But Dems are the REAL Racists

"Hatin' is bad." - LMFAO

Americans learned in church or on MTV that hatin' is bad. If you're called a racist, it means you're a hater.

"Hate the player. Not the game."

The left calls us racists because everybody "knows" hatin' is bad.

I tell you all that to tell you this.

Our memes don't work because we seek truth, not power.

The left isn't funny. The left isn't clever. They left isn't cute or witty. They simply hammer away at our perceived moral authority by calling us hateful racists who don't love anybody, and have a trillion dollar-per-year mind control machine to help them do it.

The fact that our efforts work at all is a miracle.

A story is more powerful than a data table. The data is simly dismissed, or attacked, as racist. The data itself is "hateful."

What's effective is a news story told from a source with perceived authority. The left doesn't care what Trump says because he's "hateful."  To them, he has no authority.

They will, in some cases, listen to Jesus. A perceived authority, even among the left, which is why I hammer away at them with verses from the Bible. Why?

BECAUSE it's recognized as an authority by all sides.  In addition, it's got lessons we all need to learn.

Authority is powerful. Do you feel like disobeying a traffic cop? Probably not. Stanley Milgram's experiments showed he could get up to 60% to 80% of ordinary people to kill on command, under the right circumstances. A man in a white lab coat telling them to proceed with the electric shocks.

A soldier won't murder anyone back home, no matter how angry he is. But on orders from an authority who barely speaks English, he'll light up an orphanage with hellfire from a mounted 50-caliber automatic weapon.

"That's power, Oskar Schindler." - [A quote which will be recognized by someone who actually watched Schindler's List, unlike the many who added it to their Netflix cue and watched Jerry Springer episodes instead.]

If you call someone a hater and a liar first, their later accusations don't count. Once accused, you have to prove your innocence.

In dealing with an SJW at work, a man had the foresight to secretly record the conversation. (Not legal in all states w/o permission.) When she made up lies about him, he had the proof on tape. He played back the tape for his boss, and he realized everything she'd said was a lie.

Forget, for a moment, that he saved his job. The lesson isn't, "Damn. I need a tape recorder." People tend to get only one lesson from a story.

The moral of the story is that an accusation will cost you a job. Just as an accusation will cost them their job.

We're not snitches or liars. We tend not to accuse the left of saying something that would get them fired.


Because sometimes if we get ONE SJW fired, it will save the whole company. All it takes is being shocked at the deeply racist thing they just said.

They've tried insulated themselves from these attacks by saying "Racism is prejudice plus power". But in the world of genderfluidity, saying, "I was dead tired today. I felt I was throwing like a bitch this morning."

As soon as their jaw drops, they're misgendering you if you identify as a bitch or whatever. The power comes from ratting out a co-worker effectively. Crying about it like a sociopath.

If you're morally disgusted by this, it's because you're a moral simpleton, who wouldn't throw someone under the bus in order to save 100 pedestrians. That may sound sociopathic, but I got it from my sky daddy, who clearly advocates genocide if justice is served by it.

Justice being the thing which is priceless, not your little feelings about being so right and good and righteous. So don't judge, lest ye be judged by the same measure.

We don't bother to learn to do the right thing while we're busy covering our own ass, trying to keep our job, our reputation because we're about as morally righteous as a cowardly termite, in God's eyes.

1) Meme for power. Recognize that the people expect you to try this, and they're ready if and when you figure it out.

2) Aim to lose people their jobs. It's what's best for everybody. They're going in the pit of fire anyway. Never mistake a commie for a human being. They cry crocodile tears.

3) Meme effectively. Your opinion of right and wrong mean nothing. It's only God's opinion that matters, and He memes for power. That's what the Bible is. Nobody is better at it than God.

4) Trust God. Do what HE tells you to do, and he tells you to decimate an enemy when attacked, and anyone who doesn't surrender, anyone who doesn't praise God everyday is a hateful racist blasphemous unbeleiver, an a fool is to be avoided more so than a mother bear deprived of her cubs.

See, y'all been at the meme war for 5 years, but Moses and his people, the REAL Hebrews, have been attacking these SAME enemies for about 5,000. People who claim to be Israelites, but they're liars. Children of the devil. They lie about everythign.

For heaven's sake, don't lie or dress like a woman in order to entrap an SJW. These things are detestable to the lord. But remember to utterly destroy those who attack you. Galatians 3. Those who believe in Jesus in their heart are the truth children of God. This gives you the moral authority to decimate them, to the last man.

What you WANT to do is irrelevant. What's relevant is doing what God commands.