Forbidden Pastors (((They))) Don't Want You To Know About

Maybe you've seen my recent post about Forbidden Scholars or White Nationalism for Dummies.

Best "forbidden" pastors who know the true identity of the ancient Israelites who have been called Hebrews, Christians, Nazis, Far-Right extremists, or any other de-humanizing label that sticks.

This post is a followup to the forbidden scholars tucked away and buried from sight, their books torn from library shelves.

Eli James probably gives the best run-down of the essential facts I've seen yet in this series.

Pastor Earl Jones (NOT James Earl Jones) provides suggestions on what to do about the coming collapse of America.

Dr. Everett Ramsey has a clear plan that the truth has to be spread through the local churches, because with seminary schools so tightly controlled by the father of lies, "hate facts" can't get out any other way.

Pastor Pete Peters was a little better at self-promotion than the others, and a talented speaker, and a well-educated man who shared the evidence of the little-known Israelite identity.

A documentary that includes a number of these "hate preachers" who dare to dust off the documentation and share the politically incorrect, "racist" truth with the masses.

And another documentary, Heirs of the Promise II, showing even more people waking up to the truth, featuring an ancient eye-witness account of a


And during the "missing years", his father Joseph was a tin-miner in Glastonbury, Britain, and held an unusual royal title. Of course, Jesus would have been educated where the throne of David is, and the documentary fills in tons of missing pieces from the story of St. Paul, the early life of Jesus, and the surprising origin of the word "British", according to archaeologist E. Raymond Capt and others.

I mean, you just can't make this stuff up. These are astonishing claims.

In case you don't already know, when God says "I will bless those who bless you", He's not referring to the synagogue of Satan.

It would be a very good idea to know who these people are if you want God's blessings. Prosperity is sure to follow. 

And if you want an avalanche of blessings, you'll be directing your tithings toward those who share the most rarely-shared wisdom of God, not those pumping out all the infinite bile of Satan spewed forth from virtually every other pulpit.

Most viewers like the information and promptly do nothing with it because they don't, in the end, really believe in Jesus. They kinda sorta believe in resurrection, but not really. 

And for this reason, they fear evil. They don't want to be resurrected into the kingdom of heaven because they're enjoying the terrifying reign of Satan too much.

It's sort of like when people don't tell their buddies to Google the USS Liberty or the death tolls in the GULAG under communism.

They must assume the (((Google))) algorithms are going to promote it right along with all those cat videos people love sharing.

I get it. The stark reality of the devil is a super downer. But it's like Yogi Berra says...

If you don't go to other people's funerals, they won't go to yours.

And when Russia got massacred, you didn't even go to the funeral, so to speak.

So that tells you how many will answer your cries for help when you're rotting in a communist hell. Which you are, when you're afraid to tell the truth.

The FEMA camps are all set and waiting for you. You can speak to those who'll listen, or you can starve to death in a torture dungeon.

"But evil is scary!"

If you do the right thing, you might slightly inconvenience yourself and find out who your REAL friends are. Who wants that? 

Anyway, knowing you're Israel means knowing your history, which means knowing for a fact that much of Israel is full of traitors who deserves to die, and full of traitors who should have killed them, and should have insisted in every single election on helicopter rides for commies.

But God is merciful and so far, he lets some of us live. Not because we're good, but because He's merciful.

Not everyone will live, of course. Salvation is for the few. Not the many.

For starters, there's that army of 200 million who will kill a third of the population of earth with truck-mounted machine guns and miniguns we've known about for roughly 2,000 years.

Not that anyone's going to repent of their sexual perversion after that. Nope. The famine, plagues, and war comes hot on the heels of the world's unrepentent ways.

As usual, warnings don't do much for the masses, but the wise man welcomes rebuke.

There's no other kind of man worth saving than a wise one. They're pretty easy to save, if you give them a chance.

This isn't a complete list of pastors who know the identity of the lost tribes of Israel. There many others who know and teach about the evidence. 

But if you ask their flock who the Israelites are, they probably wouldn't even get the answer right on a multiple choice test.

Fun fact: Mel Gibson's Braveheart charcter, William Wallace definitely would have known he was an Israelite as is evidenced by the Scottish Declaration of Independence.

After being taken into captivity, history tells us the lost tribes of Israel went into the Caucasus mountains.

About 30 to 70 years later, the Saxons (Isaac's Sons) came out the other side and became known as the Caucasians.

What an amazing coincidence. We should ask those Saxons if they happened to see any Israelites while they were up there, huh?


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