Dig Your Own Dirt-Cheap Water Resevoir

"But whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a fount of water springing up to eternal life.” - John 4:14
Everything needs water. Got land? Needs water. Got crops? Water. Livestock? People? Residents or temporary visitors? Water.

With multi-thousand gallon catchment tanks and storage costs creeping up toward about a dollar per gallon [By the way, you can buy water at the store for less than a dollar per gallon.], you might want to know another cheaper way.

Fair Use to the rescue. Creating a water catchment for your Buddhist or Mormon compound generally involves spending a certain amount of money. That amount is usually "too much." But a water catchment can be huge and a lot cheap if the dirt-moving is cheap.

Then ponds are very easy to install on the right land. Reservoir liners are very cheap. It's just the dirt that needs to move. Then you'll have free gravity-fed water forever and plenty of water pressure. Kind of like having your own personal water tower. Solved.

Well, not quite.
Image result for steel water catchment tank 28,000 gallons
A tank is always the right option under the right circumstances. But why settle for those circumstances?
Good news. You don't necessarily need tanks. Cost for a big steel tank is around 60 cents per gallon at the popular 28,000 gallon size. (Cheaper per gallon than the big plastic tanks, but $17 grand ain't that cheap.)

What if we could dig a friggin lake or dam for you, and when you're done, we'll throw in a set of tools to landscape your property, move stuff around.

Someone wanted to invent a motorized wheelbarrow, and what they came up with look like this:

A mini skid loader. A Bobcat, but small, compact, light, and light enough that it doesn't crush your carefully aerated soil. Has tons of attachments, does plenty of farming, and plenty dangerous enough for all your thrill-seeking enjoyment.

You could buy it, use it to dig a pond, make a dam at your leisure, and resell it for a lot less than the cost of a rental.  (Or you could keep it around.)

Want passive cooling in your house? No problem. Put the trench-digger on and run the pipes to bring ground-chilled air into your home. For the man with such a machine, it's never a problem. It's just another attachment, and attachments are cheap and also re-sellable.

The bigger the hole you can dig, the bigger your pond can be. It's the Do-it-yourself dream come true. As long as you do it safely.

Digging a hole and lining it yourself is cheaper than any other option, and makes a really big pond. As big as you like. Keep lubing the equipment every 8 hours and feeding it fuel every couple of days, and you can catch and store your irrigation water from a very large area like a mechanical beaver at work.

You just need to be able to dig and drop a large liner, and then your pond might hold 10 to 100 times as much for a tiny fraction of the price of the installed tank. If only digging were cheap.

But what if the digging were cheap? Dirt cheap?

Let's say you're considering a pond versus a tank, and you've got a $17,000 budget to install the irrigation pond. That's what the tank costs.

If you add another $17,000 to your land-buying budget, you might find a parcel that's got a pond, or could easily and cheaply install one in exactly the right place.

Install the pond even slightly uphill from your crops and pasture, and you've got a gravity-fed pond for around the same price. No pumping necessary.

But if we're looking at a fairly large pond, it might pay to economize some. How can you do that?

Rentals are expensive. But if your budget is high enough, you might end up buying your own equipment instead. You can make the hole and keep the tools. Or resell them when you're done.

An alternative for those who know what they're doing.

But this if a BobCat sounds too expensive, what about this?

You can buy used & keep the difference.

Sure, life is easier if you buy a big property that already has a great pond. But not everyone has a million dollars lying around.  But it pays to keep your eyes open for those opportunities.

Such as 40 acres in Minnesota for $56,000, for example. But it's listed as hunting land. All I know about zoning is it's always going to be a pain in the neck to try to get around it.

When bought in bulk, agricultural acreage can be bought for $800 per acre and up. But you can't buy an acre of land for $800 from anyone. Even though you can buy a house in Detroit for $1. (Plus fees, of course.)

And you can't rent any land or apartment without putting down a first & last month plus deposit.

It's like they won't let you do anything!

Those bastards!

(But today I'll show you a way around all those expenses.)

One way or another, if you want to move somewhere else, you're going to have come up with thousands of dollars.

You won't just need permits for shelter and full compliance with building codes and all the sewage ordinances and a big pile of cash. You'll also need

And if you try to live on someone else's land to do permaculture, for example, you're probably signing on for a one-year contract of working hard for them (at an average market value of $26,500) before they'll pinch off one of their tiny little $800 acres for yourself.

All the power goes to the LAND LORD. Also the owners, the city counsel, the laws of the country and their big bad military. You can't do NUTHIN'!! I thought this was America!

All this before you can plant a single chicken in the ground. (Is that how it works?)

Society tells you you can't plant chickens in the ground because they don't grow that way. They're just trying to cramp your style.

Irrigation or at least moisture is a prerequisite of things being able to grow. If you intend to grow things, you need some kind of access to water. Preferably someplace other than the homicide capital of Nevada where the cheap acreage is.

An argument can be made that if the land or location kills you, then it probably wasn't worth what you paid for it.

Every animal on earth except humans are allowed to poop anywhere they're standing, flying or swimming.  But as soon as that animal is a human, they have to fork out for a whole gott-damm septic system before they do.

Humans. Treated as lower than cockroaches. Hell, you can advocate for cruelty against cockroaches all day, every day, but not humans. Especially white ones.

If you want to circulate a petition to allow white people to poop on their own property, you'll be beaten, arrested, and beaten some more. Just ask anyone who's ever tried.

Sometimes the only thing to do with humans is to nuke them from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

Cheap, desolate land exists for you to terraform with your multi-billion dollar facility, but it tends to be in places where you'd better catch the rain if and when you've got any.

