The Garden Police

Click here to learn why even the birds of the sky obey me. And why my food forest cannot fail.

My garden has its police force, eating the garden pests nothing else will eat.

I've just now caught a wasp happily munching away at the caterpillar eggs on an apple tree leaf, cleaning off its leaves with its jaws. Why the hell would I ever want to bother these wasps? 

Chemicals cost money. But these wasps work for me for free.

I let them have a habitat, and would have given them one if they hadn't already found one.

Chickens eat ticks. So do Guinea fowl. Chickens are quieter, but your guineas will roam around farther.

Ducks eat slugs. Not, on its own, good enough reason to keep ducks with your chickens, there's one other long-necked bird to consider.

The goose. Every goose is absolutely a pain in the ass if they don't like you. Some geese, even in the wild are so incredibly tame you could almost walk up and pet them. They like people because they're used to people feeding them.

You'll only find these geese at parks with a lake where people like to spend all day lounging around with the geese to protect them.

Geese will also protect your chickens from every kind of predator. Including humans.

What's true of geese is true of camels. If geese are raised around lots of kind, sweet, generous humans (especially white humans), they'll be kind to people.

If, for generations they're raised around non-white assholes, they'll be assholes toward humans, lashing out at them because they've got PTSD.

Will these sweet, kind, human-friendly geese become racist? Only those that survive.


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