No Extra Time! Serve the Lord Faster with This Time Management Tip

Apocalypse or not, there's no time for work, school, and gardening. I know. It's impossible.

Except for the 99% of our ancestors who did it anyway.

"First, I'll teach you to make food. Then I'll teach you hostile takeovers of the mass media industry."
Without God, you can do nothing. With God, anything is possible.

Christians know the earth is God's footstool. He does whatever he wants. Anti-Christians (who are anti-Christ) use the phrase "mother earth", which implies God rests his feet on the back of your mother.

Your people will defeat the devil. This is the job assigned to the white race. It's why in the search for truth, I realized a white country isn't enough.

The white people must return to God, and He will continue punishing us until we stop giving away all our power to the devil.

"But Fair Use is too demanding. I'd rather do things the Churchian way."

My yoke is easy. My burden is light. If you're working too hard, you're doing it wrong.

The Lord your God has raised prophets and dreamers of dreams from among your brothers to show you how to get more sleep as a parent of young children.

I serve the God who brought you out of the land of Egypt, and out of the house of slavery, where you toiled to make bricks under the taskmaster's whip for about 100 years.

Service To God: Time Investment:
  • 1,968 hours per year providing for your family at work.
  • 1,000+ hours per year to homeschool the children.
  • Dad spends another 4500+ hours raising his kids. (Averaging 58 hours per year of his life.)
  • 637 hours per year serving the Lord (2 hours per week with scripture and 30% of the increase of the land to the priest, stores, and poor = 10 hours per week of service)

Total: 3,663 hours per year on average

That's more than 10 hours per day of service to the Lord!

But God says His laws are not burdensome? Yes. You get one day off per week.

In addition, the single most important influence in a child's life is access to his/her/xer dad. Or else bad things happen.
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But work is HARD!
Work ain't hard if you're doing it the easy way.

This family replicated the Justin Rhodes Chick-Shaw. Does they seem stressed out to you?

It's bad enough that you're yoked by all these requirements, more laws and schedules and feasts and sabbaths than anyone can really remember. All this God stuff really cuts into your kite-boarding, doesn't it?

Not really. Let's think about your kids. What's most important in their life? God, the Father and access to their dad. Life gets worse when you remove dad from their lives. (Which the modern world does.)

How much time does a full-time provider actually spend with his kids?

Last I checked, we're down to 45 minutes a day on the schedule you've got now. Does God want to strip away those precious few minutes by forcing you to work overtime? Not at all.

The Lord your God has sent Moses. He has sent Jesus. And, almost on equal footing with those two, for the glory of His name, He has also sent Columbus.

But unfortunately, He also sent Fair Use, the least of all these, God's children, the worst of all sinners. (The writer of this article.)

"I don't have time for any more of your antics, Pyle!"
(Everything I know about the military I learned from
staying home sick from school to watch black and white TV shows.)
Enter the reign of the great and terrible tyrant and his regimented leveraged service delivery system system. All will tremble!

First of all, the Sargent doesn't have time for every little thing you need, so quit pestering me. The Lord, in His infinite wisdom, sent you pukes a corporal to report to.

You don't need 16 weeks in boot camp to learn that Thing 1 is in charge of Thing 2 when dad's not in the room.
Thing 1 watches his little brother while I scramble the eggs.

If you don't impose structure, regimentation and discipline,
they will lead themselves in activities anyway.
It's just a question of which activities they'll come up with.

As a member of the family hierarchy, I was assigned tasks such as digging holes and climbing trees when the general wasn't handing down orders and deployments.

While Dad was on deployment with Jesus awaiting the resurrection, mom was left temporarily in charge of things, but she had help.

The chain of command.

I couldn't just do whatever I wanted. I had to obey those who were bigger than me, especially when they were "in charge." I learned to follow.

Useful in governing as few as 3 people, this same system scales up gracefully to 1,359,685 active duty members and requires a bare minimum of competence at the top.

Does it really scale up for a big family? Let me put it this way. If dad had stopped at 12 kids, you wouldn't be reading this article. He did his duty, and that required efficiency. I don't know what rank he finally achieved, but I know he headed up multiple divisions.

Pay Your Taxes

In addition to paying everyone what you owe them, giving to the one who asks of you, letting the robbers and thieves take from you, leaving your forgotten things in the field and unharvested surplus in your field for the poor, the orphan, and the widow, you also need to pay your tax to God. That's a 30% tax rate.

However, as for this final tax, the 10% tithing to the priest, 10% to the poor, and 10% for the food stores, you can have God pay most of this tax for you.

You sow the seeds.

