The World's Most Effective Scarecrow

Click here to learn the identity of my garden police, and why my food forest cannot fail.

Everyone will have crows.

There's one thing that scares them.

Pictured: The actual scarecrow God told Paul Gautschi to kill and hang in his garden.

Count Vlad the Impaler had something in common with Otto the Great of the first Reich, founder of the Holy Roman Empire, and king of the Germans. His father was the Duke of Saxony, Henry the Fowler. (An avid hunter, fixing his birding nets when messengers arrived to inform him he was to be king.) He would have learned from his father who learned from God how to set an example.

When securing dominion over Europe, Otto the Great had the leaders of the rebel militia captured and hanged. Much like this crow here.

As for the crows who don't steal from your garden, I'd leave them alone to give a genetic advantage over those who steal.

In this way, a farmer only needs to shoot the crows who don't fear you and your warnings. All that's left will be the prosperous descendants of crows who fear God.

A kingdom is ruled in the same way.

Humans are no exception. No male can be left alive to breed if he fails to fear God and the government God Himself installs. 


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