N-Word Now a Capital Crime in NY

I'm no lawyer, and this is my lay understanding, but apparently

1) You can now be killed on sight by any citizen in New York if you use the N-word.

2) Also, it's legal to kill any white person, as long as you claim he used the n-word.

3) Which means being white is a capital crime punishable by summary execution.

What else is new?

Saying "He called me a n---r" is kind of a get-out-of-jail free card.  An upgrade from the old race card.

Well, not exactly. Not if you won't even be charged with a crime. You might expect to spend a few minutes in handcuffs, but that's about it.

Thought you had free speech? Wrong. Thought the Constitution and laws protected you? Nah. Thought the police were here to enforce laws? Nope.  Think you can sue the police and prosecutors for failing to press charges? Nope.

At best, you've got a law suit. No criminal charges against the police, prosecutor, or offender. And lots of luck in a city that has the right to kill anyone they consider white.

What have we learned?

Police policy and prosecutors determine who gets arrested and who doesn't. Sherriff has an awesome amount of power, but if they don't even charge you, then aggravated murder is too small of a crime to worry about. Better to get someone for littering or jaywalking.

That's why I say it's basically legal to kill white people in New York.

You don't need a legal team or anything.  "He called me a N-----r" is all the defense required.



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