Farming: The #6 Most Dangerous American Job - How To Make Farming MUCH Safer

I will now prove that your safe desk job is more dangerous than farming.

In the interest of having a "safe" desk job, do you commute to work to serve ZOG's communist regime who'll kill 100 million Americans?

Then you're an idiot. Rule #1: Don't be an idiot.

Farming is considered more dangerous than other jobs. But these people don't factor in the danger of driving to work (and back) in traffic. And farming is plenty dangerous, but can be made much, much safer. 

But let's be fair to farming, here.

There are 32,479 roadway deaths per year in America, most of those killed commuting every day to shitty communist cubicle jobs, or manufacturing dildos for kindergarten classes or something.
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This ancient torture device is designed to kill as many famers as possible, apparenty
1% of Americans are farmers. 350 farmers per year are killed on a farm. If all Americans were farmers, that would be result in 35,000 deaths per year. So it's comparable to the 32,479.

It's not that farmers NEVER drive. It's just that they don't commute to work every day fighting commies in traffic for a desk job that involves screwing over Americans for a buck. 

But farmers don't really have a daily commute, so it's really about the same. But on a farm ("feed my sheep"), you're not contributing to a communist system that leads to 100 million Americans to get GULAGed in ZOG's Stalininist system. You don't have to participate in the GMO system.

It's never safe to leave your food production to incompetent idiots.

Image result for gmo rats tumor
I only feed my rats the finest GMO grains.
Findings were inconclusive. But the pictures help you sell more non-GMO stuff.

And contrary to popular belief, it's possible to make a city income on a homestead farm part time, starting with as little as $600 to grow some pastured chickens on someone else's land, then re-investing the profits and/or savings.

Land can even be rented in exchange for some of the things you're growing on their land, or in exchange for the improvements you're making to their land such as any permanent fencing, irrigation, ponds, key lines, swales, or erosion management. 

At that rate, that means commuting to work is only about as dangerous as staying at home and farming. But I can make homestead farming safer using the Pareto Principle. Eliminate the worst few dangers, and you should be ok.

Suddenly a homestead farm looks pretty safe.

But there are still dangers.

After you chop, whack, chop, grind, or smash yourself to death in a people-eating electrocution machine, you might be wondering why Fair Use ever told you about the benefits of homesteading.

We want farming to be even safer than commuting. If you get rid of the high voltage, chemicals, combines, silos and tractors, concussion and fall hazards, and only driving to the farmer's market on weekends, and limiting your activities to the safer forms of production, then the homestead option is becoming pretty damn safe and even kid-friendly.

We want to address the dangers once and for all at the design stages so that you're not depending on remembering all your safety gear and gizmos.

Death trap farm equipment, high voltage to farmer's lung, stupidity, willful ignorance represent the tip of the iceberg of the myriad potential dangers on a farm.

Today, we'll tackle the main hazards once and for all.

Follow the rules, and you'll be much safer. Break the rules, and you're on your own.

First, use this information at your own risk. This isn't a substitute for all the proper safety inspections by professionals, which are always necessary. This is not a complete list of dangers.

Christopher Reeves fell off a horse. I never told anyone to ride a horse.

Steve Irwin died from handling a sting ray. I never told anyone to mess with exotic animals.

People have broken their arms when a cow pinned them against a wall or gate, they've been trampled by startled, panicked animals, and anything that weighs more than 1,500 pounds with horns should be treated with a large amount of fear and respect.

Plants can be toxic to you and your animals. You need to know your plants.

In addition, plants and animals produce and become food. You're going to take that food into the kitchen, the most dangerous room in the house.

You'll need to butcher, process, chop, slice and cook all that wonderful food, serving it to your children. They might choke on their food and start turning blue.

Small children should never eat anything while unattended.

Not a rule you normally find anywhere. Most people send kids off to their rooms to choke to death on hot dogs while watching the Satan box. You don't want to be like most people. If you have "too many kids", which you should, then the buddy system allows kids to watch out for each other.

In the old days, the extreme leftists were more trad than the ultra-conservatives are today.
"I had heard from my uncle that all of these Bible stories were inventions and old legends, and that there wasn’t a word of truth in them" - Maria von Trapp

And after farming kills you and your whole family like a Chinaman in a textile factory, it will taunt and torment you for all eternity.

While only 11% of Americans work in agriculture and related industries, farming results in more than 300,000 injury accidents per year. In 2012, there were only 3 million farmers. That gives you a chance in ten of being injured every year.


That's why "our greatest ally" wants to promote homestead farming on YouTube and everywhere else. Don't you know it's permanent horticulture with zero-labor perennial gardening, like the garden of Eden, living in a food forest with your harem and doting children in a return to the paradise from which we were banished so long ago.

Sounds great until you get zapped in the nuts by an electric fence you forgot to turn off before your morning coffee kicks in.

Well, that's why God gave you the sabbath, so you'd have to do routine chores at the end of the day, not in the morning when your muscles are cold and most likely to snap straight off your bones.

God knew you'd want to do smart things in the dumbest possible way LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, and that you'd insist on doing it because everyone else does it that way. He therefore gave you rules to force you to do things intelligently, having you do your routine daily chores toward the end of each day, not at the beginning.

This is when your mind is most warmed up, too. After your mind is warmed up, you're a better innovator. 

Farming is dangerous, especially when you, like the chickens, keep inventing all new ways of getting yourself injured or killed. 

If you have 10 farmers in your family, count on making a trip to the emergency room every single year.

