France Says The Gas Tax Is Too Damn High!

Right wing French nationalists have co-opted the #YellowVest protests against high gas tax.

And they seem to be having problems with immigration, too. Like they did in Sweden, the EU wants to criminalize criticism of immigration.

Oddly enough. both sides of the political spectrum are united in protest against black-lover President Marcon. 

Protesters were in the streets getting their eyeballs shot out by snipers with rubber bullets.

But I'm sure it will sort itself out.

Ok. Maybe not.

On the right, they don't like the climate hoax, immigration, high gas tax. The lying globalists outlawing being white and/or having a brain.

On the left, they don't like paying for things and want the government to do nothing but give them more freebies.

Everybody but the globalist elite seem to hate the new policy, since the 20% increase comes at a time when fuel prices have already risen.

The French are even considering extreme measures.

I can't imagine who's responsible for all this (((globalism))), but when you find out, let me know.

It's not like they wish death on us, want to spit on our graves, or are more likely to advocate for policies simply because they're harmful to whites.

It almost makes you want to resort to a sensible and measured response, as a caller to the Radical Agenda ("Sick Day" espisode) suggested...

The caller said this movie portrays whites in a positive light, and has no diversity anywhere in the film, which is the reason it didn't get better reviews.

So I reviewed it. It's ok. 

The bad news is 0.02% of the world population are scheming bastards who want us dead, and extremists are often left hanging out to dry by our own. Captured dumpster diving for food, not given cushy jobs like the left. 

The good news is there was an outpouring of love from 1488 of Richie's (@Fake_News_CNN) closest online friends. His comrades in arms and fellow soldiers of Christ.

Because they hate us, and because we love one another, the righteous will be vindicated in the end. 

What we're able to say, to preserve, and pass on, even the way we're able to organize has increased by a phenomenal degree. The truth wants to be free. Our victory is therefore inevitible. 

Be patient. Wait on the Lord.

Bye, Richie. (@Fake_News_CNN_)


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