You're supposed to open up your home for the poor on the sabbath. Well, if one were cheap, stingy and lazy (which I am), then one searches for ways to economize on time and money.

God doesn't ask you to pay an income tax. It's based on gross production. So in one sense, it's a much higher tax than you pay the government.

The government, in the end, gets right about 5% of your total production. It's a tiny sliver of your total work product. God wants 30%.

And he wants you to give it away, open up your home to the poor. What a pain! Why, God? WHY?!

But you must remember what He's saving you from. He's giving you a way to fight back every hour of every day against evil without fighting.

He's saving you from hitching up wagons of ammo to blow away your enemies until they're all dead. God is infinite in His wisdom, and knows how to defeat your enemies without an aircraft carrier.

Not everyone will do this. They will, of course, kill each other. Maybe I should put it this way: They'll kill each other, and the only thing they'll ever agree on is that nobody should kill you or your family.


So who are the people the devil wants to mobilize against you? 

The ones you serve sandwiches and cake to. The ones you invite over to dinner. The ones you teach to read. The ones you shelter and protect from danger.

Failing that, the devil will mobilize the priesthood, saying you're ungrateful. The devil can very easily convince Fair Use that you're ungrateful and worthy of destruction. I ask you for so little. But for a wise man, very large doors swing on tiny little hinges. Some will enter the gate to life.

Some may find that Fair Use or his men have alerted the shopkeepers, for their own safety, for their own families, for their own lives and in service to God, that now is the time to swing shut that door they've held open for so long, so that you and your families and all the braindead zombie heathen hordes have no lamp oil at all when the bridegroom comes.

He will come, but your family will have no light to guide you.

I now bring you this new plan, as each of the other plans fall away to their inevitable failures, one by one, as the door to life slowly swings shut after 6,000 years of love, patience, and mercy.

It will cost you no extra time and no extra money. But you must be willing to do things differently.

As in the days of Noah

"First of all, you must understand that in the last days scoffers will come, scoffing and following their own evil desires." - 2 Peter 3:3

Time is ticking by and I can feel an explosion inside. As in the days of Noah.

Not everyone will do this, so you'll stand out.

You probably have an average income under $30 thousand per year.

If you're close to that, then you probably think, reading the scripture, that you owe God $8,000 per year of food. But don't take it out of your pay quite yet. Because you owe a lot more than that. In fact, you probably owe more than your paycheck. Why?

Because the law is based on an agricultural model, where more than 90% of God's children were growing food. Today, less than 2% work in agriculture. 

Those farmers are going to STOP PRODUCING FOOD.

Why? Because of communist price fixing to help those who refuse to work for a living, stores will stop ordering food, so farmers will stop producing it. They can't. Because of price fixing, there's no profit. Why is there price fixing? 

Price fixing is caused by high food costs, which comes from high regulatory burdens designed to keep people out of agricultural food production. Big Farma lobbied to keep competitors out so they can keep their profit margins in a commodity business so they can repay loans for big equipment so they can scale up their farms so they can make more money in less time.

So a farmer equipment salesman got greedy, taught farmers to team up with others for profit, raped the topsoil for a quick buck and moved on to other (leased) land and pillaged it.

You have to. Farming's a tough business. (Especially when greedy, arrogant, and clueless.) I mean, Missy wants a new prom dress and Tommy wants a sportscar for his 16th birthday. What can you do?

Better get the biggest combine. Put it payments. Can't keep up with the interest. Gotta rape the hell out of some helpless topsoil.

The soil degrades, creating 700 perfectly avoidable aquatic dead zones in the US. Which kills off the fishing industry.

When there is no food, which will be any minute now, and the devil is blaming you, the homesteader raising white kids with bowlcuts.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, CNN accuses you of being everything that's wrong with the world. The preppers teach you to stockpile guns, but there just won't be enough guns for what's coming. And you'll have no armies.

So if you obey God and meditate on scriptures daily, then you know you can trust Fair Use a little more than you can trust most of those preppers.

By now, you're growing at least a little food for yourself and family. Maybe you know it goes to the poor every Sabbath day. That's the army protecting your family.

They can come to your fields and harvest it themselves once a week, or at any time during the week. If they need garden tools, they'll find them left out in no one's fields but yours.

To the poor, the hungry, the orphan, the stranger, it's as if God himself had rained down blessings into your field. As bold as a yard as a sign from heaven saying, "This one is my blessed child, from whom I will rain out my blessings to you and your family, and no one else in town is. They are fair game."

They will see the 10 commandments on your gate and front door, whether they're Jewish or a Somali Muslim whose anti-American Imam has taught them to kill everyone on earth who dares to wear a bikini.

