell talk, you decided not to attend or graduate from any university that can't show the value of its treatment effect, if any. Until then, it's obvious nothing is offered more than a cheap, low-caliber, common denominator education for commoners. Today's university degree is a mass-produced product, not tailored, nor suitable for those who strive to achieve any level of greatness in any field of life.

It's basically the Big Mac of education. It's advertised as cheap, convenient, artificial, and advertised as providing some kind of paradise for non-whites. Accomplished men gladly pay ten times more (or shrewdly pay ten times less less) for a vastly superior education.

Learning is an investment of time, money, attention and effort. Not all investments are created equal. Fools rush in and break their legs, exploding when they smash into the bottom of the ravine.

Then their parents commit ritual seppuku in despair and shame while their girlfriend bangs a gross, ugly bald guy who made the right choices in life.

Learn Law #1 of selecting subjects: There's no safety in numbers. 

If history is any guide, God smashes complete idiots. You'll see the Bible confirms this in spades if you ever read it. If you go to church instead you'll become an expert at tithing. (See the section below on pimps and hos.)

Law #1 comes from Earl Nightingale and Noah. If everyone wants to be an astronaut, then don't be an astronaut. If nobody else is listening to God, listen to God. If nobody else is building an ark, build an ark. If the market is buying, then you should be selling and vice versa.

If the market is buying education at tulip bulb prices, then you should be selling out your stockpile.

Most people pick a mountain. Then they climb it. They watch everyone else die on the way to the top. They reach the summit. They have a clear view. They snap some pictures. Suddenly they realize they climbed the wrong mountain.

At the base of the mountain, you don't know what you want. I dated enough girls and did enough study to find out what I want in a relationship. And now I know.

What I want in a woman is a Proverbs 31 woman like the one who married dear old Jacob. I didn't know that at first. But now I do.

The lemmings won't listen to reason. They believe there's safety in numbers and head for the cliff. ( know. Sheep are the real lemmings. They'll follow the flock off the cliff. Look it up.)

There's no safety in numbers. God drowned everyone but Noah's family. The rich, the poor, the priests, widows and orphans, 

Remember Law #1: There is no safety in numbers.

Learning whatever you want is like dating whoever you want. It's a lot riskier than it seems.

When looking for something you might want to learn, you can chase your tail for quite awhile. But a good starting point is to look where the masses aren't looking. Look for what they're trained to hate and distrust.

Germany, for example. It's a little-known fact that a dog-lover named Hitler ended poverty, unemployment, and street crime while creating jets, modern rocketry, freeways, blitzkrieg warfare, stimulant-enhanced super-soldiers and more. But are the universitard masses looking to World War II Germany for some good ideas and inspiration? NOPE. Because all the NPCs say "swastika man bad."

Oh. So you're going to dismiss the greatest, most successful and accomplished orater in the last 20 centuries who conquered as much land area as Alexander the Great. Okee-dokee, then.

To find priceless treasures, start shamelessly rummaging around in places like that. The forbidden knowledge. The politically incorrect ideas like the "Bad Parts" of the Old Testament.

If you deeply distrust basic salesmanship, then spend a few hours to find out the common myths and misconceptions about sales.

If the globohomogenous conformist clown world wants you to laugh at the big zoo boat of the great flood, then you probably need to figure out why they hate, fear and ridicule it so vehemently, so angrily, and so continously.

Choose your subjects the way the masses don't. 

Learn how to learn from the forbidden experts in learning and expect a huge boost. 

It's ok to read through a book cover-to-cover. But is it the right book? Remember what we said about those mountains? You want to climb the right one.

The greatest sherpa will gladly lead you up the wrong mountain. To find the right mountain without falling prey to myths, learn to blast through subjects faster. Here's how to do that:

1) First, look for the common myths and misconceptions. This can be learned from almost any expert. It's easy to find. Google it, FFS.

2) Quickly find out what the common mistakes are. 

3) Learn what not to do. Don't shoot your eye out.

4) Learn what to do. This can be easily accomplished in a weekend. Maybe 90 minutes. This information is almost always free and easy to find when you're looking for it.

Don't fight a battle unless there's something to be gained. Is the juice worth the squeeze?

Do these steps to find the best of ten subjects. Now you can invest more time, energy, and attention on the few.

Legendary copywriter John Carlton tells a story about how he learned marketing. My memory for the details is a little fuzzy, but here's how I remember it.

I believe he wanted a job on Madison Avenue, but thought he'd better prepare before going into the office among the seasoned pros. So he decided to jaunt over to the best library in town to learn the basics, maybe pick up some of the industry jargon so he could follow the conversations once he's rubbing elbows with these entrenched experts.

So he goes to the marketing section and piles up all the books on the table, trying to figure out a way to sort through them. Turns out to be easier than he thought. At a glance, he's able to discard at least 4 out of 5 books without reading more than a few pages. Most of them are garbage. A waste of time.

From the small pile of finalists, he spends a bit more time with each book to find the best ones. Again, even to the amateur eye, the best books leap out of the fray. 

