Capitalists! Run Your Own Knitting Sweatshop with Cheap Child Labor

Making child labor great again, your abusive, exploitative home-based sweatshop can crank out custom clothing at break-neck speeds.

From Flock To Garment:

Wool is sheered from the sheep, washed to get most of the lanolin oil and sheep smell out, then it's dyed, carded, spun, and knitted (or there's always the loom) into garments such as socks that sell for $15 per pair and up or sweaters that sell for $50 and up.

But don't worry. You'll only be paying your child workers fifty cents per day.

Take bathroom breaks on your own time! Pictured: Non-white child being cursed by God.

Treating your animals better than you treat your own children is, as I'm sure you know, the way of the true supremacist. Or at least that's what you'll hear on the "news".

By the way, thanks, Megan Kelly for teaching us that all fathers are child sex abusers. Because that makes dating super easy. All the more reason not to own a TV.

Giving his sheep a cigarette break after their long day of "work" at the salad bar.

And knitting is a way to add value to your commodity products by getting the wife and kids to make themselves useful, for a change.

Yes, homestead sheep herders, you can turn that surplus grass into clothes to sell so you can earn even more money from those exact same sheep, without all the high regulatory hurdles of selling food to humans.

Don't worry. The government will fix your food for you.

Today you'll discover about 6 or 7 perfectly good non-food home "industries" that your spiritual sister wives (baby mammas) & kids can do as soon as they enter the workforce, even while barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen after they finish their chores and homework and doing their wifely duties.

Doesn't take you any extra time. Especially when they're not allowed to watch TV or read magazines, they have lots more time to serve the patriarchal oppressor.

Children have time to pick out the switch they want used on their backsides. That's old-school discipline. Works! Otherwise you end up with this kind of utterly insane commie liberal crap everywhere.

"I'll give you something to cry about." - Fair Use's dad.
Quality items such as hand-made clothes can be made and sold on Etsy or Amazon's Fulfillment By Amazon service.

If you create a value-added industry on your homestead farm, remember that your industry doesn't have to pay anyone $50 an hour to be worthwhile. It might only pay $5 to $10 per hour, but it creates a job for each child who wants to do it.

Industrial scale machines cost thousands of dollars, but home machines cost $100 to $300 to scale up an industry.

4 Speed Knitting Techniques: Up to 90 stitches per minute by hand. This obviously takes know-how and practice.

Damn. Thinking about her doing that on spring break, know what I'm saying? No?

I'm saying she should stay at home and work straight through spring break. What did you think I meant?

Ten times faster by machine; 1,000 stitches per minute. Look out, John Henry.

Such machines range in price from $35 (small, low-quality) to $350.

This retired man on a limited income knits with very high-quality cashmere yarn. In case you don't have any sheep right now, you can go all Mad Max as a thrift store scavenger for that guzzoline-colored spool of yarn.

F.U., traditional gender roles!

[Warning: Video may contain clips of traditional European music in the background. Be sure to shield your loved ones from the anti-semitic hate.]

With a sweater like that, they won't be expecting Grandpa to be packing a perfectly legal sawed-off in his trousers, either.

Vintage sock-knitting machine: 15 to 30 minutes per sock, but as fast as 8.5 minutes. That's a pretty fast sock. You know what I'm talking about.

Industrial level knitting machine. (More expensive.) Even guys can do it. In between using a very similar machine to press your own ammo to save money in your basement.

Finished product:

European-descended dissidents used to make their own clothes and generously exchange them as gifts with one another, freely giving and exchanging food, clothes, and even tools.

This gift-giving, potluck culture greatly reduced their income requirements, spending, earning, and therefore their tax burden, allowing them to retain their financial independence from big industry. The more self-sufficient you are, the less money you need to earn and the more Christian soldiers you can afford to raise.

Yes. You guessed it. I was that European dissident.

And with hand-made, hand-me-down clothes and farm-raised food meant families could be almost unlimited in size on a shoestring budget.

Through the miracle of specialized labor, village-sized families provide many of their own services and therefore don't necessarily pay as much tax until the kids move out on their own.

Fully-automated knitting machines for commercial production is an alternative to $50,000+ machines producing custom-sized, designer garments in as little as 3 hours.

Drum carding correctly for the first time to make a smooth batt.

Can't go carding any old wool. Those filthy Merino sheep are covered in grit, grime, and clumps of junk.

The fiber wool picker/blender to pre-process the wool, preparing for it for carding.

The Picker: The only "evil" part of the process.

SAFETY WARNING: NEVER REACH IN WITH YOUR FINGERS. This mean, nasty piece of powerful equipment should stay locked up. Not to be used by or around kids.

Unless you really don't like those kids.

We realize you have options when it comes to yarn and thread-spinning wheels and instructional videos. Thank you for choosing this one.

Tool and machine costs vary. She's using about a $400 spinning wheel, blissing out for hours all day doing something useful, peaceful and productive while they hours spin away.

That's it for now.

Thank you, citizen. Now you may resume your perfectly legal ethnic supremacism, at least until the First Amendment is officially abolished.

Welcome to America, where you're presumed guilty until you can prove in court that
you were supposed to have been presumed innocent. Love it or leave it.


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