This Muslim will kill ten whores on the way to handing you a blood-stained flower in gratitude for all your years of generosity that saved his children's lives when no one would hire him.

He is your army. And his children at school who warn away all the communist spies.

Blessed will you be. And no one else. Not the hypocrites, not the sexually immoral, and the greedy, the arrogant, nor the proud.

You will know people from all walks of life. By breaking bread with strangers, some have dined with angels, and never knew it.

I make certain that God's beloved will never know what service I do for them, or how much. But I fight tooth and nail for their safety, even at the cost of my own life.

Because I owe my life to thousands of men like myself, who have gone to their graves for me. I owe them everything. I am nothing without the God of my fathers, who guided them.

And to pay 30% is easy. God will pay it for you, when you ask Him how. You merely sow the seeds. He grows the orchards. You feed food scraps to the piglets, and they plant a garden of squash for you. Squash that keeps for months and months into the winter when all the other food's run out.

And then you can slaughter that pig raised on surplus curdled milk and food scraps, or if, like me, you don't eat pork, you can trade it for something else you want.

Get yourself at least 2 of each animal you want to save, and load them up on something mobile (like the ark) and they will provide you with life while everyone else dies in the famine.

You've got options to grow delicious, healthy food while
your wicked "neighbors" are raped and strangled to death.

The Chickshaw Chicken System

The ChickShaw Mini Kitchen Chicken System

The "Chicken Tractor" prepares your garden bed by scratching up the sod for you.
At least 300 pounds of bird meat, 1 year's worth of chicken in 58 days.

These pastures will be greener forever once treated by 100 Cornish Cross meat birds
25% of their diet from grass, bugs, and other forage.

(You can also grow their feed from any unused portions of your kitchen garden.)

Solar-powered battery charges an electric fence moved every week to create a new run.
Their owl-proof shelter is moved every day.

The food you grow is almost free (to you), and doubles as your food source (your biggest household expense), you can afford to under-cut the competitors charging commodity prices AND charge a premium for clean, grass-fed, locally-grown animals.

Or to charge even more for the same food, you can go full-service with a farm-to-fork system if you like. 

In which case feeding the poor on the Sabbath (as in Isaiah 58) is a huge part of your marketing plan. Or you could put the Brew in Hebrew with a vinyard if you prefer. The more services you add, the more profits you get. 

Such as selling leather jackets made from the cattle hides grown, processed and tanned on your farm.

But we start with food because I sorta expect you gotta eat.

Phase 1: The Army of the Apocalypse can't grow to reveal the truth forever if they don't feed, breed, and weed. When I put out the call, hundreds showed up. We need millions. So I must assume you are the last of your kind, and dying out.

We shall have to remedy that.

I got my model from Braveheart. Our army needs soldiers and leaders,
even if I have to grow from the dust of the earth myself.
Phase 2: Train the soldiers (teach kids homeschool) to be kings. Bible has the foundation. It's not everything you need, but it's the prerequisite knowledge for kings.

Phase 3: Reign supreme in glorious victory in the kingdom of heaven.

This is my request for you, if you can do it. Each of you that can owes me 4,096 white Christian great grandchildren.

They will pay their own freight, but before this can happen, you must bring them into being. Don't worry. Getting your wife pregnant is as easy as falling off a log if you'll give it a try.

Trust the Lord. He has provided for each of the sparrows in the sky. How much more will He provide for you, his faithful servant?

It will take no extra time to make a homeschool of your farmland to turn 45 minutes a day with your children into 4 to 5 hours a day with them. (Or more, if every day is Take Your Kids to Work Day.)

It will take no extra time when your farm is your gym.

It will take no extra time when the farm is your house of worship, and your workplace, and your refuge, and your temple.

I once told a man about this simple plan and his first words were "I don't believe"...

Your first job is...


If you, the hundreds, will raise for me the thousands, then together, we will have the millions who should have come when they heard me call to them.

Now I call them into the world from the dust.

And I trust the Father, true to his word, to provide me with my millions of zealous, fearless soldiers. He will send them galloping into the world from heaven, crusading onto every continent. These same will march across the globe, and every globe together bringing justice to the widows and orphans and terror to the wicked.

Until none will be left alive that doubt that I have loved you.

You are the body of Christ. Your body is the temple of God and I serve you in multiplying it.

You will pack on more millions of pounds of muscle than you ever imagined when you, my mighty tribe, obey God's first breath to life and man... "Be fruitful and multiply!"

And in the spirit of our Father, God of Truth, I have given you truth. In service to the Son of Man, Jesus Christ our blessed Lord and risen Messiah.

All the people said Amen. Hail Jesus!


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