The Swiss Army Knife - Be Prepared With the Top 10 Most Popular Posts Ever to Kindle The Fires of Justice

Like a Swiss Army Knife loaded with blades and tools, these are the most popular posts YOU found most useful and shared with someone you care about:

  • Experiences in Mass Account Creation takes you through a journey of semi-automated and auto-generated accounts. Yes, tools do exist to help you create multiple accounts, perfected by the black hat SEO (search engine optimization) types. Such as those who trade in spamming backlinks in the comments sections and advertise their services on fiverr. Much of their work can be re-purposed to serve psychological effects.
  • A decent introduction showing the past, present and future of White Nationalism (for Dummies) was the attempt to organize into a cohesive map to ground our efforts and organize the work for thousands of volunteers, present and future. It also provides you a structure to navigate these solution-oriented blog posts.
  • God's recently shown me that my life's work has been about following God's first commandment to all the life He created. (Be fruitful and multiply.) There are many ways of multiplying your efforts through machines, offspring, religion, speaking, ruling, writing.
  • Navigating the thorny moral question of the New Zealand shooter. Was it another hoax or false flag attack designed to lay the groundwork for a real massacre of 200 Christians?
  • Mom, CEO, and the estimated $7 million dollar economic benefit of walking in God's ways. ("Who can find a wife of noble character? She is far more precious than rubies.")
  • Stop being slaves to your children. A feminized society wants to serve children, producing few white children as a result. A masculine patriarchy puts children to work to fulfill their duty to their ancestors, leading to an explosion of abundant blessings for all nations through a noble Saxon seedline.
  • Children of the King of Kings tells the forbidden ancient story of our people. It's the reason why ancient history is silenced, why we're made out to be oppressors instead of oppressed, why we, the blessing to the world, are persecuted and hated without cause by the unnatural, incarnate forces of evil walking the earth in human form.
  • The Men Who Turn Dirt Into Gold preaches the pathway that led to a superabundance-based Population Explosion 1.0 - The agricultural revolution that made the 19th century's Industrial Revolution possible.
  • Stand Your Ground! A seasoned pro of courtroom defense reveals the hidden rules of engagement if and when self-defense becomes a life-saving necessity.

Enjoy this Swiss Army knife. And if you set it down, let someone else pick it up.

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