What To Do While Waiting For Your Food Forest To Grow

It takes about 5 years for your food forest to grow in. What should you do while you're waiting?

I don't know about you, but when I put a load in the laundry, I like to be getting something else done at the same time.

Get 3 meals a day serving 5 years of a 10 year sentence for doing a much-needed physical removal?

Not recommended, but one of the possible outcomes for those who love justice more than they love life itself.

Well, it's not a perfect set of circumstances we're in, but if that's the way it breaks, it's a better deal than what you get in college. That's why I mention it.

Everyone wants to think they can live some kind of a perfect life, contrary to all the evidence. All God cares about it keeping your hands clean in HIS eyes. Not yours.

For example, when Saul didn't kill every last thing that breathes, God got rid of him, his family, his army, and he was toppled from power.

That's the kind of punishment God gives you when you don't mass murder all them Amalekites and their livestock. It's a mess. When someone more righteous (shrewd & innocent) comes along with greater firepower, that's the end of mighty Saul.

Here's the thing about sentencing.

There's all kinds of crimes where they lock you up and throw away the key. Driving down the wrong street on the wrong day, like Fields and you're facing half a dozen death penalties and life sentences. They're going to kill him for the rest of his life for turning left instead of right.

But in America,  (assuming they toss you in prison at all), if you kill people on purpose, you get a lighter sentence than if you say the n-word.

Literally thought crime, with capital punishment for it. Summary executions in the street.

What's the opposite of that? If you even think of protecting a commie from a bullet, if you even think of insulting the right wing, it's summary executions all around. That's the opposite. Sound extreme? There's a reason why...

Because this isn't a culturally Christian world, but a culturally Satanic one. The wrong guys are living in deathly fear, and won't consider doing what God wants them to do to the leftists, which involves a lot of rocks and fire and that sort of thing.

In Washington, they put up stickers in the back of the cop cars that tell you a crime is worse if there's a firearm involved. Up to 5 extra years or something.

No problem. A knife kills someone just as dead. So does a bow and arrow. If they want to tack on charges for wearing red shoes while jaywalking, I can wear blue shoes. I still end up on the other side of the street.

And they think it's worse if it's a hate crime.

You know what else is worse? It's worse  if there's witnesses. A lot worse. The difference between zero years and 20 years is if the number of witnesses is non-zero.

When you reach the point in time when there's no other choices left, we need to reach the point where we've actually thought things through.

And in my opinion, the way to start executing motherf--ers in the streets is to be the top cop in town. Get yourself elected. Use non-stop, round-the-clock mass media to make it happen, telling the world of your good deeds.

Pretty soon, to everyone but the fake news, you're Robin Hood.

These days, it seems like there's a whole lot of people who are such godless anti-violence cucks, they never allow you the room to even spend five minutes sitting down and thinking about the inevitability of violence in the coming civil war, made inevitable by the demographic shifts.

Which cuts down your prep time from 3 years of preparedness to 2 or 1 year. You're not going to be prepared if you let them talk you out of learning how to fight, how to kill people, how to strangle them to death, how to cut their godless throats while they're sleeping in their beds, how to use a garroting wire, how to fire with a bow and arrow, if necessary, to reduce your sentence if you're going to get caught anyway, how to set a city on fire, how to lob flaming sulfer from a trebuchet, how to construct and hide seige weapons, if that's all you've got, how to round up a lot of people at the last minute and form a gang that watches each other's backs so someone can get some sleep when the civil war is at your door, how to breed ruthless, vicious attack dogs to stand watch and take peoples' heads off, how to put 1,000 infants on pikes because nobody else is willing to do it, and that kind of thing.

Why? Because I don't give a damn what anyone else says is right and wrong. Almighty God is right. His law is perfect. Everyone else is a cuck who deserves to die. I'm paraphrasing the Bible, obviously.

I told you to read it so that when the army of the Apocalypse goes rounding up and killing traitors, they pass by your house and leave you alone. But a fool despises wisdom, and I know a lot of foolish people think the army isn't coming to burn everything and everyone who hates Jesus.

To fail to think through the violence, the force, the laying down of the law is a betrayal to our beloved brothers, who are the children of Abraham if we believe in Christ in our hearts. (Gallatians 3)

Failure to prepare for this war is nothing less than a disservice to all those who want to work, to resist peacefully, because without some kind of organized violence from people who have the God-given right to call themselves government, there simply won't be peace for anyone until they're in the ground.

Without organized deadly force, there won't be a peaceful resistance. There won't be peaceful anything. Sometimes, peace comes from burying all the murderers who came to kill us.

Nothing else stops it.

What happens when you have a rogue bear attacking people? You've got to track it down and kill it, or it will be a danger to us forever.

Don't take my word for it. Don't believe any filthy, lying preachers either. There won't be a Christian country until the false prophets are hanged.

Take it from the bloody Bible. Life is serious. It's not messing around.

There's a time to kill, the Bible says. And it shows you what it means.

You've got Moses and the Israelites wiping out all the tribes in Caanan for being a bunch of Moloch-worshipping degenerates sacrificing their babies to a false god.

So let's say you start by playing Johnny Appleseed on some property you control. Like I talked about recently in the "free to get in, free if it doesn't get you ten grand in 30 days" class you didn't bother to take.

But I'm sure you were busy.

If you knew what you were doing, or wanted to, then Fair Use or none, you'd come out of a five-year stretch with cheap land that's already paid for, taxes paid up in advance, probably come out with some nice big trees to sell off so there's cash in your pocket, probably stocked up with your ducks and chickens ready to butcher, all kinds of food dripping off the trees, wood to cut down and put in your rocket stove. You probably have a tent or hut set up that you can live out of for a couple years while you're building your cabin, if you picked a place they let you do that, and after a few bags of concrete and such, you're living in damn near apocalypse-proof conditions.

So I don't know why anybody is complaining. There's never been more opportunity to get yourself EMP-proof, Agenda 21-proof, FEMA-proof, etc. if you set yourself up right. And from there, who the hell wants to mess with a guy who created for himself a nice setup and damn near a license to kill? Probably nobody.

But if they do, they'll find out there messing with someone who is not deceived by a society that produces a lot of furry homosexuals diddling kids.


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