350 farm fatalities came from tractor rollovers, power take-off Screwing around with tractors, combines, harvesters, and digging into high voltage lines and using other high-voltage equipment can and will electrocute you or a visitor who's inspecting the safety of your farm to determine whether or not they want to take your kids away from you.

It's the will of God to punish, discipline, and finally rid the world of those who continue to ignore safety precautions. Remember Charlie. (Another video that might change your life.)

Image result for electric fence solar battery
Don't do anything stupid, like getting yourself killed.

DC power is not as forgiving as AC power.

It's deadly stuff. Even if it's not high-voltage. Don't open boxes that say "don't open this." Your electric fence is probably grounded out on some damp, dew-covered grass you forgot to trim before setting up your fence. 


Electric fences won't hurt you unless you open up the DC battery compartment on wet grass and start trying to figure out why it's not working. Don't do that.

Image result for ark of the covenant zaps kills
Electrician or not, God doesn't like when you touch it.

Every other industry has daily safety meetings. 

Not family farming. 

The Lord your God will let you go and screw around with things you don't understand, things that will get you killed, knowing you'll only read this blog and NOTHING ELSE EVER with no certifications, no reminders, no daily safety meetings, and then you'll go rolling your kids downhill in a barrel while shooting off fireworks for fun, making things explode.

Don't do that.

Every farmer knows a friend or family member who was injured or killed by farm equipment. Particularly the corn-picker.

Safety Tips: 

You forgetful people suck at remembering to do daily safety meetings, so don't rely on them. Instead, set yourself up for safe conditions in the first place.

Don't even buy a tractor. You don't need them anymore. DO NOT BUY A TRACTOR. EVER. Do not use your friend's tractor.

A walk-behind tractor might be ok. Doesn't compresses the soil as much, either.

No Combines

Don't buy a combine. Don't lease one. Don't finance one. Pay the guy who owns the combine to process your acreage. If someone's going to get wrapped around an axle, it's better him for 25 bucks an acre than you.

Don't buy a pick-axe or use a post-hole digger. Don't dig at all. Just use the kind of fencing that doesn't need a post hole. Then it's harder to hit a buried electrical line.

Wear gloves when driving fence posts. You'll buy the metal fence post, drive it with a metal 

Wash your hands. Compost heaps are made of bacteria, fungus, rats and their droppings, and the microbes eats through wood and corpses. You don't want that stuff on your hands. Wash up.

Learn from experienced professionals. While you do, take notice that they don't know jack about safety. Be the guy who does.

The bedding is getting taller all the time, shrinking the headroom in this composting pig pen.

Pigs like to eat people who lie down in their pig pen. 

If there is anything in a pig pen that could even possibly cause a concussion such as any low-hanging doorways or a ever-growing bedding that brings your fragile little head any closer to the low-hanging ceiling, then you might wake up with your limbs eaten off. Which is embarrassing stuff to explain.

If your bedding will be going up as much as 4 feet and the lowest part of your ceiling or roof is only 6 feet, then you've only given yourself about 2 feet of headroom. You need a minimum about 7 feet. That means your ceiling is at least 5 feet too short. 

This is why barns are tall. So you don't bump your head, pass out and get eaten by pigs. The people who built tall barns had offspring who did the same. The guys who built short barns died off, failed to reproduce, leaving a race of tall barn-makers.

Image result for piglet
"I have a very particular set of skills. I will find you. And I will kill you."

You can survive falling off a tall roof and landing on a hey bail. You can't survive being eaten by pigs.

Remember. You're not their friend. They're hungry and you're the thing that brings them food.

Trips and falls are also likely to cause you to bump your head. Very common workplace injury, goyim.

Did you run a goddamn 2-by-4 board at the bottom of the doorway that you're always tripping over? FIX IT. Don't get busy with other stuff. Fix it today. There might not be a tomorrow.

Give no thought for the morrow. Don't procrastinate nor worry about tomorrow's evils, because today's evils need fixing. And tomorrow is promised to no one. So fix it now.

Even if you're a trained electrician, don't open up the electronics box for electric fences. God strikes down qualified people.

Everyone thinks it won't happen to them. There's no reason to go in there. Ever.

Broad forking adds air to the soil, often without destroying the delicate soil food web.
Once your equipment and routine is inherently safe without thinking about it, your daily work is much safer than that desk job, makes you stronger and less likely to get injured.

Farmer's Lung

A dry cough caused by inflammation caused by inhaling airborne spores, creating an allergic hypersensitivity from messing around with dust, tilling soil, being engulfed in spores from turning compost, churning up poisons and chemicals in the soil and more.

There will always be other dangers, irritants and annoyances such as bee stings, tire blowouts or chainsaw injuries or tree-topping incident, but covered some of the worst that you're most likely to encounter.

Tips: Wear a dust mask, don't till, be up-wind of dust, don't spray nasty chemicals, and let the pigs, chickens, and/or bugs turn over and aerate the compost for you.

They'll sell you a chainsaw at the hardware store, but they won't sell you the brains to use it safely. I'm descended from those whose ancestors survived some of the world's most dangerous professions. Mindset matters.

If there's even a hint of, "Nah, I'm not too worried about it", then you have no fear of God, should probably never be a farmer, should probably turn in your driver's license and just wait for the communists to come kill you.

Image result for antifascists
Even Anti-Fascists bring their safety equipment. Yes. That's a nail sticking out of a 2 x 4.

Safety is no joke. But it's seldom taken as seriously as it should be. When you design it correctly and management it properly, there's no reason why the farm will not be a safe space to live and work. It will be many times safer, because using any of the safeguards would have prevented this accident.

Instead, ALL of the safeguards were disabled, neglected, and willfully ignored.


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