How Will America Be Destroyed?

Not too long ago, Matt Heimbach brought a big old Red Pill to Mysterium Fasces on the founding of the "good old" American Repulic, which I'd already known was an oligarchy designed to protect the rich, but I didn't know how much this screwed over the colonies.

And if I'd read my Hans Herman Hoppa as suggested, I would have known it's better to live under a tyrant, who's accountable to the people, than a representative government that isn't, each of them able to rob from the public coffers without accountability, and to keep the gig going by using the loot to bribe enough of the people to keep the scam going for centuries.

When nobody's in charge who isn't participating in the robbery, and half the American voters are in on the scam, who the hell do you blame when things go wrong? Obama? Congress? The Supreme Court?

For such situations, there just aren't enough guillotines because nobody is directly responsible for their screw-ups. And you eventually end up with half the country robbing the other half.

Or worse.

Representative democracy is an all-out war on the poor, who are attacked by everyone, helped by no one, and actively held down by their "neighbors" while the government robs them.

I'd rather have a tyrant robbing 10% than a representative democracy taking 50% or more, like they're doing across all Christendom.

The taxes are high because we don't have a benevolent dictator putting his own neck on the line to protect the people for a fee.

We listened to people who said, "Look at him living in lavish wealth and splendor while you've got nothing."

Instead, everywhere we go are foreigners and welfare queens who live in lavish splendor all over the place.

Our system of justice is perverted and corrupt, but we can't imagine it any other way.

Modern policing didn't exist 150 years ago. These aren't "public servants." They serve the rich and powerful bankers and secret societies who are looting Americans for a living. In the meantime, your elected "representatives" are powerless to stop them,

Because that's what the system was designed to do!

Whether you believe Agenda 21 is going to round us up and kill 90% of Americans, a Russian EMP is going to kill 90% of Americans, an economic downturn and hyperinflation, or that an occupying invasion is going to kill 90% of Americans,  America is on the brink of the kind of disease, famine, and war.

History shows empires like ours have a 200 year life span. It's been 200 years.

We know what replaces them: Tyranny.

We've got no choice about the tyranny that's coming, but by fighting, we can influence what kind of ruler we'll have.

A benevolent dictator will kill the thieves, save the productive people, some of whom are very wealthy and at high risk in a revolution run by communists.

This kind of dictator will be a terror to the wicked. The police state will get rid of perversion, end crime on the streets, poverty, and throw subverters in prisons or work camps. Quite possibly a lake of burning sulfur.

A communist dictator will be a terror to white families, serving the lie, creating a nation ruled by deception, rounding up thought criminals who tell the truth, bent on putting future generations into an unending hell on earth, subjecting the people to torture, the nation to poverty, famine, and this will in fact bring the peace and equality he promises, by exterminating anyone who's extraordinary. The honorable man.

America will collapse, and the world economy goes down with it. The nations of the world won't sit idly by watching. Many countries have reason to hate us and want us destroyed. Just as they want Britain destroyed, France destroyed, Sweden destroyed, and so on.

Without a powerful dictator, strong and clear-headed enough to ruthlessly exterminate the communists, destroy and crush the remnants of the Republic as they're vying for power, you won't have  safety, but chaos.

The famine and chaos will soon come. The anarcho-communist "anti-fascists" will continue to grow in power unless and until a strong fascist leader crushes them dead. Not prison. Not arrest and release. But dead and hanging from lamp posts. Because force is the only thing their drugged-out minds can understand.

The only thing that sobers up a man is meeting a bear in the woods, and facing his mortality. Delusional, drugged sex-addicted perverts have no one sobering them up.

The only thing that creates this kind of real revolution is the spoken word. People speaking all across the country, taking back each state, each county and city by speaking the truth, live and in person.

And the only way our speakers will be able to appear in public is by forcefully defending their God-given right to do so. By my estimates, 20,000 people will die in the process.

If their blood isn't worth anything to you, then you can rest assured that you'll be on their list of people to come and visit. A dollar paid now to organize them is worth more than twenty dollars paid later to let the revolution proceed without any strong, central organization.

You the tax payer, have paid the enemies of the people to enact violence against them and deprive them of their God-given rights for 200 years. You're charged with profiteering, theft, and treason.

How will you answer to these charges?