It's Ok To Borrow: "Owe Nothing To Anyone" Debunked

You just have to pay back what you borrow.

And when you do, God will bless you instead of cursing you. One of the blessings, by the way, is that you'll become a lender. That's a fact.

The Lord shall open unto thee His good treasure, the heaven to give the rain unto thy land in his season, and to bless all the work of thine hand; and thou shalt lend unto many nations, and thou shalt not borrow.
So stop with your sinfulness so God can let you lend to all nations. Which is what you're supposed to do. It's what your enemies are doing to you, and look how much control it gives them.

Paul said "Be indebted to no one", "owe no man anything, but to love one another", "owe nothing to anyone".

So I suppose it's ok if you owe obedience God without any repayment for the ample blessings He's given you. If God were to heap riches upon you because you actually paid Him what you owe, which is to repay your debts instead of stiffing your brother, to pay God instead of cheating and stealing from Him.

How can you repay what you borrow if you don't borrow? Don't you know you're financially crippling the youth if you won't let them borrow to buy a house, a room, a tool, or a vehicle? Who was ever born that didn't borrow all these and more from their parents?

How can you repay them? Grandchilden. If you have no house to put a child, cast ye not instead your infants into a ditch. (That's not actually a Bible verse, by the way.)

Get a house. Get a tent, at least, so you can honor your mother and father and keep some of the rain off the baby's head.

A Side Note On Borrowing:

Hey, hypocrites! Do you worship God or Paul? A man cannot serve 2 masters. 

No quoting from Paul unless you can show me where he got the idea. The Bible has rules, you know.

It take 2 to 3 witnesses to establish a matter. Maybe Paul made it all up. How the hell would YOU know? You wouldn't. You probably just listen to a bunch of TV preachers. None of them are real theologians with any clue about the doctrines the churches have been getting dead wrong for roughly 1,488 years. They just read their teleprompters. 

If Americans actually knew what God wanted, Satan would rule the world for a sum total of about 5 seconds after that.

So enough of these Paulians and their churchianity pulling one verse out of the Bible out of context (almost always from Paul's letters) so they can tear out all the rest of the pages and burn them.

Are you a Paulian or a Christian? Ok, then. When you stop eating your shellfish and bacon then we can talk about whether or not you "can't borrow money". Show me the law and I'll tell you where to attach your tassels as God Almighty demands, you filthy godless hypocrite scumbag man-worshiping napalm magnet.

Don't judge me. I said forgive! Or your Father won't forgive you. 

This is exactly why Jesus told you not to resist not the evil man. I'm trying to straighten you out on some of this stuff. 

Do any of your false preachers dare you to challenge the law, or to challenge them on the law? No. Some force you to stick to one translation written in an archaic language. How can you understand the law if you've only ever heard it in a thick Welsh accent and a dead dialect of it?

They depend for their income on you NOT understanding the word. They don't really care about the law and neither do the people serving their Sunday prison sentence in the pews for failing to know the law or obey it.

Pride. It's because of pride that people don't borrow when they should. It's because of pride they don't turn to the word.

They don't borrow at interest.
They don't borrow without interest.
They don't ask for help.
They don't ask for what they need.
They don't even buy what they need to do their job, paying for it with a promissory note.

Neither do they lend to a brother in need because they can't. Why? Because they're not Christians. They don't believe. They're weak-willed, weak-minded sons of pride who God will very likely destroy or turn over to be enslaved, but no one will buy them.

When you buy or borrow a tool, or borrow the means to buy a tool, a property, a home, a vehicle, or a place to earn a living, sometimes seller financing is involved. Sometimes not. Sometimes interest is involved, but sometimes not.

You don't mind taking a job, putting your employer at risk, borrowing the means to do your job and returning it at the end of the day. But it bothers you to borrow anything that might help you gain independence from an employer who hates you. Not because of what Jesus things, but because of what some stupid traitorous idiot clergy thinks.

The ideal way to stretch a rope is to have about 200 pounds of hot air hanging on one end of it. It's better to know you don't know than to think you know.

Now I'm really starting to talk like those ancient prophets your neighbors know nothing about. Jesus came and though he was rich, made himself poor so you'd be rich. (See 2 Corinthians 8:9) The blessings say you will lack for no good thing. Restored Job's wealth and family. You will abound in every good work.

When you decide to read the friggin' book, then you can start referencing Paul, too.


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