Choosing a Backup Transportation for the Apocalypse

Resilient, durable, ubiquitous, and capable.

Qualities you'll want in a dependable vehicle when there's nothing and no one else you can depend on. When the SHTF, you want immediate access to an EMP-resistant mode of transportation.

If you've got a camel or a donkey to pull a covered wagon for you, then you're just about covered. But carbureted vehicles also fit the bill.

In the spirit of the crisco candle, we want to set you up for success during minor and major outages. A minor outage is when you forgot to pay your internet bill and can't Google a solution. (In which case simpler is always better.)

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Choose the appropriate vehicle for egress.
A major outage means a total collapse of society, a zombie apocalypse, balkanization of your homeland and drive by rocket launcher shootings, or any circumstances in which rapid egress would be highly desirable, regardless of the difficulty of the circumstances.

If you need to go really far on one tank of gas (because you don't even know if there's ever going to be any more gas), high mileage vehicles are preferable.

That means 50 to 125cc vehicles are back on the table as your household launch ebort modules or ejection seats. In some cases, solid or liquid fueled rockets are also an option. But can be pricey.

Being a guy with a home garage who can build, modify, swap and fix small motors and parts to keep older vehicles on the road is going to have an enduring skillset when Jesus comes to kill off all who oppose him, as described in Psalm 110.  (Hint: The problem is usually a clogged-up carburetor.)

Find out what you haven't been told about the cross-country capable, fuel-efficient vehicles that get 100 to 200 miles per gallon.

Or learn which 15 items you'll need an any bad, long-term situation.


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