Mom, CEO, Homestead, Inc.

Update: Here's a proven chore management system recommended by the Duggars, family that manages 20 children more easily than when they only had 5, allowing them to relax and raise 4 times more kids with less effort than when they started.

Conditioning children to want to obey is in Chapter 4 of The Duggars: 20 and Counting!: Raising One of America's Largest Families.

They're proponents of the buddy system, but also implemented a family hierarchies and assembly lines for homeschooling and other duty "jursidictions".


It costs you and the average family at least 7 million dollars to ignore God's ways. Or so my calculations will show.

It sounds extraordinary. But I've pulled out all the stops to prove your family is worth a fortune if you'll put them to work for you. 

"Who can find a virtuous woman? She is far more precious than rubies." - Proverbs 10:18

You should listen to me. Because I grow like weed, listen to our Father in heaven and know what's a thousand times more effective that what you're [probably] doing right now.

Modern life has rapidly become a foolish recipe for abject poverty, powerlessness, and despair. The total rejection of wisdom everywhere and in every category. 

You might buy into the promise of urban or suburban life... Eating out for convenience instead of cooking at home, because this seems like prosperity. It's not.

The homestead movement, a return to sustainability, self-sufficiency, and a more natural life allows you to raise kids for peanuts compared to other ways.

But in previous article, I didn't put a dollar value on it, which in today's terms, might allow you to under-value a stay-at-home mom. The mom & CEO of your army.

Dad may still do software development, working in town, but mom leads an army of Christian soldiers at home who'll grow up to do the same.

If we learn about nearly zero-input farming, sheer, total, utter neglect and abuse farming methods where the chickens can raise themselves, home-school methods where kids do 90% of the tutoring to eliminate external globo-homo schooling, we can make it as easy to raise 12 kids than one. Easier, actually.

Sure, it won't seem that way until your 3 year-old starts milking goats and pulling his little wagon and helping out in meaningful ways. You're probably doing everything else wrong, too.

Insanely stupid, needlessly painful and deliberately difficult methods of modern childbirth imposed on women, putting the infant in the other room to guarantee nobody ever gets any sleep, and generally ruinous social norms imposed on sleep-deprived, tortured young clueless parents decieved by mass media.

I mean, if you raise any mammals at all, you'll see that mom gets plenty of sleep no matter how many infants are suckling. She's probably not even awake for it. It's nap time. Humans, of all creatures in the animal kingdom, are not suddenly required to have a crib.

Even in the hog factories where a huge hog might crush a piglet, the "crib" is no more than tit-length away from mom so she can crash out while piglets feed throught the bars.

Of all the animals on earth, aliens would have to conclude that sometimes, humans are f-ing stupid. Especially white, middle-class soccer moms.

But that's because we're taught to do EVERYTHING the hard way, so the k-kes can kill off most of our kids before they're even thought of.

Back to that 7 million dollars. Which is all you care about, with your gangsta rap videos and keeping up with the Kardashians.

You filthy swine!

Let's do the math for 12 kids, since that's how many there are in the 12 tribes of Israel. The number of constellations. Good number.

And kids eat 3 meals a day. Organic food is premium priced. The "quality" food at WholesaleFoodz is factory-farmed, mass-production food, not locally grown, and  "organic" often means "grown in Mexico." (Where oversight and regulations  are up to 3rd world standards.)

A homestead, like some of what you find at a local farmer's market, is going to stick to organic, non-GMO, chemical free stuff because homesteaders aren't complete idiots. They're working hard to produce high-quality food for their family, or else they wouldn't work so hard.

Imagine you're like those 12 tribes of Israel. Someone had a dozen kids. Kids who eat roughly 3 times a day, almost every day.

That's 12 kids, times 3 meals, times 365 days per year, times 18 years.

If it's pesticide-free ingredients, at a nice restaurant serving food to order, the quality of food you're getting is about $30 per plate, plus beverages. We're talking about $100 per day per kid, which is $1,200 per day for your dozen children.

If you can, be fruitful and multiply. Subdue the whole earth. And/or support those who do, and a culture of big, white families. Because calamities can and do come along about as often as the city bus.

On a full-fledged homestead, Mom (or dad) is leading an army of small-handed farmers to produce at least 90% of what's on the dining room table.

The store provides some of the herbs, spices, mustard and mayo, teriyaki sauce, peanut butter, cooking oil, ketchup, and whatever extras you might want. You probably won't can your own pickles, but you could.

Seems like a lot of work. If you're thinking the way you were taught to think. If you think twelve kids means twelve times more laundry, dishes, shopping trips, etc. It doesn't.

