Why is the World Full of (esp. Non-White) Idiots?

You're probably an idiot. I know I am, sometimes. Right now is a good example. You don't want to insult your audience.

If you're smart enough to read this, it's a good sign you've noticed the world is, indeed, full of idiots. But why?

Well, they went to school. But they didn't come out any smarter. That's because school is designed to make idiots. Works really well. As a wise man put it...

A formal education can make you a living. But a great education can make you a fortune.

If you ain't rich, powerful, happy, healthy, strong, and wise, then you probably got the wrong education.

That doesn't mean the Kardashians have it figured out. Nor should you pity them when they're destroyed. Nor should you judge them. (God is the judge.)

Why are the schools messed up? They're run by the government. And the government is messed up because it's full of idiots who went to  messed-up government schools and private schools that made them into idiots.

Specifically, they were turned into communist socialist idiots. Now they grew up and decided to make a living by screwing up everyone else.

But our real education comes from a church the devil controls. The trillion dollar-per-year mainstream media, entertainment, information complex.

It's powerful enough to deceive almost everyone, because it only costs $2,200 per person, per year to keep you in a mind prison. Cheap. A real prison costs $10,000 per year. It's much more expensive to try to enslave you by force. Deception is cheaper.

Some of the rich, happy, healthy, wise people know how to give you a pretty great education, but they don't. Why?

For one thing, if you're like some people, you're just too dumb and demoralized to want to learn how. So you never try. If that's you, you lack faith. Without faith, you'll do nothing.

But the people who could teach you are very often too greedy and unwise to teach the truth. Deception is cheap, but telling the truth is expensive.

Their parents taught them to be greedy and unwise, to measure their success in material things, like money, babes, and doing lines of cocaine off a strippers ass, just like they learned from the movies. That's what success is supposed to look like, right?

If you don't even know what real success looks like, you'll never get there.

In his country, 80 years ago, Adolf Hitler gave himself a great education a his own expense. Could have been rich. Chose to be great instead, to give back and teach others to give back. This is the ONLY way to be a king in a land of kings, a priest in a land of priests, and to have a great fortune.
Jim Rohn did much the same, taking people beyond their formal education. Ed Mylett does this, to some extent, giving an education to those who'll listen, helping them go beyond making a living. Doing the job the government won't do.

They did something about it!

The government is corrupt because it's full of greedy, foolish idiots running it, taught by their parents to be greedy, foolish idiots.

Not everybody can fix the situation, but anybody can try to fix themselves. God makes wise the simple. (That's backwards talk which means God takes a person who isn't smart and makes him wise. In some translations of the Bible, God talks a little bit like Yoda, from Star Wars. That's how people used to talk.)

To fix yourself, you need to learn something your society full of idiots doesn't know:

The difference between right and wrong. Idiots don't know and don't care. But God does. He cares about you and loves you and once in awhile, sends a messenger (called a prophet) to scare the hell out of the false prophets, and naturally, being greedy, foolish idiots, they kill him every time.

Adolf Hitler turned around Germany's economy by following what God told him to do. But Hitler lost the war, in the end, because being a true prophet of God, the greedy fools wanted him dead.  They tried to kill him more than 20 times.

And in addition, his people weren't bloodthirsty, vengeful people. So when it was time to firebomb and enslave the British attackers, he didn't want to do it.

That's a mistake I wouldn't make. Britain owes a payment in blood for their failure to bow to Christ. And if in power, I'd be sure to collect that debt because God demands it. They could surrender and be saved, but who's kidding who? God has hardened their hearts, and so He's  sent barbarian hordes to destroy them for their sinful cowardice and godlessness. In their hearts, they don't believe.

If there's one true Christian in all of Britain, he'll have no trouble at all saving himself, even as the bombs explode around him. Even as ten thousand fall at his right, and a thousand to his left, he'll be spared because God loves him.

This is the exact situation God saved Hitler from in World War I. And now he's asleep with Lord Jesus awaiting his resurrection in the kingdom of heaven.

But many in the world don''t know any of these kinds of things, and so they suffer.

Because like I said, they're idiots. Every man does what's right in his own eyes, and not what's right in God's eyes.

They go listen to a man (or woman) in a place the idiots call a church, where the word of God is hardly ever mentioned. Then they go out into the world, where God is hardly ever talked about or thought about.

So I watch the barbarians smash them to pieces and wait I on the Lord to destroy them all.
Because they didn't, in their heart, believe in Jesus.


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