White Nationalism For Dummies: Where We Are, Were, and What to Do About It

Welcome to White Nationalism For Dummies.

Or "How to Start White Supremacing in 3 Easy Steps."

I'll tell you everything you need to do for the ethnoglobalist movement.

This is also a dog nationalist movement. We believe man's best friend is a dog. And that dogs won't survive in a barbaric world without whites. So the salvation of whites is merely a means by which to save the true master race of loyal friends: Dogs.

If you got no dogs, you got no friends.

Then, in the interest of saving the white race and defeating its enemies to save dog-kind, (and, as it's strongly implied in scripture, all who shield these enemies of whites, mankind, and dogs) I've written 3 key meta-posts for you which lead to collections of recent blog posts.

Executive Summary:

Save your family and the world. Grow a chicken. For some of us, that's step one.

For others, the first step is to plot an economic-political takeover on a global scale.

And everything in between. Where do you fit in?

What kind of a white supremacist are you?

Our solution involves, as you might imagine, quite literally spreading the gospel of white supremacy, but doing so in a powerful way.

Through acquisitions of media companies aimed at consolidation, for example, you can shout this gospel from a much taller mountaintop than the next guy.

Or maybe you can start with some backyard chickens and vocational school. Either path is better than the communist path.

But you can't know what to do about the problem if you don't know who we are, what we've already tried, where we are now, and what's going to happen.

To predict the future, make it happen. With a faith the size of a tiny mustard seed, you can tell a mountain to jump in the ocean, and it will obey you.

That being the case, since they're going to massacre us by the millions anyway, there's no particlar penalty for deciding how many hundreds of millions of dollars per year of mass media you want to control, so that the political offices in every country in the world are full of nothing but brown-shirts.

And it's offline mainstream media, especially at the national level, which ultimately decide online platforms live or die, which companies can get funding in Silicon Valley, which universities attract the best and brightest in the land.

Seems like a big goal. To take control the country with the world's most powerful military is only the first step. Step two, control the West. Step 3 is the ethnoglobe.

For man, this is impossible. But with God, all things are possible.

The only question is what will be your role in this holy crusade.

Therefore you should know Where We Came From,  Where We Are, and Where We're Going.

Your dog will thank you.

If you still don't know how serious and urgent the problem is that's led to our demographic decline, falling below the replacement rate, you may need to take a long look at the 17 Ways Women Are Like Yids after thousands of years of contant brainwashing, or pay more attention to what our degenerate society is doing to young white boys who are so brainwashed, they don't even want to be boys anymore.


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