Today, Carlton has a list of ten or so great marketing books. Funny enough, all the best living marketers have roughly the same list. These guys don't care how old a book is. They care how great it is.

After spending a few days with his small stack of marketing books, Carlton felt prepared to meet these Madison Avenue guys. But he quickly realized he knew more than any of them.

If my fuzzy memory is correct, Carlton eventually met his mentor, a man with a vast wealth of marketing knowledge, expertise and accomplishments. An incredible direct response legend named Gary Halbert, who called his buyers "shit-weazles" and who called John's copy "dogshit". The Prince of Print.

Halbert said there are lots of great sales books, but few great marketing books. If marketing is salesmanship multiplied, then a marketer need to study sales, not marketing, then multiply it.

Beginners study the marketing books. The pros study sales. The best study Mohammed, Jesus and Moses who were some of the greatest salesmen of all time. 

Actually, they also study dog training, horse training and lots of other stuff. There's all kinds of cumbersome occult stuff, magic and hypnotic linguistics, and principles of persuasion and conditioning, but to protect yourself and your loved ones, you only need to know a little. You won't need a certification. 

Some illusionists have said they wanted to learn hypnosis because "the magic is real". You know what else is real? Pulling out a gun at a liquor store. But that doesn't make it more entertaining than a card trick.

Know what's out there.

Does it move you toward your goals? Great. But do you have the right goals?

Ok. The fancy climbing rope helped you climb that mountain. It's was the right rope. The right mountain, but you discovered you don't like climbing. Why? Wrong goal.

Maybe you should be climbing on a jet ski instead of climbing a mountain. No ropes required. Or maybe diving is your thing. Or drawing. Maybe you should be putting shoes on donkeys, but you're busy trying to learn the Zen of motorcycle maintenance instead.

You don't just have the wrong tools or the wrong goal, but the wrong activity, the wrong approach or the wrong reasons. 

Because it won't matter what you learn to achieve if it doesn't make you happy, if you don't enjoy the process if it's not fulfilling or ends in disaster.

In the old days of the Gold Rush, Digger Joe got up early and went to bed late every day, working himself to the bone every night for most of his 78 years. He died cold and alone in his mine shaft, thin, pale and exhausted. His only satisfaction and only pleasure was the knowledge that he'd one day bequeath a huge inheritance to his family.

Upon his death, he'd secretly amassed more gold than anyone else in the world. But when the heirs went to collect their treasure at last, they found he'd only dug up worthless fool's gold. Even worse, they never really knew the man who left it to them. Because he was always busy digging.

In the end, Joe hadn't provided anything for his family, had enjoyed none of his life. His works were worthless, his efforts were futile and fruitless because he didn't know the difference between what's priceless and worthless. 

Don't dedicate your life to the wrong pursuit.

I've only spent about 5 years mining for fool's gold. Before digging, make sure it's the right kind of gold.

But if it's right for you, buy the course and complete it. If it's worth the risk, take the risk. 

Do the exercises. Depending on the subject, this might take 5 to 8 weeks. Maybe longer. You might need to work with others. You may need a mastermind, a group or coach. Figure it out.

Before you commit, find out what you're committing to. A foreign language can't be mastered in a semester. Though I've seen a method for picking up a surprising amount of fluency in a year. 

Before dedicating your life to something, learn what else is out there.

Maybe you're a natural writer, a natural investor, salesman, athlete or priest. A natural party planner or host might become a great wedding planner one day. You might host $1,000 per night dinner parties. Maybe you're supposed to be a bricklayer, welder, truck driver, a pipe-fitter, or maybe you're born to operate heavy equipment, but the useful idiots steered you away from these things.

All of these paths can be superbly rewarding to someone of the right personality type or background or interest level, but it's useless to someone who disregards his calling because he's trapped in the common myths and misconceptions of the ignorant masses. 


Ok. You've snipped 9 out of 10 threads. You've taken out the trash by eliminating 9 out of 10 life paths. Now what. Aren't you learning less?

No. If anything, you're learning more. When you're more interested, fascinated or obsessed, do you learn more? If you've found the world's most fascinating subject (which is history, by the way), will you snooze and snore through the course or smoosh your face into the book, lost in daydreams with hairs standing on tip-toe, visualizing how you'll use this knowledge to change things?

By studying fewer things, you'll learn them better.

And because objects of your obsession are always at the tip of your tongue for years, they'll keep popping into your mind as you study subjects B, C, D, and E.

Isn't it odd that managing a hedge fund requires 80% of the laws and principles I learned in a dog-walking course 7 years ago? When these rock-solid universal truths are also found in and among the bones laid to rest in the rocks 55,000 year ago, they allow you to see further into the future and past than others, allow you to make shrewder, surer investments from one day to the next

You'll know for a fact that even a bacterium pursues what retreats (because it's food), and retreats from that which pursues (which wants to eat it), and see these forces in the ancient proverb "The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion", and know in an instant why God spits out the lukewarm Christian, keeping the piping hot and the icy cold. You'll know why fortune favors the bold.

