The Purpose of a Company

This video changed things for me.

Some say the purpose of a company, a very big company you grow very fast to retake the 4th branch of government, (the MSM) is to produce profits or jobs. Some say products. But that's not the truth.

And up until 15 minutes ago, I'd say the purpose of a wise company is to go global to produce the next generation of white, Christian babies.

But what I've realized in all these intervening moments is that none of that is possible without one thing.

No, not the products, profits for shareholders, nor jobs, nor white Christian soldiers of the Apocalypse unless a company produces the #1 most important thing of all:

Defamation Lawsuits.

If you don't go on the attack against those who defame whites and whiteness, then how do you expect to achieve anything else?

You're living in a fool's paradise with your billions and palatial estates and tall, intimidating dogs and golf courses if you haven't produced an army to defend your borders and your lands, the mercenaries to wage economic warfare against our enemies, and Irishman presidents who bang movie stars and deny nukes to Israel, producing children who want to dominate in the magazine business by pointing to the enemy.

The wise man plants the tree under which he, in his lifetime, will feel no shade.

He also plants some other stuff that turns a ridiculously massive profit in ten years, in five, and as little as 4 weeks. That's just the kind of guy he is.

I'd like to think that after I'm long gone, the Army of the Apocalypse will endure forever, with the great-great grandchildren of the soldiers of Christ passing on the wisdom of old Uncle Fair Use, even long after they've forgotten his name. All that matters is generation after generation of babies that produce defamation Lawsuits to combat anti-white Hollywood movies, the rich actors who appear on them, the awards shows that congratulate them, and thereby contribute to the wrong kind of terrorism.

Because, dear reader, God is a terror to the wicked.

And quite frankly, Moses showed us the only kind of terrorism I'll ever need to support. When cities like Tokyo, Nagasaki and Hiroshima go up in flames like Sodom and Gamorrah, because they were weak in wisdom and let their Emperor be goaded into war by FDR, the consequences left a psychic stain on the surviving Japanese.

There's no lukewarm Christianity. Hot or cold. All or nothing. Spread the gospel and make passionate disciples with the triage method shown in scripture, or don't bother.

When you tell the truth, and spread the good news, you'd better shout from the mountaintops. Not the park benches.

Or else for fear of Almighty God, you'd better go someplace where that kind of behavior isn't just tolerated, but demanded.

Otherwise, if you compromise once, you'll compromise twice. And then it's merely a matter of time before you're preaching to a pack of homosexuals who hate Jesus and like pinning him up on a cross.

Just imagine how much they fear the soldiers of Christ. The true children of God.

So spread the gospel of waging spiritual warfare with an endless barrage of defamation lawsuits.

Raise yourself 12 or 120 children, and refuse to associate with anyone else who doesn't, to break our dependence on the old guard of public companies sucking wealth out of the United States of Satan, and raise them to be successful enough to sit on the board of multiple, fast-growing Christian private and public companies instead, financed by Christian bankers, and wage spiritual warfare against the Satanists who'd send all our boys off into the meat grinder of endless wars.

And put.those defamers from the synagogue of Satan out of business forever.

Don't invest your skills, services, or capital in companies that don't religiously wage lawfare against anti-white defamation, putting our enemy's media-entertainment complex out of business, and don't put up with people who do.

Don't marry those heathens. Don't give birth to their children. Don't let your children play with theirs, or be exposed to their infectious mind poisons.

The reason we were all born, and why God, in His infinite wisdom put each and every one of his children on this earth is to be serial litigants in defamation lawsuits to put an end to anti-whiteness.

Now you know. And the truth obligates you. It obligates you to spread the word by re-taking the mainstream media by leaps and bounds with billions of dollars of financing to consolidate media power into brown-shirt hands. A journey that starts, in some cases, with leftist-proof income.


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