It takes about as much time and money to grow one chicken as 100 chickens. You bought the whole farm. You can use as much of it as you want. One percent or 100 percent. If you only raise one chicken and then stop, you just grew a $100,000 chicken.

If you raise 10 kids instead of one on your $100,000 farm, it's costing ten thousand dollars worth of farm per kid.

Consider your overhead cost. Ten kids cost ten times less per capita than one. Want to save money? Raise more kids and have them raise more chickens and use the whole farm.

By the time they're eating large portions and wearing larger, more expensive clothes, they're doing bigger and bigger jobs for you.

They start earning their keep about age 3.

They grow up fast because a farm requires you to ACTUALLY GROW UP.

By age 10, the girls are driving a truck to tow a trailer. Why not?

Having a big familiy doesn't mean mom's doing all the cooking and baking and laundry and sewing for 18 years times 12 kids. What does it mean?

It means she's the CEO of a collective commune made up of a clan that does gardening, farming, cooking, cleaning, and education, with the kids participating in the whole process to help out.

She's the manager of chaos. Making sure the day-to-day is done, that the supervisors are supervising.
Grandmas and grandpas can be a huge help, especially in those first 5 years, to show you how to put those kids to work. Especially if they've mastered the psychology, which they probably have.

The fact of the matter is the more (white) kids you have, the easier your life is. Not on day one, but in about 5 years, you're on a glide path.

Even when they're doing small chores, it makes a big difference. Baby steps.

You're not a slave to your kids and all their pets. If their pet is a cow, it's a producer and they're its management under the direction of the Chief Executive Momma.

Justin Rhodes is really just startin out. His kids are little. Big Family Homestead is farther along the line.

My Christian neighbors were working on their first dozen kids, and by the time the oldest was 8, she was wandering around like a queen, greeting all the neighbors, had plenty of time to do whatever she wanted.

Her little executives handled the managers who handled the supervisors who watched the little ones, and she had a huge train of kids.

But by the time her oldest was ten, food costs started adding up, they bought a home out in a more rural area and let the farm carry the load instead of dad's income.

If you start shoving crap in the ground, even if you're a complete idiot as a farmer, you're probably no more than 3 weeks from harvesting stuff.

If you start with hatching some eggs, you could finish those broilers, or cook them when they're little. There's no rules. You don't have to wait until the potato or onion is full-sized. You don't have to grow it in optimal conditions to an optimal size.

You turned an egg and some bugs and larvae into a bird you can eat for dinner. The reason to finish things is the same amount of work goes into harvesting something little as it does harvesting something when it's big.

But the point I'm making is you don't have to wait a year if you don't want to. There's a "substantial penalty for early withdrawal." But it's your money. Do what you want.

The $1,200 per day, per person food your tribe produces for itself, doing most of your work for you, adds up over the span of 18 years. What does it add up to?

$7,884,000. More than 7 million dollars of restaurant-quality food cooked with love, taken straight out of the garden.

That's the value of a homestead mom, the CEO.

Compare that to earning $15 to $30 an hour and putting the kids in a daycare and public school. It's no contest. Homestead mom wins every time.

More voters, fighters, self-educated kids fighting and voting for big, loving, whip-smart families instead a couple of scrawny idiot public school wimps whining about godless globo-homo nonsense for the rest of their short, awful lives.

Over 18 years, a mom of 2 kids might earn up to a million dollars outside the home, which is 6 million less than Mom, Inc.

And that's being generous. Even if we don't count the value of the PROFITS a working farm produces in addition to its self-sustainability. That's right. You can sell food, worms, compost, products and by-products of a working farm. Which you'd be doing anyway, to pay the costs of running the homestead.

All you have to do is hatch 2 eggs for every one you need, and you'll have a surplus somewhere.

And we're not counting the value of schooling. Private schools charge plenty. Public schools cost $10,000 per year per student. If you're eliminating that cost for society times 12 kids for 13 years (K-12), you're adding another 1.5 million dollars to the economy, with control of your curriculum.
Now you're worth 7+ million in food, plus the profits of the farm, plus $1.5 million in education you give your kids from books, tapes, and home school courses.

What I'm saying, guys, is this. I don't care if she wears makeup and looks sexy in a short skirt and heels. If you want the kind of wealth that really matters in this world, get yourself a country girl.


How to be organized, efficient, and prosperous, even with 14 kids.

God will provide.

You believe it or you don't. (It can't become a self-fulfilling prophecy unless you believe.)



  1. Proverbs 31:10 - "Who can find a wife of noble character? She is far more precious than rubies."


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