Why? Because from fascination you've latched onto the earliest and most universal instinct, an immutable law of life. You'll conquer with the boldness of Caesar, but attract all wealth, power and opportunity by utterly releasing, rejecting, and refusing it. (See the movie Tao of Steve for a deeper discussion on this.)

Serial killer Ted Bundy got victims into his car by glancing at his watch, he was using this psycholoy to attract strange, cautious women. Oren Klaff and Dan Kennedy pull in business by polarizing and repelling and sorting out the undesirables. The same way Jesus made fishers of men.

When you study anything, such as horse training or dog training, much of what you'll learn is specific to that animal. The type of bit to use with a horse. Their specific nutritional requirements, choosing gear which fits their unique anatomy and instincts.

But many other things are generalizable to training or working with or dealing with humans. 

Other principles you'll learn in horse training, concepts like taking the lead, taking responsibility, knowing that you don't know what you don't know, being assertive, situational can be applied to learning or accomplishing almost anything. Including clam-digging.

A multitude of counselors.

Getting a variety of perspectives on any subject is valuable, practical, and transformational. You can probably learn the basics of yoga from anyone. But you'll never advance beyond a certain point. You quickly learn the commonalities of success and the differences.

If you want to be a great yoga or karate instructor, you must understand marketing.

If you want to understand marketing you must study sales.

To understand sales, you must study religion.

Build on the rock. 

Suppose your marketing system delivers a yoga student who's 80% sold on paying whatever you ask, learning yoga only from you, and they're willing to pay, stay and refer. The marketing is automated. It does most of the work. You still need to close each sale.

Looking for a job instead? The job interview is your sales presentation. You still need to know how to sell. 

Since you can't hire great marketers without giving them most of your profits, you'll need to start by doing most of your own marketing. At least at first. Which means you'll need to know how to sell. And how to up-sell your branded yoga mats.

How to Sell

Learn how to get attention, how to prospect, quality, to reverse the pressure, how to make your case, how to do a presentation, how earn someone's trust by creating credibility, how to position yourself, your product, your company and your presentation, how to face rejection, how to go in the proper sequence including skipping past your own sequence to match your prospect's preference.

If you go to the conference, the guys who succeed aren't talking about the yoga.  They're talking about emotionally manipulating a human being to extract the maximum amount of money with the least amount of time, effort, and expense. They're talking about buying customers, reducing lead costs, eliminating all the waste in their marketing budget. The very best are obsessed with understanding their ideal buyer.

One skill I learned early on is the skill of approaching women. I studied dozens of experts and their differing approaches, but they all had a few things in common. All great approach artists (and great salespeople, btw) have something to say, but focus on how they say it or the energy they're bringing. 

As a young man, I did the math on the most vs. the least expensive ways to rent access to attractive women. Strippers and short-term girlfriends are on the low end. Wives, mistresses, sugar babies tend to be on the high end if you're paying.

But maybe they're paying you...

The Science of Pimpin' Out Them Sex Slaves

Sex slaves in a brainwashed cult might even pay their pimp to own them, may endanger themselves to protect their pimp. This adequately describes the predicament of  the modern masses, including r/thedonald types. To a psychopathic psychological manipulation has a certain amount of potential. 

An investment is something which pays you to own it. But given a choice of investments, which is the highest and best investment? The answers aren't as obvious as they seem. 

A farm animal pays you to own it. Generally speaking, cattle pay more than chickens per hour invested.

In the end times, half this brainwashing job is done for you. Any pimp knows hoes are a dime a dozen, but finding a worthwhile ho is like finding a needle in a haystack. A low-end ho probably ain't worth your time. And the same is true of every publicly-traded stock.

Trainers direct their subject's attention and lead them in a direction. (True in horse and dog training.) One of the first things to learn (from a large number of experts) in any subject is the most common mistakes newbies make. 

  • The street pimp turns out a ho to make the rent.
  • The music industry pimps out Britney Spears or Michael Jackson.
  • The university pimps out its students for a percentage of their future. 

Once you've started studying 15 or 20 subjects and seeing the way they overlap, you can instantly recognize when you're dealing with someone who knows nothing.

Leftists frequently know nothing. 

Commoners are masters of wasting their life and proudly pat themselves on the back for being a good ho.

Jesus is the teacher who pays you for the privilege of serving you and helping you so you'll have faith in yourself.

If a car dealership pays you a draw and trains you, makes you an effective, credible salesperson, giving you skills you'll have all your life, skills which set you free, is it more like a pimp or more like Christ our Lord?

Like I said, the deceived commoners, so proud of their enslavement are trapped in many so myths and misconceptions by their pimps. The masses are brainwashes into cheering on their masters. 

They choose a back-up pimp in case their primary university won't pimp them out. 

instead of getting priceless training from a local car dealer, they seek a slave master. They "borrow" from a bank instead of lending like a bank does.

Banks lend something they don't have. Then help you buy something they don't own. 

When in doubt, in the absence of competent guidance, look at what the masses are doing. And do the opposite. Because reality is almost always the exact opposite of what the majority believes it is.

The heart is deceitful above all things.

Think about it. If the masses think money has value, then it doesn't.

If the masses think people are worthless, then they're priceless.


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