WHITE Israel? Forbidden Scholars They Don't Want You To Find

Maybe you've seen my recent post, "Forbidden Pastors"

Or maybe you've seen my recent post, "White Nationalism for Dummies", which presents a collection of evidence and valuable insights about our people's past, present, and future...

About our unique and eternal right to conquer and rule over the peoples of the earth forever.

A claim other leadership is too timid to make, since they either don't know the truth or are unwilling to say it, and would rather not be accused of white supremacy. 

Because optics!

God wants to hand us the scepter of leadership and move everyone aside so you can ascend to your rightful throne, your highness, but nah. 

If you're like the losers of this world, you'd rather play Call of Duty than respond to your real calling and do your real duty.

That's all fine and good, but surely your intrepid investigator, your guide, your humble servant is (1) an idiot, (2) a crackpot, or (3) full of it if he disagrees with the majority and defies social norms.

Is there anyone else who sees the truth about the ethnicity of the covenant people in the Bible? Yes. Plenty of them. 

In fact, everyone just used to take it for granted that Christians are white because we were always white, going all the way back. I don't know how you can do the math any other way. 

By and large, white Christians are Christians because our ancestors were Christians because their ancestors were white Hebrews. And the reason Moses gave a damn about his people is because the descendants of Noah are the same people, descended from white Adam, unless you've got some pretty strong evidence to the contrary... the family trees all trace our families back to Abraham.  

Jesus was always depicted as a white man throughout Christian Europe who spread the truth to the world. Now it gets explained away, attacked as racist, anti-semitic, etc. 

So many scholars and students of scripture know the truth and say so. But if you don't bookmark them all, you'll very quickly lose track of them all. 

In fact, this blog is only barely indexed by Google. The information is available to those who seek it out. But otherwise it's buried like the Dead Sea Scrolls.

"The Anglo Saxon, Celtic, Scandanavian, Germanic and kindred people are the covenant people of the Bible."Pastor Pete J. Peters, 1984

"The nation where the physical reunification took place was in fact the United States of America. And this is according to prophecy."

"Just before the judgment day, these people who don't know who they are, but who will remember who they are, will, just before the return of Christ, will remember who they are and become the bride of Christ. 

Israel are Caucasians - Pastor Eli James, warning about the anti-Christ 

Part 1 - True Israelites are Anglo Saxons
Part 2 - Jews or Israelites?Part 3 - Who is Mystery Babylon?

Rare Documentary Traces the History of Europeans back to their captivity in (what's now) Russia before spreading throughout Europe.

Here's a collection from various sources, starting with Linguists able to trace our history through the evolution of Europeans language.

Images below from British Israel

The Brits keep track of geneology so well. My grandfather's family traced his roots back through royalty, all the way back to Abraham, for example. Which is not unusual.


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