Raising Capital

Update: Most ventures fail due to undercapitalization, according to the SBA.

But like leadership, sales, buying and selling businesses and direct response marketing, raising capital is not taught in schools.

In the personal development (adult education) scene, raising capital to buy businesses (because why would you spend decades growing what can be acquired this month) is taught by one or two boomers, max.

Gordon Bizar and of course there's Dan Pena, whose students have collectively generated more wealth than under any other teacher in history. And he says he's not quitting until they hit a trillion dollars.

Jesus can easily lay claim the success of Rockefeller and Walton and even Pena himself. When a student of the gospel finally finds out what it takes to raise capital to stay in business, it's right there in the parables of Jesus.

For example, a man who's responsible in small matters won't be given the seeds and a trowel to assemble a city from scratch. No. He'll be given control of ten cities.

Capitalism works that way. When there's so little competence on earth, it doesn't take much to stand out. So don't despise the days of small beginnings. Develop yourself into someone who multiplies the investment he's given.

For what it's worth, here's the old article:


In 2013, the world changed. This was the year Leonardo Dicaprio and Martin Scorsece taught the world that coke-heads could make $50 million dollars a year while smoking crack and screwing hookers on transatlantic flights.

And that's not a coincidence. Because 2013 was also the year the Obama administration opened up the floodgates to something called "Crowd Funding" with the JOBS act.

It should be called the "quit your JOBS act." Because for the first time, we're allowed to bypass a whole lot of regulations, and Leo personally taught us exactly how to do it.

If you've seen the movie, I'm sorry. You saw the gay guy with a mustache in a sweater vest teach kids how to raise big money quickly to support their drug & hooker habit to become instantly popular, diseased.

The impressionable kids who grew up on that movie are turning 18 by the tens of millions per year, entering the workforce, realizing their boss sucks, and scouring the internet for a way out. And the internet is giving it to them.

Thanks to Obama, a ladder exists, waiting for a generation of neo-Leos to climb it. A ladder that allows clueless newbs to raise a hundred grand or more... even a million, without filing with the state or federal government, selling shares in a company that may or may not do anything productive for 5 or 10 years.

In fact, that's exactly what they're encouraging new "business owners" to do. Do you see where this is headed yet? You're about to.

It's like the KickStarter concept on steroids, except you don't even need to ask for permission from KickStarter before you start. 

The potential exists for a wide-open free-for-all. You can thank the de-regulation from Trump and the SEC bending over backwards for Obama to create a perfect storm of degeneracy.

The Roman orgies are on their way.

But while this window of opportunity is open for the "script kiddies" attacking the defenseless American public, it's also open for the National Socialists.

Some will groan at this turn of events. Others will smirk.

Yes, friends, the world has changed.

What if you found out you could pop open a boiler room full of your friends and raise yourself some Bugatti Veyron money by calling anyone you want, sophisticated or nearly broke in all 50 states and snapping up a couple of grand per fish, and up to 100 grand per "whale", promising the world, just like in those Hollywood movies?

Well, if you're an inner city youth, you'd illegally download yourself a copy of Wall Street, Boiler Room, Glengarry Glenn Ross and Wolf of Wall Street and start pouring out bile to anyone who'd listen.

Why? To snap up a cool thousand, two thousand, five thousand per sucker under the new, wide-open SEC regulations that make KickStarter and GoFundMe possible.

You'd go fishing between doing lines of coke, spending up all the hard-earned money of Mom and Pop looking to spice up their retirement funds, sitting on a retirement fund that's not quite big enough, hoping for a sign from heaven.

And then the phone rings, and it's Trayvon saying, "Mistuh and Missus Jones? We all gots you an opportunity here you don't want tah miss. You stand to make fifty thousand dollahs from a mere five thousand dollah investment."

In other words, this generation has been groomed to bilk Americans with a penny stock scam from coast to coast.

All the kids in the ghettos trying to find a way out of the inner city would straighten out their bow tie and take a hit off their crack pipe, watch Wolf of Wall Street on endless repeat (easy to do if you likes all dem tah tahs, boss) until they memorized all the lines, and hit the phone with one of the most deadly effective sales scripts in history.

Hollywood have outdone themselves and made the world's most hilarious, thrilling, engaging and entertaining employee instruction video for highly motivated crackheads and heroin addicts.

As for that real-life 1980s proven effective Lehman brothers script? The script you probably forgot all about?

You might have forgotten it. But they didn't. Celluloid remembers. Blu-Ray remembers.

They know it by heart. They know that phone script better than the pledge of allegiance. Better than the Lord's prayer. Better than your daughter knows that Little Mermaid song. Why?

Because it means money, drugs, strippers and hookers giving their fat ass lapdances for all those gangstas if...

...but only if...

...they have no moral scruples.

Thank goodness race is just melanin and has no effect on morality.

But why would the want blacks, Latinos, Arabs, and other immigrants knowing how to scam Americans out of money so they can be neuvo riche?

We're of course talking about inner city teen youths having economic power over white women, obsessing on rap videos that command them to get rich and buy the affections of white women wearing NOTHING if it ain't skin tight and barely there.

And no slut shaming!

Yes, when you teach yourself to see what the devil's up to, you sure catch a lot of tricks. And this is one of them.

But two can play at that game.

That's the good news. God gave us everything we need. We just had to wait patiently for Fair Use (that's me) to show up and show us the way forward...

We're in a world of opportunity for the demoralized white man. A man who can use all the same tools as a ghetto youth to raise millions of dollars a year for wall-to-wall national propaganda to crush our enemies and their lies with broadcast media and music videos of our own.

No more scratching for a paycheck and begging our boss for a raise. We can take to social media and our smartphones to accomplish what Julius Streicher accomplished in Germany, when the time came.

What I discovered is a portal to wealth for anyone willing and able to follow a fairly simple set of instructions.

Even someone like you.

If they're going to push this on millions of commies in college, and they will, then it's up to us to beat them to the punch.

To start our own non-profits, C-corps, S-corps and LLCs with the easy money flowing like milk and honey that Uncle Sam intended to massacre us with.

But we'll do it better. We've got more recent scripts. Asking something like, "Is this a bad time?" virtually eliminates hang-ups, and gets your foot in the door like crazy. But you have to know what to say next.

Unless you don't want to know how to raise $100k per month that you don't have to pay back for years and years.

There's still tax implications and rules to run past your team of advisers, but other than that, there's basically no waiting or approvals or permission.

It's bedlam. Wild West. Anything goes. Sky's the limit. You'll be shocked when you learn how much they just legalized right under our noses.

But it's changing all the time, and you have to keep up with the changes. You won't get as much leeway as LeeRoy.

They're going to the inner city how to raise capital from mom & pop, promising them the world, that they can pay off their mortgage with the gains, that they can get rich quick, and nothing on earth will stop them from doing it.

Nothing but a highly committed cadre of Nazis, that is.

Memorize a few phone scripts, take to the Twitter DMs, and you're ready to start crowd funding for non-profits as long as you know how to play within the new limits, what to say to raise money, what to raise it for (a mass media company, for example), and how to multiply it and direct those funds and profits to anywhere they need to go.

The difference between you an an inner-city teen youth? People who invest with you instead of the ghetto hoods stand a snowball's chance in hell of getting some kind of a return on their investment.

If you're not already subscribed to the e-newsletter, you could be making a very expensive mistake.

If you're letting moral qualms stop you from doing what's right and what's required, remember where you got your modern moral qualms from.

Here's a hint: It's not Jesus.


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