To accomplish this, preppers might buy themselves a more or less perfect flat parcel of land with no timber or anything useful on it, leaving an above-ground catchment as their only realistic option.

Pictures of criminals violating the city ordinance.

Part of the reason they're doing this is they lack even the very basics of financial savvy. You're required by Satan to take on usurious debts or else keep pay rent forever in a place that won't even let you plant a single chicken in your yard.

And being a pro at getting credit cards doesn't count as financial savvy.

How The World Keeps You Poor And Powerless Forever

The poor start out by saying, "I want cheap land", not "I want valuable land".

The rich don't say, "I can't afford it." They ask, "How can I afford it?"

The rich are few, and so they're cheap to bribe. Just let them exploit the masses, too, and they won't stop you from exploiting them.

Your enslavement isn't personal. It's just business. You are merely another chicken they systematically plant in the ground for easy money.

I can't even drag people kicking and screaming toward financially sophisticated information if I threaten them with hellfire. If you're willing to learn finance, you don't need to know anything else because you've got no competition.

Because everyone else is an expert in the proper mineral content of a deer lick or how long spaghetti should stick to the wall before it's done.

Our enemies learned about finance FROM THE BIBLE they stole from us. And they're kicking our asses with it. I might suggest you do the same.

When you spend money on things that produce income, you win. The stuff more than pays for itself, and when it's paid off, you own it. You don't have to wait to control it. It builds equity. When you've got equity, you can pull it out.

You can trade it in, sell it off, or borrow against that equity.

Your equity grows faster the bigger your payment, the less the depreciation, the more the appreciation, the better you take care of it, or the more you improve it.

If you buy any property and improve it, you just created equity you can immediately cash out. You can sell it, trade it, or borrow against it. If you want tax free money you can spend, you're going to choose the last one and let the income-producing properties you own repay the debt.

How is the property producing income? You improved it. You could lease it, rent it, or work that land to produce income. You could harvest the timber on it or run it all through the wood chipper to turn it into much more productive land with a mulch covering to gradually build up that topsoil.

Then plant more fast-growing nitrogen-fixing trees and repeat the process until you've built up so much topsoil, it's producing cabbages are bigger than your head whether you water or fertilize the property or not.

Of course you could fertilize it the natural way.

When you do financially smarter things, you can make financial miracles happen.

You can buy something, use it, rent it out and then sell it off. The net cost is potentially less than zero. And I've bought a vehicle on vacation for a week and sold it on the way out because it was a lot cheaper than renting.

That's much more likely with a used vehicle. Some guys buy vehicles, clean them up and resell them a week to a few months later for a profit. (The guy started with motorcycles and now owns expensive sportscars.)

The rich are rich because they learn the basics, get a great team, which costs the same (or a thousand times less) than an average team,

The rich "look at" [WITHOUT VISITING] 100 great properties, talk details over the phone (property unseen), making written offers [by mail] on 10. These deals are so one-sided that if 2 or more accept their offer, it means they offered too much or didn't ask for good enough terms.

But if nobody accepts the offer, then they didn't offer enough. It's business. Not personal. They don't buy from just anyone. They don't rent to just anyone, either. VERY IMPORTANT POINT.

They make all their money by being selective. 

And that allows them to build equity without paying for it. If the equity increase is enough to cover the cost of the investment, then they don't care.

What I just said is a secret I've revealed to very few people on this earth. And the specific way I've phrased it makes a HUGE difference. Everyone else is looking for a break even or cash flow positive deal, and this is why they miss out on a lot of very manageable deals.

They seem to forget that they can take a "cash flow loss" in the first year or five, paying the mortgage, repairs, and down payment, and still pull money out of the increased equity to cover the expenses if they've analyzed the property and neighborhood and market competently.

Certain easy improvements and repairs that cost $5,000 might increase the value of the property by $15,000 or more. If so, they've created $10,000 of equity.

If they paid for those improvements with a home equity loan, they're reaching into the property's pocket instead of their own.

Where people get into trouble is they're not selective enough about the property, about the deal, about the tenant and about the improvements. If it's not worth doing, the rich keep looking. The poor do it anyway. Why?
"The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?" - Jeremiah 17:9
"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. 6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." - Proverbs 3:5-6

Behave like the poor and I can promise you'll be poor. Think like the poor and there is nothing more certain. The rich are selective so they can be generous.

If you don't like squash, don't plant squash seeds in your garden. If you don't like cucumbers, don't plant cucumbers. Choose the things you want, and don't accept the things you don't want.

Charity is charity. But business is business. God is good. He's done many things to wicked people that they fully deserve. In fact, we know for a fact He's been much more merciful with them than they deserve.

But you're allowed to be forgiving and very charitable with them as you succeed in business. Generosity with your success, with the increase the Lord has given you is one of the things that keeps you alive and in the king's favor.

And dead men just aren't very successful in business. So don't be a dead businessman. Choose life instead. 

Make great deals. Use other people's money to improve other people's properties using other people's tools. It's not theirs anyway. It all belongs to God.

You might even arrange a deal in which no cash down needs to come out of your own pocket. That doesn't mean the seller won't get paid, and it doesn't mean .

In fact, one of the simplest ways to come up with a down payment is to borrow the money for the down payment. Using debt to get rich is simple. It's done all the time. But you probably think Jesus won't let you. Not true. (The world is deceived. Follow God, not man.)

Jesus Was Rich
"For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though He was rich, yet for your sakes He became poor, so that you through His poverty might become rich."

If you use debt to get an equity-producing property to build equity to get debt to get property, then your water reservoir doesn't have to cost you a dime.


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